One Day I’ll Buy a Stapler Achievement

  • One Day I’ll Buy a Stapler



    Find all of the manuscript pages.


    Manuscripts are a type of collectible in this game. You read them for some extra story content. You can keep track of these pages by selecting "Collectibles" from the main menu and going to "Manuscript Pages". It will show you the 3 areas in the game which you can check. Collecting these will let you unlock guns in story mode and some things in arcade as well. While in the game you can press or via the start menu look at what collectibles you have obtained. You can replay chapters from the main menu to pick up the ones you have missed. If you do this, it's suggested to do it after completing the game so that you don't over write your checkpoints. The manuscripts will appear different depending on which Act you are in, so that is something to pay attention to if following a guide.

    A complete guide can be found HERE.

  • lol, that's an excellent achievement name.
  • that would have to be one big stapler
  • @1 and 2 was thinking the same
  • Noooo Steven King always said don't use staplers on manuscripts. (On Writing)
  • LOL amazing achievement name.
  • shoulda name it this in the first game then maybe we wouldn't have to piece the manuscript back together again
  • I think even Remedy knows that gamers love to hate these kind of achievements.
  • I will get this achievement simply for the name!
  • Man I hated getting these, lol. Maybe there won't be as many as the 1st game. 106 pages :x
  • Hate achievements like this.,..
  • I think Alan has to search for 30 Pages... an 10 in Nightmare mode? Maybe, we will all know in future :D
  • Oh no...not again! I wanted to bury those memories.
  • creative. this cheevo title is inevitably funny. haha!
  • I like collection-based achievements. Boo-hoo. Even if there wasn't an achievement for it, I would probably do this, since it's something I've learned to do as a gamer, and not an achievement whore.
  • There are 21 manuscript pages in American Nightmare. Found out from the GiantBomb quick look.
  • My mistake its 53 OVERALL by the looks of it. Of course its just 21 for that level of the game... :(
  • Boo! Not again! Just half-kidding. I'm actually forwarding to playing the game.
  • Here's hoping Tyger7 gives us a color coded guide :D
  • watch my guide on this achievement when it comes out in the future on youtube and i cant wait for this game to come out!
  • Need One more: the Grenadier help ?
  • This one doesn't seem too bad as they show up as question marks on the mini map
  • I know but can't find it searched 30 min 4 it ^^
  • Found it ;)
  • Anyone know the location of these? Rest Stop: The Splitter Emma Sloan Barry and the Old Gods Drive In Theater: The Grenadier Equilibrium Mr. Scratch's Trap The Plan The Clothes Alice's Film
  • So before I got to the motel at the start I had picked up about 5 pages scattered around the area. Since the Emma gave me the page she had, it reset my count to one. (The pages picked up are gone too by the way) I'm not sure if this is intended or if I've screwed myself. If anyone has any idea on this, I'd appreciate the input.
  • This guide will be live in a few hours and shows all the locations in order:
  • Just managed to get them all in a single run. Thought I'd missed one in the second visit to the theatre but turned out to be for the third and final visit. Easy to find especially with them shining like beacons and having them appear as ? on the map. Well as long as your willing to go out of your way from the immediate objectives. A few appear out of the way to make you explore a little.
  • Got them all in my first run. Go explore a little bit before going for your objectives and you should get them all on the first run. There are no Nightmare pages to collect.
  • I've explored a ton, and I am about to start my 3rd run. I have almost 40 at this point. Hope I've gotten them all.
  • I personally enjoyed this achievement, I thought it was extremely easy compared to finding all the manuscripts in AW. I hope they don't use this same method with AW2 though, takes the accomplishment away from finding them.
  • Found all of them in my first playthrough. Just be aware of your minimap (look for blinking ? to pop up), and explore off the beaten path. The ones that are easiest to miss are at the drive-in. Two of them are off in the empty field behind and two the right of the projection building. And before you start your final fight, you have to run way back all the way to the entrance to get a couple more. One is outside the ticket booths, and one is just inside, up on the little rise next to the very first car with an open trunk. There's a hard one to find on the final motel chapter, on a fence way up on a rise across the highway from the diner. They basic principle to remember is that each map is pretty small, so explore all of them, and go off the beaten path.
  • Compared to Alan Wake, it's much more comfortable and lesser stressing. Hope Alan Wake 2 is like this or better..
  • This will be tough, nut I WILL get my Stapler.

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