Enter the Nightmare Achievement

  • Enter the Nightmare



    Unlock all of the Nightmare Arcade Mode levels.

    There are 5 levels each with a Nightmare Mode version.

    • Cemetery
    • Ghost Town
    • Oil Field
    • Caves
    • Trailer Park

    The levels will all be locked except one when you first start out. As you gain stars, you will earn the levels. Your goal is to hit 24 stars between all 10 levels. That is 24/30 possible. You will need 3 stars on every regular level and 9 more between the Nightmare ones. You will have to get a 3 star on at least one Nightmare stage. The score you will need to shoot for is around 40-45k specifically for Nightmare. Just try to kills enemies as fast as you can to gain the most amount of points. You don't have to survive the full 10 minutes to get 3 stars, but it sure helps (bonuses and the sun kills remaining enemies). Just keep on your feet and always look behind you. You will have to get very good at dodging. The more familiar you are with a level the better you will be. So if you are failing, just keep trying until you start perfecting it. Do not worry about any other arcade based achievements until you have unlocked all levels. By this time you will be better at it and know what to expect.

  • Only just bought this game, can anyone tell me how you unlock the nightmare arcade levels?
  • When you complete an Arcade level, depending on your score, you get 1-3 stars. The more stars you get, the more levels you unlock. So basically just get 3 stars on all the levels. *I don't have this achievement yet but that's what it looks like to me*
  • Do you really just have to get 3 stars on the normal levels to unlock all the Nightmare ones?
  • This looks to be one of the more difficult achievements. First play thru on cemetary I got 1 star then played it again and got 2 stars.
  • Thisgame is so simple... Complaining noobs
  • Just got this today...you need a total of 24 stars. I think Normal needs about 40000 points and Nightmare needs about 50000 points for 3 stars. Just build up combos and keep them and you should do fine...
  • Nightmare needs too many damn points. But I only need to get one more star to unlock the last nightmare level.
  • I think Nightmare needs somewhere between 40,000 - 45,000 points for 3 stars. I just scored 45,550 points on Caves (Nightmare) & now I have 3 stars on it.
  • do i have to get on all levels all 3-stars for this?
  • In case anybody needs any help their is a glitch on YouTube for Nightmare on Oil Field and on Ghost Town where you spawn, the taken can't walk down the stairs or go up. I kept a big taken on the bottom to doge his attacks and the smaller goons on top which I killed. Wes Coasn is my gamertag.

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