Siege Master Achievement

  • Siege Master



    Destroyed the Keep 100 times in Multiplayer Battles

    This might actually be one of the easier achievements to earn early on in the game. For this achievement, you need to focus on taking down the keep which will automatically give you a win and some crowns. Units like the trebuchet tend to demolish the keep fairly quickly. The best strategy that I can recommend for something like this is to take out defensive towers and send in things like the trebuchet to take down the keep from a distance. Should come fairly easily if there aren't any traps. 

  • Just play 100 matches...easily accumulated by picking and choosing your fights, look for ones with fewest defenses for quick victory.
  • Just want to be clear that this is for actually destroying the enemy keep and not for simply playing matches. You can earn a victory without destroying a keep and you can destroy a keep without destroying the rest of the kingdom.

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