Perfect Fight Achievement

  • Perfect Fight



    Defeat the Final Boss without using a continue.


    Refer to the second paragraph of "Expert Alien". It show’s you a trick you can use to easily defeat the final boss.

  • did they patch it or sumtin ? cuz its not workin @ all...
  • I just got this legit after YEARS of trying. The key is this: Step 1: This is the hardest part of the fight. The big alien will run after you and if he gets close, he will instantly kill you by cutting you in half. Stand on the other side of the room and just repeatedly hit X shooting him rapidly. When he charges you, jump to the upper platforms and run to the opposite side. Rinse and repeat. He will occasionally throw a "special grenade" that will light the ground on fire. When he does this, stand on the opposite platform as him and alternate "jump" and "duck" when his shots come at you. Be sure not to hit X while ducking because you'll drop below. Keep going till he dies (I lost 4 lives here) Step 2: The alien is now in a ship that shoots energy beams downward. Simply run the same
  • thank you so much! finally 100% on this game!
  • i cant even beat the boss on hard with continues im tired of most behemoth games being impossible difficult and frustrating unless you play on easy wich is more hard mode and the hard mode is impossible dont even try.
  • Used the same trick for expert alien, of signing in the account I want to get the achievement on during the final phase of the fight. Not sure if the game counts using a continue on either account, so just in case, I basically got the fight to the 3rd stage using my guest controller and then once that ran out of lives, continued with my main account and beat the 3rd stage without using a continue. The game doesn't prompt you to sign in with a second controller so it doesn't look like it's doable, but if you press start you should be able to sign in!

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