Hunter Achievement

  • Hunter



    Collect bounty rewards 500 times

    Using the picture above as a reference, note that the circled players are those with active bounties. Anytime you see a player with a coin value next to their name they are a target that if beaten, will award credit toward this achievement. When bounty hunting, it is advisable to only go after targets that are classified as very easy or easy--and those without an alliance. When you start to dip into targets that are classified as normal or above the fights become much harder, the targets often have a God on their side, and they will have boons stockpiled. 

    If you find yourself running out of easy targets, simply place bounties on random people to get some new players to choose from. Note that you will definitely want to work on this early on and often before things become too difficult and you are forced to nuke your glory rating to get winnable battles. 


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