-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 44 (1000)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000g: 10 - 15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
-Number of achievements that can be missed: 1
-Glitched achievements: No
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: N/A
-Does difficulty level affect achievements? Yes

Welcome to the Alarm For Cobra 11: Crash Time Road Map. This game is quite easy but very frustrating at times and this road map will guide you though both version's of Crash Time! Alarm For Cobra 11: Crash Time is a game where you have to solve cases but you have to do it in a car, it involves point to point races, stopping other vehicles, circuit racing and so on.

Step 1: The Cases
First of all lets start the cases and start with the Hard difficulty (and yes they are stackable), in one playthough you can get a possible of 36 achievements. You get 3 for finishing a case on hard (will unlock easy and medium) also obtainable in the cases are A leading Light, Fast, Faster, Fastest, !esreveR (can be obtained as soon as the first case loads up), Nitro Burner, Crash Drive, Flyover (Case name: A Series Of Accidents) and Clear the Drains (Missable, Case name: A Series Of Accidents).

Step 2 Mop Up:
Now its on to the rest of the game where 7 more achievements worth 220 gamerscore can be gained! The majority of them being easy to achieve, Far Ahead, Builder, Dirt Driver, Kilometer Hunter, Test Driver, Track Tester and Schuminator.

Step 3: Watch The Credits!
And for the final achievement all you have to do is watch the credits and get yourself 10 gamerscore just for letting your console do the work whilst you go to the bathroom or make a sandwich and when you are back you should have Acknowledgments.


[x360a would like to thank master_shake_350 for this road map]

Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time (EU) Achievement Guide

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There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Solve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Easy level

    See 'Beginner's Luck' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Normal level

    See 'Beginner's Luck' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Hard level

    Case Achievements are stackable, so it's best to just start it on Hard. If you're halfway through a case and have to go anywhere, then dont retire. Just go directly to the dashboard and then when you restart the game you will continue on your last mission. If you retire you have to start that case again.

    To get this achievement then just complete each mission within the case, each mission will have different objectives such as shadowing a car, smashing a car 100%, spinning the car round and stopping beside it in the stated time.

    Beginners Luck
    * Breakfast time
    * The Cadet
    * To the service area
    * A new case
    * A lot of questions
    * Taking the initiative
    * Suspicious behavior
  • Solve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Easy level

    See 'Murder at km 109' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Normal level

    See 'Murder at km 109' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Hard level

    Murder at KM 109
    * Gun Fight
    * Stop the suspect
    * Motive?
    * Lab work
    * On the cola route
    * Plan B
    * Negotiations
    * Search
  • Solve the case 'Traffic Control' on Easy level

    See 'Traffic Control' Hard
  • Solve the case 'Traffic Control' on Normal level

    See 'Traffic Control' Hard
  • Solve the case 'Traffic Control' on Hard level

    Traffic Control
    * Traffic control
    * Whats the reason?
    * The facts
    * Discrepancies
    * A puzzle
    * Last try
    * The truth
    * On the run
  • Solve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Easy level

    See 'A Series of Accidents' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Normal level

    See 'A Series of Accidents' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Hard level

    A Series Of Accidents
    * Accident on the B1
    * The witnesses
    * Sports Car sighted
    * Needle in a haystack
    * Short cut
    * Emergency
    * Plenty of questions
    * Busted interview
    * Caught in the act
  • Solve the case 'Undercover' on Easy level

    See 'Undercover' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Undercover' on Normal level

    See 'Undercover' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Undercover' on Hard level

    * Stunt school
    * Double dealing
    * Trial run
    * Undercover
    * The tuner scene
    * Happy hours
    * Test of courage
    * Change of shift
    * The leader
  • Solve the case 'Mere Chance' on Easy level

    See 'Mere Chance' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Mere Chance' on Normal level

    See 'Mere Chance' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Mere Chance' on Hard level

    Mere Chance
    * A breakdown
    * important meeting
    * Welcome
    * Next exercise
    * A matter of feeling
    * The search
    * An unpleasant surprise
    * Faster
    * Damned fast
    * For Sale
    * Over 300HP
  • Solve the case 'Old Friends' on Easy level

    See 'Old Friends' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Old Friends' on Normal level

    See 'Old Friends' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Old Friends' on Hard level

    Old Friends
    * End of the day
    * Attempted murder
    * Second incident
    * Dont touch
    * On the scent
    * Emergency call
    * Relief
    * Conjecture
    * By any means necessary
    * Cracking the armor
  • Solve the case 'The Wager' on Easy level

    See 'The Wager' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'The Wager' on Normal level

    See 'The Wager' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'The Wager' on Hard level

    The Wager
    * The speeder
    * By Chance
    * The wager
    * New evidence
    * Stay on it
    * Goodbye
    * Dead end
    * Desperately missed
    * The warehouse
    * Observation
    * The chauffeur
  • Solve the case 'Code 9807' on Easy level

    See 'Code 9807' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Code 9807' on Normal level

    See 'Code 9807' - Hard
  • Solve the case 'Code 9807' on Hard level

    Code 9807
    * Incident
    * Rendezvous
    * No escape
    * Unauthorised access
    * Dangerous rescue
    * The Accomplice
  • Drive every available vehicle in single player mode

    Just drive every vehicle in single player once. You unlock all the cars once you have completed the game, so I would do this last. Below each vehicle there is a total km driven, just drive the ones that have a '0' on them first.
  • Drive on every available track in single player mode

    Drive every track in Single Race. There are Circuits and Stages and it will tell you beside each race how many times you have driven them. There are 41 tracks in all, you can do the Circuits with just one lap.
  • Fast



    Drive faster than 220 km/h for 10 seconds in any vehicle

    You should get this in the first mission as well, just drive at 220 km/h for 10 seconds without slowing down.
  • Faster



    Drive faster than 280 km/h for 5 seconds in any vehicle

    You'll unlock this after the first case is complete, just go to single race, turn on nitro and boost it on a straightaway for five seconds.
  • Reach 350 km/h in any vehicle

    You dont need to do this for any amount of time, you just have to hit 350 km/h. After you have finshed Traffic Control, you will have unlocked a car that is fast enough to do this speed, again just put onto single race, 'Around the Reservoir' and nitro it on the big straightaway.
  • Drive in reverse gear for 100 meters at a minimum speed of 10 km/h without collisions

    Just drive in reverse for 100 metres without hitting anything. I did this on my first single race as there was no traffic, but its pretty simple so you can get this in a mission.
  • Stay in the lead by 100 meters for at least 5 seconds in a single race

    Just stay infront of everyone for more than 100 metres for five seconds in a single race.
  • Use up a whole nitro charge in one burst without collisions

    Use your whole tank of nitro in one burst, I put it onto single race, no traffic and nitro on and put track as 'Around the Resevoir' in circuit, after going round the first corner I just held and till nitro ran out.
  • Drive the 'Semir' until the car is covered in dirt

    Once you have finished the Case 'Mere Chance' you will unlock 'Around the Quarry'. Just put it onto 10 laps and choose the 'Semir' and it will be covered in dirt by about the 7th lap or so.
  • Drive through a site hut

    In single race the is a track called 'Fast & Slow'. Once you have gone round the two big corners you will come to a roundabout then round it will be a tunnel. Just before entering the tunnel drive through the metal shed beside it. There is a couple more opportunities in the game to get this, but it's easier just doing it this way.
  • Lap your opponent and win a single race

    This has to be a computer opponent as I tried to do it with a second controller and it didnt work. Put it onto single race and pick around the quarry, 13 laps, and set the CPU difficulty to Easy. In the 13 laps I lapped every driver with ease so should be easy enough. I find that if you turn brake assist to full it makes it alot easier as well.
  • Spiral down a sewer tunnel

    You will enter a sewer in a few cases but the main one is 'A Series of Accidents' and 'Plenty of Questions'. You can go back and select the mission after you have completed the game. When you enter the sewers you will come to a big pipe. All you have to do is loop the loop that bit of pipe, I didn't get it first shot as I was going too fast, so use a wee bit of nitro and just steer round it and its yours.
  • Land a perfect jump from the sewers across the Rhine

    You get this in the Case 'A Series of Accidents'. There is a mission called 'Plenty of Questions' where you have to chace a yellow car into the sewers and halfway through the sewers you go over a jump to another sewer. If you dont hit it right, then it doesnt unlock so just restart until you get it.

Secret achievements

  • Police light successfully tested!

    Just press to turn on your Police Light when you start the first mission.
  • Driven 1,000 kilometers in the whole game

    Below each vehicle in the game there is a total km travelled in each one, IGNORE IT! I counted up all mine and I need 400 km more so I set it the the longest race which is 'Endless Autobahn' and I put it to 10 laps as the track is 20 km long and that would be 200 km. After my third lap the achievement popped up.
  • Viewed the entire 'Credits'

    Just watch the full credits from the main menu.
  • Knocked over 1,000 objects

    Just hit the small billboards, signs, boxs or anything else that will fall over and this will come. I did it after my first case as I just drove on the side of the road and knocked down every billboard.

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