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    Special 2: Survive the final encounter without being seriously hurt.

    You must finish the last scene without going into low health (being in the last quarter of life or lower). You must fight darkness infused characters from the story. Dr. Hartman, the Anderson brothers (both at once), and Barry. They are the in the form of the "fast" taken, that go blurry while moving quickly to different areas around you. Crows will also attack you. Use flares if crows are attacking and do your best to dispose of the enemies quickly. Barry is the last of the encounter, and you will have to essentially defeat him 3 times. If you do fall into low health, I advise to reload your checkpoint and try again.

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  • My tips are this as follows for easy completion - look immediately leftish to see th e the ammo supply - its never ending. you need to position yourselsf just behind this ammo supply with your back to the lake (careful not to step back into the lake - i did that with just seconds to go) you can then shotgun your way to kingdom come without getting seriously hurt at all - always recharge lamp and blow barry or the anderson bros away and use your torch to burn up the birds till they dissappear, just dont get hit. get behind the ammo dump and noone came come behind you and you are in control. The problem with this is, if you die after the inital taken it will checkpoint you half way through making the achievement impossible unless you go through the entire DLC again which is a real pain... l
  • I got this along I played. I just used loads of torches and just pressed LB to dodge the birds. Hartman, Gods or Barry didn't even hit me once
  • You can still get this after dying during the fight. The second Barry killed me and I started again right after Hartman.
  • If you fail to do it the first time simply complete the game then select continue from the start screen. it took me back to after the first encounter (and some of the black stuff removed from the cabin) I continued through the remaining enemies and got the achievement. One piece of advice is to take the crows out first then take your time with the 'taken'. Easy!
  • thx to #4 :)
  • I actually got this and didn't know what it was until I researched about it. It was a tough battle... but I really did enjoy it alot! :)

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