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    Special 2: Make your way past the tornado in under 60 seconds.

    You will find the tornado right after going through the spinning cabin. A manuscript will fall from the sky and after you read it, you will be able to shine your light on the words to create a path. It's advised you use the walkway part in the first word nearest you. As you rotate, try to look up and light as many words as you can, while paying attention enough to create the next path. When you jump to the new area, you will hit a checkpoint and if you fail this achievement from this point, you must restart the whole episode. A bigger Taken will appear and attempt to just push you off the ledge. You should kill him quickly and run up to the next series of words to get to the next object you feel you can leap to. Once you create the last path, jump to it and the achievement will unlock if done quickly enough.

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  • hey folks. pestrick here. This achievement annoyed me as i kept trying to do it perfectly thinking 60 seconds was pretty short. as it happens, all you really have to do do is collect first manuscript in the air and hit bridge as soon as you can - jump on this and look for path at about 10pm and light it - be ready to jump on it - when you do an axe wielding maniac like myself will jump out on you - the youtube video on this avoids him but i found you can shoot him off the platform with a couple of shots making it easier for you to get to the end without his hassle - then you need to again flare up another bridge icon and jump on it quickly - quickly then flash the 'path' point and get on it - chances are you will done this in 60 seconds and the 20G is yours if you do this the annoying pa
  • in fact I dun know where to begin this achievement...
  • even i failed after the checkpoint and i unlock the cheevo
  • @#3 thanks for this. Tried it yesterday, but failed after the checkpoint, uit playing cause i didn't want to play the episode from the beginning. Now read your post tried it from the checkpoint and the achievement popped up. Thanks.
  • Confirming what has been said, if you fall after you get to the checkpoint YOU CAN STILL GET THIS ACHIEVEMENT. Unlike what the original description said you can still unlock this if it's less then 60 secs in the area, even with a few retries.
  • I died 3 times and still got the achievement. hope this part doesn't give me trouble when going for no death/checkpoints
  • Yep, I also got this without trying, after giving up because I died after the midpoint checkpoint. Turns out 60 seconds is a pretty long time to get past the whirlwind.
  • Finally i got the achievement too. if you made it fast to the 'mid' checkpoint, where the big guy is, it's easy. Shoot him with 4-5 fast shoots off or run as fast as you can to the tornado, shine the first object that comes and jump on it. Put your Light on the next path-Text and jump on it. In this moment when you hit the path ground, the achievement have to popup! Thanks guys for the "you can die, but have to be fast"-advise :)

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