Skill Beats Gun Achievement

  • Skill Beats Gun



    Survive an Arcade level using nothing but the flashlight and handheld flares.

    To survive an arcade level, you must complete the full 10 minutes of it. Waves of enemies will come at you but you cannot shoot them. You will have to utilize flares and your flashlight to keep them away. The best thing to do is to keep away from the initial Taken that spawn in a level. This means you'll be running from and dodging the same Taken the entire time. This will simplify the achievement.

  • On one hand, this sounds pretty hard, but on the other, I believe I remember the makers of this game talking about how it's easyish to survive (on non-nightmare at least) arcade, but that you wouldn't really want to do that since you get pretty much no score/multiplier. I wonder if you could use the safe-zones to kill some of them too, since that's not theoretically a weapon. (Aren't there new enemies that grow stronger/aren't affected by the light?)
  • This is actually the easiest achievement. All i used was my flash light, shine it at the fallen in the first wave. And thats it. If you don't kill any (which i didn't) you only have to shine light on two of them then run. Rinse and repeat.
  • Not the easiest in my opinion, but it is very easy to kite and flash the light on the two mobs.
  • I can confirm #2. I did exactly as he did and earned my cheevo. Even if that is 10 minutes I'll never see again.
  • Easy as pie. Just run in circles on the first level (Cemetary) around the church and dodge their attacks when they get close.
  • This is a very easy achievement. I thought it was going to be hard but it's not.
  • 10 minutes of dodging? Let's do this..
  • Flash grenades are ok too
  • Easy. On the first level, when it begins run to the right then turn left. you should be around a small box/pillar and a wall. Climb up there and wait out the time. The taken aren't able to swing that high. I did that on my first runthrough.
  • Did as #9. Easy. Unless you get curious as to how close to the edge you can get :P
  • Do as #9 says jump up there and do something else for 10 minutes.
  • This is the easiest achievement you can get. In the Ghost Town map have the Taken chase you in the area on the right of the map, run toward the stairs and climb those... when you will be halfway the Taken will turn around and try to circle you from the ramp in the middle: go down the stairs and when they close to you go back up. Repeat until time runs out. I was expecting new waves to be spawned to make the challenge more difficult, but they didn't think of it or it's in the Nightmare maps. Also you can get points by having them chase you all the time, increasing your multiplier and when dawn breaks you get a score. But seems to me you don't get more than x9(?)
  • God this achievement was boring as hell. I bet the devs were all; 'Hey, this should get players thinking creatively!' while most people will have just run away from the first two taken for 10 very boring minutes.
  • this is next
  • All you have to do is start the first wave, shine your light on the enemies and keep dodging them for the next 10 mins. Easy achievement.

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