Killing Spree Achievement

  • Killing Spree



    Kill 1000 enemies during one game.


    This is not during the one level, it’s the entire game. You can either stay in level 1-1 and continuously the never-ending Agent horde or you can simply play through the game. It takes one bullet to kill an enemy, excluding bosses, vultures and scorpions. If you’re having difficulty with this achievement, then switch to an easier difficulty.

  • can you kill them by yeti?
  • I got this by standing in the corner of the first level(since the enemies infinitely respawn)but you can get this on almost any level.I just constantly shot in one direction. It's not entirely necessary to shoot both directions if you're in either corner of the screen since the alien will melee kill any enemies from behind. I got this in a few minutes and even if you are too slow at some points, the game is generous with lives.

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