Cool It Achievement

  • Cool It



    Make sure Dr. Meadows can take another look at the skies.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Act 2: In Progress

    After meeting Dr. Meadows for the second time, you will then have to complete an objective which all that is required, is to pull a switch to secure the coolant tanks. After you pull the switch, the achievement will unlock.

  • This sounds like it could be optional (like save Dr. Meadows before he dies from taken attacks), but I really doubt that it is.
  • Is this achievement glitched? Or am i not supposed to get this in observatory level.
  • Never mind i figured it out. Should've played on before jumping to conclusions.
  • I finished the level with the dr on, where u cool the telescope (I guess that's what the chevo name means) but no achievement :'(..... Is this the right place???
  • @sniper mantis - same thing happened to me and Mutalus, so I'm assuming it's OK and you get to revisit the Observatory later on.
  • It is a stroy related achievement you can't miss it.
  • Hmmmm... I beat the observatory level, but didn't get the achievement.. perhaps i was supposed to do something with the telescope?
  • @ tf2383 -You go back to the observatory. You just gotta keep playing and you will get the achievement.
  • This is story related. No glitch or missable. So don't worry and keep play and you will eventually get it, even you passed Observatory part on first playthrough.
  • Just finished story mode, but didnt get this achievement...
  • You get it near the end of Act 2: In Progress, the second time through the observatory.

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