'Beginner's Luck' - Hard Achievement

  • 'Beginner's Luck' - Hard



    Solve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Hard level

    Case Achievements are stackable, so it's best to just start it on Hard. If you're halfway through a case and have to go anywhere, then dont retire. Just go directly to the dashboard and then when you restart the game you will continue on your last mission. If you retire you have to start that case again.

    To get this achievement then just complete each mission within the case, each mission will have different objectives such as shadowing a car, smashing a car 100%, spinning the car round and stopping beside it in the stated time.

    Beginners Luck
    * Breakfast time
    * The Cadet
    * To the service area
    * A new case
    * A lot of questions
    * Taking the initiative
    * Suspicious behavior

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