Malice Speed Destruction Achievement

  • Malice Speed Destruction



    Destroyed a mid-boss within 2 seconds.

    *Novice mode allowed*

    Start up Slash mode and once stage one loads up, maximize your phantom energy. Do this by holding  and shooting enemies at a close range. Once your energy has maxed out, generate some steel orbs. Do this by pressing and hitting enemies at close range. After you generate about 6-7 orbs, enter phantom mode with  and press to shoot your steel orbs at various enemies. Shortly after that, the mid-boss will fly down, so aim all of your Katanas at the boss and shoot them at it with  then immediately press  to bomb and hold  to shoot the boss. The boss will die within 2 seconds and the achievement will pop. 

  • I just can't get the timing right to even hit a mid-boss at the right time with 16 katanas :/
  • Yea, this is one of those games with nearly impossible achievements. Deathsmiles, also by Cave, has impossible achievements, also reminds me of Beautiful Katamari, it's as if one person wo knows a lot about the game but not about 360 had to come up with these achievements in one evening. I think a lot of the achievements will be extremely difficult to get because of lack of speed variance of your ship. It either stands or moves at a fixed speed which makes it hard to navigate the bullets or dodge enemies. It's good to at least have access o another Cave game and not have to buy a Region free Japan import, but man
  • The funny thing is after I gave up trying I randomly got the achievemnt at a mid boss
  • Wow that was much easier than I thought it would be. Just do it on the first level on the Fujibara attack ship. Use a bomb while holding onto your fire button then fire the second bomb after the first bomb finishes.

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