Orchid Achievement

  • Orchid



    Cleared the game using Type 2 without continuing.

    *Novice not allowed*

    Change the lives to 4 in the game settings to make this easier. You should keep in mind some details about type 2:

    • Option locks on to enemies.
    • Phantom mode allows you to position option.

    With this in mind, type 2 is very effective, it's auto-aiming option allows you to focus on the more powerful enemies whilst your option auto-aims at the small enemies closing in on you. Also a note, when you trigger a boss fight and you're in phantom mode you can hold  and place your option on the boss so that when they are able to get hit they will take massive damage due to the option point-blanking them whilst you are shooting from a distance. To further improve the chances of unlocking this, you should learn enemy placements and bullet patterns. Remember also that the option can be moved manually.


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