Vengeful Achievement

  • Vengeful



    Attack 10 enemies in revenge

    This achievement has the possibility of being the most difficult achievement on this entire list. Unless you leave your base open from the start of the game (as few troops as possible), you will most likely run into the problem of having not enough people attempt to attack you, let alone win. So let's work off the assumption that someone has beaten you in combat. Head to your tools -> achievements -> reports -> and then go to the person who defeated you. On the right hand side you will see the option to revenge attack, and then by air or land. For this method choose either, and once you are at the troop placement screen, go to the top right corner of your screen and exit out of the game. Although it will cost you faith, every time you load back into the game it will count as one revenge attack, without a win or loss and without troop causalities. You can simply use this trick to rack in all 10 revenge attacks.

    Now this part of the guide will be for people who do not have the ironic luxury of having someone defeat them without the above tips. We will be using something called the Facebook, nuke base trick. First off, you will need to either befriend someone on Facebook who has the game, or get a friend to download the game and log into their Facebook. The reason we use Facebook is that it gives us the opportunity to attack friends, across all levels and glory totals, at any time. So once you are friends with someone on FB, head back to Age of Sparta go to the fight icon on the bottom right corner and then to friends.

    After you are in the friends menu it will look something similar to the image below. If you have more friends, their characters will appear to the right of where my sole friend is.

    Now you can attack, or your friend can attack you, and then work the strategy at the beginning of this achievement's guide for quick success.


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