Survivor Achievement

  • Survivor



    Get 70,000 points in any Nightmare Arcade level.

    First you must unlock a Nightmare Arcade by gaining at least 12 stars within the available levels. Nightmare is a bit tougher. Enemies take about double the shots to kill them. Also, there are no waves. They just keep coming without you having much time to prepare. Because of this, you should get a lot of points. This is suggested after you have unlocked all Nightmare levels and know which one you are best at. You will need to know where everything spawns, and stick close to an ammo drop. So make your rounds early to pick up flares, guns, and flashbangs. Then camp around at an ammo pickup.

  • This one sounds like its gonna be the hard one..
  • This is gonna take a lot of skill to get.
  • WTF, I just got 75,900 and it's not showing up...
  • @3 Are you sure you were playing a Nightmare level?
  • The hardest part about this is finding ammo and conserving your flares for when you pick up a new gun.
  • I found it easiest to do this on Oil Fields. Get to know the map layout first. I started out the map running to the flare gun which is to the right when you spawn. Then I made my way to the carbine and up the center hill grabbing flash bangs and flares as I went. Go to the top of the hill and head left and grab the flares behind the tanks. By this point you should be getting low on carbine ammo. Start making your way back down the hill and toward the center of the map. At the bottom center is the combat shotgun next to the crossbow. After I grabbed that I got the sawed-off shotgun at the bottom right of the map. After that just keep moving around the map, moving backwards while and picking guys off when they get close. When you start to get a lot of them use the flare gun. Also
  • Also the grenadier will kill the other Taken with the grenades and it counts toward your skill so sometimes it pays to keep them alive.
  • I agree with keeping the grenadier alive. You'll more often than not get hit as soon as you start looking for him. On the other hand, grenades will sometimes roll down hill faster than you can run and that always sucks. I did this on Trailer Park. Good level, flat ground for the most part, combat shotty and sawn-off worked for me. Get the highest multiplier you can for when dawn breaks.
  • I found a little glitch that I used to get this chieve. Its on Ghost Town, from where you start run to the left and youll find a flash grenade and a pump action shotgun. To the right are some stairs, let the take build up behind you and then head down the stairs, they won't follow you, like they aren't coded to walk down stairs!They just turn around and try to attack you from the other dirction down the alleyway. Then you can just let them build up a little run down the stairs and kill them while they are walking the other way to attack you from behind. If you wait too long they will start to sneak up behind you. Hope this helps anyone who needs it.
  • Not my video but this made the achievement relatively easy. Took a few tries because sometimes the grenadiers fuck up your camp spot. Other than that it's not bad at all. Best method I've seen. FYI: the guy curses a lot.
  • Yay! I got this achievement on Ghost Town using the help vid from the youtube link. Thanks for that.
  • the oil field glitch is by far the easiest for this and poetry in motion

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