Warlord Achievement

  • Warlord



    Won 2000 Crowns in Multiplayer Battles

    There’s no real strategy to winning. There occasionally might be an exploit in the game’s combat system in which you should try and exploit, but for the most part it’s up to your own skill and ingenuity to take down your opponent. Know who and what you can take down. Earning crowns is a lot easier towards the end game where the playing field is a little bit more balanced out and players have more crowns. It’s not worthwhile to try and farm crowns early off in the game. Once you feel comfortable in your current age, try and advance and repeat your upgrade process. 

  • This is not as daunting as it sounds as the crowns needed for this achievement are accumulative from all the crowns you've earned so don't worry about losing crowns from being defeated.
  • Just keep sieging!

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