Stunned Achievement in Alien: Isolation

  • Stunned



    Knocked down a human or stunned an android with a non-lethal attack

    How to unlock Stunned

    To knock down a human, throw a flashbang at him/her. To stun an android, chuck an EMP mine at it.

    A great opportunity to get this achievement is during mission four, “Seegson Communications.”

    Once you reach Internal Communications and get the cutscene with Samuels, you'll find a save station towards a small side room on your right. Next to the save station is a blueprint of the EMP mine on a table.

    Construct the EMP mine and toss it at one of the androids when you make your way back to the elevator.

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  • Chapter 4: Seegson Communications To stun androids you need to throw an EMP mine at them. The blueprints for this mine can be found in chapter 4, in a sideroom of the area where you contact your team (you have to access a computer here and will see a cutscene). Craft the item via your weapon wheel and throw it at one of the androids in this area. If you don't have the crafting materials at this point, then don't worry. There will be many other encounters with Androids. Just build an EMP mine when you have enough materials and keep it in your inventory until you see an Android again.
  • VIDEO GUIDE: ALIEN ISOLATION PLAYLIST: This can be done in Mission 4. After you have taken the elevator, go to the INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS room and pick up the EMP blueprint from a small side room there. ITEMS NEEDED: 25 Scrap 3 Charge Pack 2 Sensor 1 SCJ Injector 2 Bonding agent If you don't have all the items you will have more than enough chances to use the EMP grenade on androids in the next missions.
  • Anyone know how to knock down a human without killing them?? Or does the emp knock down humans as well?
  • @ #3 I got the achievement using a flashbang on human scavengers. It did not appear to *knock any down*, but it stunned them and got the achievement. Otherwise, the emp works on synthetics.
  • Here is a video guide with english commentary! I can confirm that the stun rod and flashbang works for this and the emp blueprint is only on mission 4.
  • To get this achievement first you must get the recipeof PEM Mine in Chapter 4. Then create one and throw it to the synthetics.

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