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  • Poetry in Motion



    Get a six-minute survivor streak and over 100,000 points in an Arcade level.

    In arcade mode you not only have to get a ton of points, but also not get hit for 6 minutes. Within the period of not being hit, you must score this 100,000 points. You can go over the 6 minutes for the points of course, just can't be touched. This can be one of the most frustrating achievements in the game!

  • Is it just me or does this sound like the hardest achievement of the bunch!! After watching the video i think the only way to get this would be on the hardest difficulty!! So everyone saying this game will be easy pretty safe to say this achievement might be pretty hard!!!
  • This looks awesome!!! Can't wait for some more Alan Wake action... it's been long enough. One of the best single player games in my opinion.
  • This achievements is bugged as hell. I did this 2 times. -.-
  • This does indeed seem to be a glitchy achievement, i got 8 minutes without being hit and 109,000 on ghost town, i survived till dawn as well yet not achievement.
  • Got it, i was wrong, its not glitchy its just not clear in the description, you have to achieve 100,000 or more before the timer reaches zero and dawn comes, your end game bonus does not count towards the 100,000 needed for this achievement. I got 95,000 with 8 minutes untouched then my end game bonus took it to over 109,000 but it didn't unlock, next game i got 101,000 and 7 minutes untouched before dawn and it unlocked.
  • #5 That's just lol...
  • Any recommendation which level / playstyle is best for this one?
  • i am also wondering what the best level to do this on is cuz i really have no idea.
  • I did it on Trailer park, went the whole 10 minutes with out being harmed and getting the multiplier up to 9 and keeping it there for the duration. Achievement popped up with a minute left on the clock after finishing off a wave. Rank 5 on the leader-board for that level as well :D
  • oh im doing that level right now thank u.
  • I earned this on Oil Field. I got hit with about 6:30 minutes left so I just collected myself and kept at it. I broke 100k with a minute left, but no achievement. Decided to play it safe and just keep from getting hit and the achievement unlocked with 30 seconds left. I don't believe this achievement is glitched. You just need to be having your 6 minute streak as you break 100k. Otherwise it won't unlock.
  • I am trying to reach 100k and with no results! The flash light does not work as it used to in the previous game. Aiming is pretty difficult when surrounded by the taken. And those grenades thrown by one of taken :/ I lose a lot of flash gun ammo as well. I've read that crossbow is quite effective. Has anybody any bad or good experience with this weapon? Cheers!
  • got this on my second time getting 6 min streak with over 100,00 points, i had it before timier ran out so i dont no what went wrong the first time but i got it the second time i did it, i did it on oil field
  • I don't even know how to get that high of a score. So far my highest has been 24,000. I need to keep practicing.
  • Alan Wake American Asshole...love the game but getting quite aggravated everytime I lose my combo to some dick taken that spawns right behind me while trying to fend off the 7 in front of me, or getting hit by one of the damn magical homing grenades that seem to fall from the damn sky...like I said, love the game, but fuck me...
  • Needs a clearer description. Just got 100,000 with a 7 minute survivor streak and no achievement. Then i only managed 92,000 without being hit and my multiplier finishing at 9 meanwhile getting through the same number of waves. I don't know how my first game scored higher even with losing my multiplier :|
  • After hours upon hours of aggravation, I finally got it. Found that the trailer park is the easiest to try it on, but still a very very hard achievement.
  • Sounds like I'm going to get screwed.. Slow Reaction hehe..
  • Just to be clear, I must reach 100,000 WHILE ON an active 6 minute streak, correct?
  • This is a pretty hard achievement. I got it on the trailer park, just get the magnum it's a one shot kill on most taken. Try to hover close to the supply box, I think it refills every other round, but I could be wrong.
  • Still working on this one, but I'm not finding my perfect map... and [email protected] these Greanaders!
  • I just got this today on Oil Field. My advice is to use the crossbow/magnum combo. The crossbow is the absolute best weapon to use on later rounds when you get 8 or more enemies coming at you from all sides. You don't need to waste time using the flashlight on them because it kills instantly directly thru the darkness. It only has one shot before you need to reload but with 24 bullets you won't run out of ammo quickly. If enemies get too close just whip out a flare. You start with one and there are 4 more to pick up around the level. Thats more than enough to get you thru 10 minutes since you won't need them until atleast the fourth wave. Also, when the grenadier starts hurling flashbangs at you, start running away as soon as you see or hear them and backtrack the opposite way. This will m
  • And one final piece of advice. On any wave that you have those huge buzzsaw dudes make sure they are the last enemy you kill in the wave. This is because they are worth the most points and every kill you get before them will increase your multiplier. By the time you get to the buzzsaw dude your multiplier will be pretty high, ensuring you get alot more points toward your goal of 100,000 before time runs out.
  • Not my video, but this helped me get Poetry in Motion. I tried several different methods, with much frustration, and this proved easiest for me. The only thing I did differently than this guy is that I built up my multiplier by dodging in the first round and I prefer the Hunting Rifle to the Shotgun. I would say about every 2 out of 3 attempts grenadiers will hurl grenades into your camp spot and fuck things up. So it takes a little luck, but its straightforward and simple. If you get grenaded, reload and try again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OzHVZd4BiU
  • Trailer Park is the way to go for this chieve people. Fo reals.
  • Oil Field with magnum and combat shotgun. Keep moving around the central oil derrick, refilling ammo when needed. If you keep moving, it makes it harder for those damn grenadiers to hit you. Make them a priority. Also, I never tried to raise the multiplier by intentionally dodging in the first rounds. If you don't get hit, and kill enemies quickly, the multiplier should be high enough to break 100,000.
  • Are the areas that are being recommended to play for the Poetry in Motion achievement the 'Normal' areas or are they the 'Nightmare' version of them?
  • After dozens of tries on Ghost Town & Oil Field (both Normal) I finally got this achievement on Oil Field (Normal). I used the Revolver/Crossbow combo. I open the Ammo box, but don't use it yet. I then grabbed the Flaregun ammo nearest the central oil derrick you start by, as well as the Flare right next to the central oil derrick, then head up the dirt ramp near the vehicle at the top, grabbing the Flash Grenade & Flare on the way, all the while trying to carefully build my multiplier up by dodging attacks. I then would either get my multiplier up to at least x5-x7, then either shoot the 1st 2 Taken w/the Pistol I start with or blind them 1st & pick up the Flare/Flaregun ammo (can't remember which 1 it is) & Revolver that's on the vehicle at the top of the dirt ramp. From there I
  • went around collecting the miscellaneous items (Flares, Flaregun ammos, etc.) & made my way past where the Magnum case is & picked up the Flare on the ground & the Crossbow in the small shelter, & continued to make my way down the road collecting items & made my way to where the Combat Shotgun case is, grabbing the extra ammo box if needed, then went back to the central oil derrick, sticking as close to the ammo case as possible.
  • hey it took me all laborday weekend to get over 100.000 points i finally did it late sunday after noon and it was hard but i got 107.100 points and the achievement didnt pop up and i never got touched the whole game
  • @everyone is this still a glitchy achievement this is half price at the moment but I don't want it if there are glitchy ones stopping from getting 200G
  • i don't know if they fixed what the "glitch" was, but i just did this and even had the ending bonus be the thing that put me over 100,000. I followed the technique in #24's post only used crossbow and revolver.
  • I just tried this on Nightmare Arcade and it doesn't work. I had 110,000 when the timer ran out, was on a 7:30 streak, and my total was 158,000. I'm 56th on the leaderboard for Ghost Town Nightmare. It has to be on Normal. Confirmed.
  • I do not unterstand, how this is even possible. On normal i never get enough enemys to kill. Got a 9:30 streak without any hit but never get over 65.000 points, even after the sun goes up. And nightmare mode is named correct that way. Taken that spawn right behind you and the allmighty homing granades seem to make an streak over 3 minutes impossible. Worst of all Alan Wake achievements ever!
  • Nice! I got it on my second try! I did the Ghost Town level, use the Sawed Off, and the Crossbow. I didn't get hit once. I only have about 70,000 when the timer went down, but since I didn't get hit at all, it gave me 105,400 points in all.
  • guys!!!!!! go to trailer park level and just camp by the ammo box they cant hit you unless they come up the ramp use a carbine and pistol at the end of each wave you will have to go look for stragglers(grenadiers). A plus of it is you can't be hit by the homing grenades (at least i didn't). if your a good shot you wont run out of ammo in between the ammo box refilling i went 9:59 without getting hit :D. The carbine is directly left of the magnum box when you start the level.
  • thanks number 36
  • Is comment #36 strategy easier than http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBMCmZ3nNCE
  • Although it might be a little tricky to successfully do so many times in a row it's really useful to save the final Taken for the current wave (starting from wave 1) and repeatedly dodge his attacks as it earns you a higher multiplier. I noticed this tactic in a YouTube comment and found it very helpful.
  • the oil field glitch is by far the easiest for this and survivor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGs2QQ3lqac
  • I went for the Ghost Town map on Normal and used the Hunting Rifle and got over 100,000 before dawn.

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