Glorious Dawn Achievement

  • Glorious Dawn



    Survive until dawn in any Arcade Mode level.

    Arcade mode is essentially a "wave" based game type. Enemies will get more difficult and increase in quantity as you play. To gain this achievement you must survive the whole level for 10 minutes. You can get this achievement along with "Skill Beats Gun". See that description for an easy way to get both.

  • This one is easy to get. You might as well get the Skill Beats Gun achievement at the same time. Just run around in circles the whole time and use nothing but your flashlight and hand flares until the timer runs up. Its boring, but you'll get 2 easy achievements.
  • @#1 I totally agree. You just described exactly what I was planning on doing.
  • easy. you can only run.
  • Just kill every enemy but 1 for the first wave and stay away from them the whole 10 minute time limit.

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