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    Special 2: Complete the episode without reloading the game or restarting a checkpoint.

    You must not die, reload a checkpoint, or continue later on for this achievement. Choose episodes from the start menu and pick "The Writer". Set the difficulty to normal. Below are tips in specific areas that may help.

    • When at the jumping or tilting world areas (when everything is spinning), make sure you take it slow. If you see a door, wait until you can walk through it instead of jumping down it.
    • In the area with the explosive barrels, you will have to do your best to time it right. Stay far back from the enemies and kill them if you used up the explosive words.
    • The gas station area should be completely avoided. Right when you get out of the door, run left to the Safe Haven Light.
    • When crossing the plane, jump down at the tail and jump inside the back. You can fight off Taken from here and they will only be able to throw things at you here and there. Make a break for it after.
    • The point with the well has unlimited flares near the car. Get a full stock before moving on.
    • If you see any other Safe Haven lights, make a break for it.
    • On the bridge with the "Crumble" words, go ahead and light those words up right when you see them as well as stay back. The enemies will sometimes fall in. There is a Safe Haven at the end of the bridge.
    • Be careful going up the final climb to the lighthouse. Use all of the "Clear" words and let the light kill all enemies.
    • The final battle doesn't require flashbangs, so you can use those for emergency any time you see fit. You should have a good amount of flares (maybe 6-10) to fend off the crows. This is where you should be using your batteries to your advantage to quickly take out the Taken Memories enemies

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  • This is by far the hardest achievement in Alan Wake
  • I played the DLC 1st time to enjoy it ,2nd for most of the the achievements,3rd time for this achievement.1500 /1500 - Great game
  • Oh My Fucking God. That part after tornado where you get out from hollow log. I die every fucking time. The rest of the episode is just childs play.
  • What a great way to make you hate Alan Wake! This achievement is to ensure you close out your gaming experience with a healthy dose of frustration and a thorough understanding of the flaws in the game's physics engine. Couple of pointers so maybe you can stay less frustrated than I feel right now. 1. Play on Normal mode, obviously. Earning an achievement by simply completing the game on Nightmare would have been more satisfying and far less tedious, but Remedy won't be making a sequel, so they decided to make sure nobody wanted one either. 2. Fireworks fight: Torch the word 'Tools' next to the ammo chance and quickly gather up max pistol bullets. Don't waste shotgun rounds if you don't have to. Finish gathering and make your way back to the southwest corner. Keep the Taken back an
  • d get all the fireworks lit by the end of the first wave. The second wave comes from the eastern roof, so flashlight-snipe them from a distance. They should be at half their original numbers by the time they reach the fireworks. The third and final wave comes from the west wall, so again, put some distance between you and them, and kill the small flankers first. 3. Tornado: fuck this tornado. Alan Wake's physics engine was not designed for platforming, and as such, he's gonna do all sorts of weird shit when he lands on the swirling objects, like say, run sideways and fall off without any control input. On the first tricky jump, use the schoolbus. Don't even run-jump, just jump normally, and run-jump off from the front section to the path. Use the big thimble for the second section. You
  • should run jump towards it and be sure to release control inputs completely before he lands or he's going to run off. The bus and thimble are good because there aren't any protrusions that get in the way of your exit jump, and they don't incline either. 4. Flaming barrel fight: fuck this flaming barrel fight. Once on the plain, run up the left side and just torch all the words while moving. Once you get to the end of the row, kill the remaining dudes running up the slope towards you. Then run down the right side of the second portion and do the same thing. Always keep a straight line towards the words and stay on the high ground. Light them, and then clean up the survivors. If you die, practice a bunch of times before restarting. There is also a cheap way to get through, though it bugge
  • d up on me once out of six times: when first entering the field, head right towards the cliff wall overlooking the exit ramp towards the next area. If you jump straight down, you'll die. But you'll see some beige tree roots sloping down the cliff underneath you on the rightmost side. If you let yourself fall on these, they will let you down gradually. You'll take some damage on landing, but you can immediately sprint towards and up the ramp. You may get whacked once or twice by the Taken, but you'll survive it so ignore them. This worked for me every time except once where Alan decided to he wanted to die anyway. Then he respawned and the camera got lost somewhere and he died again. 5. Ferris wheel: It may not be obvious to some, but the first part has you running at the bottom of the w
  • heel. Then, when you change direction and wind up in a square area with two doorways, chill out for a while. You'll ride the wheel up. Don't jump down the corridor until it becomes horizontal, or you'll probably die. Wait for gravity to open the vault, then sprint up to the elevator. If you miss your chance to ride, you can still enter it when you're upside down. 6. Bridge fight: Light up every word you see quickly and march straight up the center. Then, at about halfway across, dodge towards the right sidewalk and punch the rest of the words out. It should block the Taken's access towards you and limit it to the southern side. At this point, you have tons of flares, so it shouldn't be hard. 7. Airplane/forest fight: From the airplane's broken midsection, run-jump and start sprinting
  • towards your GPS marker. As soon as the slow-mo Taken reveal shot occurs (they spawn behind you), drop a flare. Run the rest of the way to the light. 8. Lighthouse approach: Make the words your top priority. Your gun is pretty useless. If you get surrounded, light a flare and go for the next word. Don't explore anything off the main path, as they are dark areas that serve as spawn points for the endless Taken. Stay on the main path. 9. Final fight: There are three 'rounds' to endure. When each fight starts, wait one second to hear the ravens, then drop a flare. Concentrate on the ravens first during each fight and get rid of them before attacking the enemies. With them gone, the one-on-one or two-on-one faceoffs are pretty easy. Use your shotgun the whole time because you have a ches
  • t. 10. Remedy has cited their inspiration for the storytelling in Alan Wake as the failed TV show LOST. LOST was a painful exercise in the Slow Reveal concept, where mysteries compound into a web that cannot possibly be deciphered by guessing. This increases the viewer's involvement and intrigue, but has the unfortunate downside of not having an ending. Remedy should not have based their storytelling concepts on that show. Posing questions is a good thing. Leaving them unanswered is lazy. Contrary to Remedy's assertion, Alan Wake and its specials are not a complete story, and the game's metaphors aren't deep enough to quench the curiosity of the unfinished drama. What is real and what is in his mind? It's not a (Sam) Lake, it's an ocean! Fuck off. Here's a tip for the aspiring storytell
  • ers of the world: if you create a mythology, be sure to create it in its entirety before publishing the first volume. Know where the story is going. And be sure not to run out of money while doing it. 11. I mean, seriously, have you seen the amount of 'Limited' Collector's Editions litter the shelves of game stores across North America? They obviously expected everyone to still care about Max Payne 10 years later.
  • yo Leaf King can u please shut the fuck up - next time leave the advice to the professionals. oh and stop your crying u sound like a lil' bitch.
  • winded...
  • not to hard really. hardest parts are in the beginning where you are in danger of falling a lot. After those parts its quite easy. I got it in the first attempt while going after the collectibles and was expecting to have to give it another go but didnt have to. yes that made me happy.
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  • Leaf King obviously wants his stories read to him, with pictures and pop-up landscapes. You obviously have no concept of integral story-telling. Let's see: 1. Original Characters? Check 2. Original Plot? Check 3. People showing interest in the work? Check Shit, I think I just punched a big hole in your logic. Anyway, he IS right about one thing. The game physics suck for the platforming sections. Be extra cautious rounding the tornado and making any jumps near ledges.
  • Yeah, I did sound like a bitch while writing that shit, I admit. I was frustrated. I don't disagree with Khaos about the originality of the work and the interest - I obviously had to be intrigued and even mildly obsessed to get the 1500g - but that doesn't really relate to what I was whining about. It's easy to write a mythology and even easier to ask questions, but far more difficult to provide satisfying answers. I don't necessarily want pictures (though pop-ups are awesome) to explain to me what's going on, but I do expect there to be some sort of decipherable reality behind the scenes. With Alan Wake, there is a greater work that we can't see, but Remedy publicly stated that Alan Wake could be a complete story on its own...I don't see it that way. The story, ESPECIALLY the DLC, is p
  • ointing to more Wake that will broaden our perspective on the mystery. It is not a complete work, and they know it. Pointing to LOST as inspiration is an ironic mistake - the show felt directionless, as if the mystery introduced was so dense that every revelation would uncover more plot holes, and thus the writers remained safely vague for the entire run. The reason I'm an idiot is that I was blaming Remedy for trying a serialized video game and most likely failing. The truth is, there should be more courageous developers willing to tackle lengthy story arcs at the whim of a huge corporate publisher like Microsoft, even if a certain portion would never get their complete story told. I hope we can read an Alan Wake novel to finish it all off someday :)
  • Can any1 tell me how to select normal difficulty 4 the DLC
  • Start->Episodes->Normal->Special 1: The Signal or Start->Episodes->Normal->Special 2: The Writer That's how to select Normal for the DLC.
  • This was such a pain this achievement. I just kept falling off things lol :) But very satifying once I finally got it , Yippee :)
  • As long as you ignore all of Leaf King's comments and have beaten Alan Wake on Nightmare Mode, you should be good for this one. It is nowhere near as hard as The Signal. The only thing is falling off of ledges. Be extra careful of this. Some falls might come as a surprise but as it says, "Fail once, shame on me. Fail twice, shame on me as a gamer." Just be sure to have enough flares at the end because the crows don't help the final fight. Other than the spinning cabins, tornado's, boats floating in the sky and pathways that appear in mid-air you'll be fine.
  • After failing a few times at trying to do the signal equivalent of this I decided to try this one instead as I knew it'd be easier. I was right! Sooo much easier and by the final fight I was glad I was gonna get this on the first playthrough. But the game has to just get one over on me...the first time I did the final fight on this, it was easy as anything and I easily got the 'Iron Will' achievement. However now I had to keep stupidly standing in the darkness puddles and let Barry kill me...DEVASTATED isn't even the word :( Will make sure I get this tonight!
  • Yay finally got it! Definitely not as hard as the signal (which I've also fully done thank goodness) but I had a few close calls, and an EXTREMELY close call on the lighthouse rush up the hill. Just be sure to have a good number of flares for the final fight as it makes it a lot less strenuous. Also don't hesitate to go all out with your suppplies on Barry and the others. You'll have plenty of batteries and unlimited ammo. Now I just need to do a final playthhrough on nightmare mode and gather up those nightmare pages then I'll be finally done! At least I don't have to worry about dying for this one, as I'm sure there'll be a lot of it...
  • i got this one on the first run but Run-On Sentence achievement took about 10 tries..
  • Doesn't seem so bad, first run I died three times (1 in the fake stage, 1 trying to get the game in the rotating cabim, 1 breaking the stones for the cheevo of the lighthouse). Second one to get the whirlwind cheevo I got to the hurricane untouched, but died three times falling over trying to get the second "path" word. I'd say of the four times (events causing deaths, not actual deaths) I died in this chapter 3 were due to looking for other achievements, one because I didn't know how the level unfolds.
  • Cause no-one else has said it yet, it appears you have to wait through the song at the end of the level before the achievement pops. Not sure what happens if you "B" button past the song to the credits, but I didn't wanna risk it ;)
  • You can press "B". :)
  • I'd just like to take the time to laugh at the guy who said about the original story and characters. L.O.L. Fine it's a great story with new elements and told in an interesting way but ti's still a rehash of every Stephen King book ever written. It's in the intro cutscene... Just got this for full completion now as well, tricky after not playing for so long, but the skip cutscene button for chevos like this is a godsend... Looking at you Dead Space :|
  • This acheivement=9, worldsenemy=0. Keep falling off of things. Alan Wake is very clumsy.
  • So glad the tornado section is at the beginning so failing isn't so bad as I only takes 10 minutes to get back. Died once on first run through while getting every other achievement. So another pay through is needed for this achievement! Much easier than the signal though!
  • Tornado strategy: Pick up the page. Focus your light on the second object to the right - it should be a bus. Take your time and jump on it. Light up the "path". Stay on the front part of the bus. Look at the path. When the left corner of the bus is alligned with the corner of the path jump. Run up the stairs, turn around and kill the taken. Light up the rail object. Wait for it to be at aprox. 30 defrees before jumping on it. go full speed ahead you can't fall off thanks to the railing. Light the "path". Last jump is easy - again take your time. Once I followed this strategy I never died on the tornado again.
  • "Run-On Sentence" was more harder for me than this one :O
  • everyone seems to think this one is easier... but i breezed through the signal like it was nothing. this one isnt that hard either, i just had trouble with the boss fight, when barry moves around all fast and the birds go ballistic, i had a tough time. i always play on nightmare btw, i shoulda just did it on normal, but i dont know, i personally like nightmare
  • Leaf King's guide is pretty good - I would add a couple things:
  • For the tornado: use the metal grates to get up: after the cabin when you grab the manuscript, immediately boost the first object and you can walk straight onto it avoiding a jump. (you can then just walk off onto the path you spawn) Don't bother boosting the path as the aim always tries to boost a different object, just point at path, it will appear with plenty of time to spare and save the juice for the big taken. Then run up to said taken and blast him with light and kill him so you can take your time on the next platform. Again spawn the metal grate as it was the easiest platform for me to stick, if not that I would go for the beds together (but they won't get you as close to the next path). For the barrels: you can try to cheat it and run off the ledge, but don't bother as it leave
  • ..Leaves a cheap death to pure chance. Just boost all the words, clean up the stragglers on the far end, rise and repeat on the way back and breeze. In the tunnel w chainsaw taken after the 'fireworks': drop down sprint straight, dodge at tunnel continuing straight, take two lefts, drop down to safety avoiding the chainsaw taken entirely. Unlike the first episode this should be the only place you run from the taken. At the plane crash: In the typewriter cave, grab all the goodies--except the flares! Back up top keep to the left, run/dodge, pop a flare and hold to safety (hold right bumper), after talking to Zane, go back and collect the flares. The taken will be gone. This should give you a total of 20!
  • Lighthouse Approach: TAKE YOUR TIME. Make sure to spawn all the words. If you get into trouble, run around and dodge in the light. The light will kill them! Failing that, you can always pop and hold a flare! The checkpoint in the light is your savior! I even walked up and spawned a couple words and sprinted back to said light for safety. Let your flashlight and heath regenerate here. Don't try to burn through, I died twice that way and it sucks to start all over when you're that close. Again take her slow and're almost home.
  • Agreed on TAKE YOUR TIME advice above… here's my horror story with this achievement: I decided I wanted to get this one last achievement in Alan Wake, it would allow me to 100% the game, including the DLC. The combat is not difficult, but the game is NOT a platformer, and this particular level has a lot of awkward jumps in it. Situations a game like this basically shouldn't put you in if you're going to try for this specific situation. Not a big deal otherwise. (continued)
  • So three nights ago, I'm on my fifth try on this one. Whereas I had almost no problem with a similar achievement in "The Signal" DLC, in this one I jumped to my death yet AGAIN, and I was so frustrated that I almost spiked my controller. I did give it a little twist, but STOPPED myself from doing damage. Still angry, I turned my xbox off with a bit of a stab. As in: I stabbed the power button with my index finger to turn it off like I always do, but with a bit more force. Well… the xbox rocked… and suddenly started making all of these horrible crunching noises. My Xbox was eating my Alan Wake disc! (continued)
  • I went to bed angry out of my mind. I thought about several plans to rent the game or borrow it from somebody. In the middle of the night I remembered I had a "game doctor." I figured it was best to try to install the game, because if the disc happened to load through it would only need to do it once, right? I tried 5 times, using the game doctor repeatedly between each try... 25%, 68%, 68%, 68%, 100%!!! (continued)
  • I finally got to play it again last night; and I was pumped; this was personal now. It was rough going. The game itself is pretty easy, but those jumps… failing at least one of them in a run through is not hard to do. The final battle I was without flares, having used them all in the "approach the lighthouse" segment of the game. I was nervous and slightly off. Anyway… the birds got me down to black and white/heartbeat health level. One more hit and I'd have been sauce, but like I said… this was personal. Got through it and gained the achievement! Very happy to put that behind me. Sorry that was a long write.
  • Has anyone tried to get this ACH when playing Nightmare? Hehe, guess no one dares
  • after you reach the infinite flare point its def easy after that. all you have to do is throw down flares and run
  • Finally got it after lots of tries. You need to take it slowly and be patient. Three areas where i had problem. Bridge Fight: use Hunting Rifle, Before reaching the light house: Use flash, On the way to Light house: Flash ur light on Clear and let the light kill the enemies.
  • got it on my 2nd try, I thought this was really easy, I haven't done this cheevo for the 1st achievement yet, I died 4 times the last time I did it.

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