Pile 'Em High Achievement

  • Pile 'Em High



    Defeat 2,000 Taken.

    This is accumulative between both Story and Arcade modes. Taken are the enemies of the game (human overtaken by darkness). You will likely get this while finishing up your achievements in Arcade Mode. If not, just keep replaying until you get it.

  • I hope that: A) this counts both horde AND campaign playthroughs B) this has a counter to keep track, easily accessible and pops up onscreen when you hit nice round numbers (100, 500, 1999 etc)
  • @vectorman I agree.
  • Agree too, hopefully they read out the dead taken from original alan wake and gives us the chievo on first start :D
  • Realfox, if that happens, I will literally eat my own penis,
  • Time to grind
  • Cry.....why?
  • i'll get this 1st week for sure
  • Ugh... I don't think there's any way to track the number of kills you have. I guess the only thing to do is to play arcade mode.. a lot.
  • No tracking has been confirmed. I've beat the game and have done some of the arcade levels and can't find any kind of stats. Guess you'll just have to keep a tally. I still have no idea if it counts for both campaign AND arcade modes.
  • 1999 is not a round number...
  • I would like to clarify that kills from campaign AND arcade mode count, just got it whilst playing arcade :D
  • Hmmm shuld get thos soon glad it counts all
  • So they both count? Good..
  • Yeah they both count but it would have been nice if they tracked your number of kills the way they do with all your collectible items.
  • Anyone have an idea of how many taken you kill in one playthrough of the campaign? I figure if I know how many kills I get on average in a round of arcade I can figure out how many more rounds i need.
  • Awesome. This is gonna take awhile but i will get it done. Anyone else think this game looks more kid friendly then Alan Wake? Just payed thru AW and was on the edge of my seat the entire game.
  • Just got this achievement and I can confirm both campaign and arcade mode kills are counted towards this achievement. Also on a side note, if you happen to get all the achievements before 2000kills i suggest reloading the last mission were you got to destroy the dark wells. Activate all of them and an endless stream of enemies will come with a healing light and ammo box on the wall just around the corner. Makes it a lot easier then farming arcade some more.
  • Seems like a lot of work for just 20Gs.
  • cant find a kill-track finder either..
  • I wish there was way to track the number of kills you have ...

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