Head Chomper Achievement

  • Head Chomper



    Head bite 50 enemies without touching the ground or firing.


    This achievement is probably the hardest in the game, due to the fact it’s nearly impossible to continuously head-chomp without touching the ground or firing. To jump onto someone’s head you have to press and then when you are directly above them, press again and you’ll sit on his shoulders. Press to bite his head off.

  • One of the hardest achievements I've gone for in any arcade game in a long time.
  • Fuck. This. That is all.
  • So, anyone who actually has this evil thing? If so, tips? Best place/level? etc.
  • 2-1 was where I got it just past the first tower.
  • THIS GAME IS TO DAMN HARD! Fuck this lmao.
  • Lyco is right. Level 2-1, after the tower. There is some sort of monticle. You need to stay near the left side of the screen, on lower ground so the Soviet soldiers won't kill the guy you just hopped on. Just wait until they come after you, then bite their nasty heads and hop on the other one. It takes like five tries to master the technique, but once learned you'll achieve this relatively easy.
  • I did this on 3-4, which I found the easiest and you can start this at the first crusher machine. Only 2 show up at a time, but I found out it is better than more sinceyou basically can never get shoot out the person since the crusher blocks it. The ones that come from the left can be hopped on automatically while the ones on the right u either have to wait for them to get crushed or hop over. Those that hop over you should be next to but not hop on yet in case he immediately jumps back. The other best part about this is that you don't move the screen ahead since the crusher is in the way. Took only a couple tries and achievement is mine.
  • I finally got it :)
  • Just got it using the technique described above on 2-1. Thanks for that! I'll add, however, that I advanced the screen just so that the left side was that little elevated portion of snow. As long as I stayed on the snow, it was damn near impossible for them to shoot me. Also, it helps if the guys are facing you so they get scared when you bite the other guys' heads off, thus giving you a moment or two to position yourself above them and tap A. You'll notice when you do it properly that it locks on the guy from whatever height, and he just stares up at you all slack-jawed 'til you land on his head. Basically, if you make sure the next guy you're jumping to is well in range and facing you (thus being scared and giving you that precious moment or two for positioning), you should be able
  • Just wanted to say......FINALLY, after 7 YEARS. Got it. Thnx for the guide and tips! Did it on lvl 2-1. Went to the spot that was said and let 4 enemies come after me. Wait to the left of the screen. Wait until they are nearly right beside you, then chomp-grab. You DEF. need to be patient, VERY patient. Time and time again I have let my patience get the best of me. For anyone still trying for this, just take ur time and focus. Its best to be in a quiet atmosphere while attempting this. And DO NOT count ur head chomps as you go. that makes it worse..lol
  • This is flat out impossible. The rating on this game's 200 is not a 6/10 its a 9/10. This one is too hard to get due to the games horrible random AI and the hit box is too small.
  • I put this one off for a very long time. Just got it after half hour ish, level 2-1 after first tower. Have the tower just touch the edge of the screen. Ignore the guys coming in from the left until they go to the right then come back, make sure theyre facing you and slightly come up the snowy hill before you press x. Once you press x just spam A until the enemies look up then you know you have it. Once you get that system down this achievement is cake.
  • Followed advice for level 2-1 and it worked like a charm once you get it down. Though initially I was at 42 and had to pause it. I unpaused the game with the :abut: button. This made me jump off... :mad: But I have it now, so whatever. :rolleyes: So, yeah. Just a heads up. IF YOU HAVE TO PAUSE THE GAME, make sure you use :start: to UNPAUSE IT.
  • good advice

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