Go Gentle Into That Good Light Achievement

  • Go Gentle Into That Good Light



    Special 2: Make it through the approach to the lighthouse without firing a weapon.

    Once you find the word "Ignite" after Zane talks to you, you'll head up a hill with words that say "Clear" on large rocks. You will want to use these as fast as you can, as it clears away the rocks blocking the lighthouse's light. This light will rotate in circles and kill the enemies. Dodge or run around and let the light kill the enemies, making sure you only use flares if anything. It is a pretty good distance, but eventually you will find a Safe Haven which is the end point. If you accidently fire a shot, reload your checkpoint.

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  • This is easy. when you are on your way to the lighthouse, the floating words will destroy the rocks between the path you're on and the lighthouse, when you destroy them. That will take care of any taken you might encounter on the way there. Focus you light on the words and not the enemies, and this achievement is a piece of cake.
  • If you stock up on flares, earlier in the level, you can use them if you're struggling and still gain the achievement.
  • i got this by accident, i try my best not to fire my weapon ever, causse i feel its a waste
  • quite an easy achievment. got on my first try
  • can't believe it, i thought that this achievement started the first time you see the lighthouse, so i did almost the entire chapter without firing a single shot.. and i was playing on nightmare difficulty. that was an achievement! :s
  • same here like 5 (only on normal).
  • soo when does the achievement start? lol. im guessing the first time you see a rock with "clear" on it?

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