Split Splat! Achievement

  • Split Splat!



    Take out two Splitter spawns with a single shot.

    A splitter is an enemy who physically splits into two enemies or more, creating a clone of itself. It basically multiplies. What you need to do is kill two at once with one shot. The first time you see this enemy is the perfect time to get the achievement. When going for the item near the train tracks during the "Find items for rewriting reality" objective, this enemy will jump out from the door of a building you are supposed to enter. The game will inform you of this new enemy. Shine your light on it and to make it easier, let it split again. Now you will have 4 enemies to shoot at. Take your shots. If your achievement doesn't unlock, just reload your last checkpoint. It will put you right in front of the building again. You can always get it later, but it's nice to get it out of the way here.

  • What's the easiest way to do this one?
  • Well I got severly lucky on the 3rd play of the observetory right after you get the combat shotgun, shined the splitters then just held down the trigger lol
  • just split apart 2 splitters all the way and use the combat shotgun. Very easy to get.
  • Go to Act 3: Completed. If you have 40 manuscripts completed you'll be able to get the Combat Shotgun. It's near the Main Observatory. Once you collect it go over to the doors. 2 Splitters will pop up. Shine your flashlight at them. Once you see that 2 Splitters are close together fire and the achievement should pop up.
  • align them when they split and fire away with any shotgun. easy ;)
  • This one was easy. Just keep firing away at the splitters with any shotgun, you'll eventually get it.
  • Just shine your light on them multiple times and just spray. You can get this anywhere. I got mine on my first encunter.
  • I got it by accident. I just used the Magnum and got the achievement.
  • The easiest way to do this is get a Splitter on his own. use a flare to make him split twice. so their is 8 of him. As soon as you drop the flare run a quarter circle to either side. Use a shotgun, everyone is saying combat shotgun, but I used the good old pump action one. Mainly cause it's not auto and you don't fire 2 shots at the same time the quarter turn should put 2 or more of the little splitters in a line the flare works best on them if you can lure the splitter into a smaller area. Hope this helps everyone Later DK :)
  • Thanks for the help. :)
  • I got it on the final drive-in level, as I was running around to the back of the power station. You're jumped by a splitter in a very tight space, so when they split they don't have much room to run. So with the combat shotgun it's easy to take out two in one blast.
  • got mine first on the level got the shotty and w8 for a lines up shit and boom!
  • done this without even trying, emma just got 'taken' awesome :)
  • Ya, I luckily got this without trying either. When I first read it, I was a little concerned it would be annoying. I got mine with the shotgun, so I would suggest that :)
  • you can get this achievement in arcade mode with shotgun. it's very easy. https://youtu.be/1YyZeawJm3k

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