- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 48/50 (940/1000)
- Online: 2/50 (60/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-40 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 recommended).
- Number of missable achievements: None (Mission Select).
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (only achievements that specifically mention difficulty in the description).
- Glitchy achievements: Yes (see "Saves" in Roadmap for info).
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None
- Is there DLC? Yes, Stasis Interrupted DLC

  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
  • Time to 250: 3-5 Hours
  • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable?: "I Don't Got All Day" and "We Are Leaving!" [G]

"All right sweethearts, what are you waiting for?" (Apone) You know every line and can quote the movies from memory. Now it's time to see if you have what it takes to be in their universe! Welcome to Aliens: Colonial Marines, where not only will you play as a marine but can experience multiplayer as a Xenomorph. (That's just so much fun to say, Xenomorph!) *cough* Excuse me, what were we talking about? Oh right. The achievements for this game aren't as difficult as they may appear. Thankfully experience is earned for your marine through all game types making the time needed to get the full 1,000 faster. Also several achievements can be earned using multiple methods in the campaign or multiplayer (even private matches). This roadmap is broken up into three easy steps to help make your triumph over this game even easier.

This game unfortunately doesn't have a traditional save system. If you look for your save file, you won't find one. This game saves into your cache. Unfortunately, if you clear your cache it will wipe out your progress. For those online, it also will make a server side save for your profile which can cause various problems such as ranks being reset. Ultimately, this means any achievement that requires tracking could not unlock or outright stop tracking (as is the case with my game) for apparently no reason and with no possible recourse at this time. The most succesful method so far has been to recover your profile, but even that is no guarantee. Good luck to all the completionists out there.

Step 1: The Campaign:
While it is possible to get all of the campaign related achievements in one playthrough, I wouldn't recommend it. Personally I'd try for 2 playthroughs, especially since the achievements unlock on Recruit difficulty and the difficulty level achievements stack allowing you to unlock "Not Bad For a Human" when you finish your Ultimate Baddass playthrough. The extra playthough will add more experience towards your marine's rank and gives you more opportunity to work on the campaign section of challenges.

Your first playthrough on Recruit should be used to knock out the majority of campaign related achievements. This includes collectibles, mission specific tasks, etc. Doing this will also help you become familiar with the levels' layouts and controls for your next playthrough. Use "restart checkpoint" to your advantage if you miss something or wish to farm a location.

Your second playthrough on Ultimate Badass is a lot easier with friends, especially reviving each other. Take advantage of your knowledge from the first playthrough and check the guide below for useful tips.

Step 2: Multiplayer:
A large portion of the achievements appear to be intended for multiplayer but can be unlocked in various game modes, even campaign. Most of your time will likely be spent trying to level up your marine for the related achievements as well as finishing all of the challenges. The guide will have effective boosting methods listed for all of these. Private matches on XBL (offline requires a system link, split screen versus doesn't work) are very effective and can help unlock several achievements.

Step 3: Cleanup and/or Boosting:
Anything you may have missed or need help with, now is the time to polish off that 1000! Achievements can be earned in private matches as well. Organize boosting parties or find partners using THIS THREAD.Campaign allows you to use mission select to work on a specific level's achievement. Restarting checkpoints is a great way to boost kills and work on campaign and/or marine challenges.

Stasis Interrupted

Step 1: Playing the DLC
Start the DLC on the hardest difficulty so you do not have to play through it more than once. You should get all of the achievements in this one playthrough unless you miss something or an achievement does not pop. I Don't Got All Day and We Are Leaving! have been reported glitchy but replaying the level again on recruit seems to unlock the achievements just fine. You should get all of the audio logs, shoot the umbilical without missing and kill all the lurker in mission 2, and destroy all samples in the gas rooms in mission 4 to avoid replaying any level.

Other than taking time to boost or grind out the leveling related achievements, this game is a quick 1000. Help from friends will have you saying "Game over, man. Game over!" because you've done everything so quickly. So now you just need a deck of cards to pass time until more achievements are added with DLC.

[x360a would like to thank Grifter Reborn for this Roadmap]
[x360a would like to thank littlejay for the DLC addition]

Aliens: Colonial Marines Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Complete Distress


    Story related, can't be missed. "See Game Over, Man" for more info. Unlocks when you've finished the first mission (Distress).

  • Complete Sulaco Falls


    Story related, can't be missed. See "Game Over, Man" for more info. Unlocks when you've finished mission 3 (Sulaco Falls).

  • Complete The Raven


    Story related, can't be missed. See "Game Over, Man" for more info. Unlocks when you've finished mission 5 (The Raven).

  • Complete Rampart


    Story related, can't be missed. See "Game Over, Man" for more info. Unlocks when you complete mission 8 (Rampart).

  • Complete Home


    Story related, can't be missed. See "Game Over, Man" for more info. Unlocks when you've finished mission 11 (Home).

  • Complete all Campaign levels on any difficulty


    As mentioned in the roadmap, I recommend your first playthrough on the easiest difficulty (Recruit) since you can find all of the collectibles and learn the layouts and controls along the way. This is a good time to try for level specific achievements, such as "Short Controlled Bursts," since there won't be much challenge and you can restart checkpoints. This achievement will unlock as the credits roll.

  • Complete all Campaign levels on Hardened difficulty


    This achievement unlocks when you finish the campaign on Veteran difficulty. See "State of the Badass Art" for more info.

  • Complete all Campaign levels on Ultimate Badass difficulty


    If you're able to join random games, you don't have to beat the entire campaign on this difficulty. As long as you join before the end of the mission, you'll receive credit. This means some unlucky person could fight through 90% of the mission and you join for the last 10% and receive credit for beating the mission. (Lucky you!) To see which missions you've completed, select "service record" from the menu and select "records". The first highlighted screen (campaign records) will list all 11 missions with the difficulty you've completed. If the cheevo doesn't unlock, try doing one mission solo (mission 11 is pretty easy) to get it to unlock.

    Co-op is easier if you have the opportunity, but watch friendly fire especially flame thrower. Enemies are tougher and do more damage. Revives will help a lot along with good communication for solid teamwork. If going solo, use the parts of the campaign where you have help from NPC's to your advantage. You will also have no "HUD" during this playthrough so ammo and reloading can become tricky. Find co-op partners using THIS THREAD.

  • Defeat all Xenomorphs in the Sulaco hangar bay without them crossing your barricade


    About halfway through mission 1, you will return to the hangar bay where there is a keypad Keyes will try to open while you defend a small barricade between him and the dropship. Stand between the barricade and the dropship and stop the aliens until Keyes opens the door and tells you to fall back. Watch the video below for the strategy and when to fall back.

    Video Guide by PowerPyx:


  • Arm the emergency release and escape in under 2:30 on Sulaco Falls


    The end of Sulaco Falls (Mission 3) is a hanger where you must operate some computer terminals while fighting Weyland's troops. When you enter the hanger, there will be an upstairs platform that you need to get up to. In the first room there's a computer to arm. Once finished, proceed to the end of the platform where the next computer is. Before you get to it, your "walkway" will collapse. Turn around to see a new room open up (with enemies inside) and once cleared, use the computer in there. Wait for the new pathway to arrive and proceed to the final computer. Once you're finished, quickly hop down to the lower level and proceed to the ramp of your dropship. This will unlock on Recruit difficulty if you finish under 2 and a half minutes when the cutscene starts to play. If your takin too long, pause and select "restart checkpoint" to try again. The video below shows the layout and strategy.

    Video Guide by PowerPyx:

  • Find Newt's doll


    Newt's doll, well actually it's just a doll's head (named Casey, in case you're wondering), is located in the sewers in mission 5 (The Raven). If you've made it to the door you cut through, you've gone too far. This is after activating a pump and watching some exploding aliens attack it. Just past this spot are some barrels with the doll's head resting on top.

    Video Guide by PowerPyx:

  • Complete Hope in Hadley's


    Story related, can't be missed. See "Game Over, Man" for more info. Unlocks when you complete mission 9 (Hope in Hadley's).

  • Complete One Bullet without setting off the alarm


    You need to get through the labs without setting off an alarm in mission 7 (One Bullet). The very first scientist will spot you and set off an alarm. This is inevitable, but won't influence the achievement. Speed (and shotgun for close quarters) is your best friend for this. Each time you open a door, you must quickly kill everyone in the room before they hit an alarm (located on a wall). If they spot you everything is fine, they are just not allowed to use the alarm switch. Rush in with a shotgun on Recruit difficulty and kill them quickly. If they reach an alarm, it will begin a countdown. If you hit the switch () to cancel the countdown, the achievement will still unlock. If you're sure you've set off an alarm, pause and select "restart checkpoint" to try again. The achievement pops when you've completed the mission.

    Video Guide by AuraSolier313:

  • Defeat the Raven in under 1:10 on Soldier difficulty or higher


    The Raven has been chasing you the entire mission (more or less) and at the end you finally get a stand up fight against it. Get inside the loader and use  and  to punch your way to victory. Be warned, the loader isn't very nimble making this fight a challenge to get in just over a minute. If you're struggling, pause and select "restart checkpoint" to try again. The video below shows how the successful fight should look.

    Video Guide by PowerPyx:

  • Gib two enemies at once


    This should say "aliens" or "Xenos" instead of "enemies". This doesn't work on the missions where you fight other soldiers. (However those "gibs" count for challenges.) I unlocked this on mission 1 (Distress) after you cut Keyes down. The first room you encounter aliens, stay back at the door. Most of the aliens will go towards Keyes, line up a shot with your underslung grenade launcher ( on your pulse rifle) when 2 are close together. Restart checkpoint if you miss or it doesn't kill both before you reach the stairs on the other side of the room. Recruit difficulty.

  • Earn Rank 2 as a Marine


    See "I Love the Corps!" for more info.

  • Earn Rank 20 as a Marine


    See "I Love the Corps!" for more info.

  • Earn Rank 60 as a Marine


    Reaching level 60 goes pretty fast since progress towards your ranks can be earned through all game modes. One great method for earning XP (aside from completing challenges) is to play a 2 vs. 2 Extermination private match. (Note: host will always be an alien for the 1st round) When you're a marine, each of you take a waypoint to stand in a circle to destroy eggs. Destroy as many as you can before time runs out. By the end of the round, you'll easily have over 1,000 XP earned. As an alien, just chill.

    Experience is earned from kills, collectables, completing challenges, match bonuses and campaign chapters completed. Assists are unconfirmed.

    Mission 11 (Home) is a great way to rank up too. Complete this mission on Ultimate Baddass for around 2,800 XP. This level is incredibly easy with 2 people, one occupying the queen and the other presses the first 4 buttons. Meet up behind the last button, wait for the queen to get on the path and BAM! Let her have it.

  • Collect a Dog Tag


    See "Remember the Fallen" for more info.

  • Collect all 35 Dog Tags


    For video guides, I recommend using THIS THREAD.

    There are 35 total dog tags to be found. If you're playing co-op, you must pickup the dog tags for them to count. If you don't see a dog tag at the correct location, try pressing  around the area to pick it up. For some reason, they sometimes don't appear on screen even though they are there. Once you've picked it up, it is saved to your service record. To check your progress from the main menu, press  on "Service Record" and again on "Special Projects".

    The breakdown for each level is:
    Level 1- 3 total (Hicks, Moore, Trubetskoy)
    Level 2- 3 total (Dietrich, Forcher, Ziglar)
    Level 3- 3 total (Frost, Greenlief, Ashley)
    Level 4- 4 total (Norton, Wierzbowski, Vasquez, Macaulay)
    Level 5- 3 total (Gorman, Bradley, Jelley)
    Level 6- 3 total (Bailey, Washenfielder, Spunkmeyer)
    Level 7- 3 total (Apone, Barrington, Nelson)
    Level 8- 3 total (Crowe, Capes, Baroski)
    Level 9- 4 total (Drake, Watkins, Rechner, Siwiak)
    Level 10- 3 total (Ma, Morales, Ferro)
    Level 11- 3 total (Papp, Montgomery, Hudson)

  • Collect a Legendary Weapon


    See "I Like to Keep These Handy" for more info.

  • Collect all 6 Legendary Weapons


    For the video guides, use THIS THREAD.

    If you're playing co-op, you must pick these up yourself. To see your progress, follow the same process for dog tags, except press  when looking at dog tags to see the weapons. There's a total of 6 legendary weapons on the following levels:
    Level 1- Hick's Shotgun
    Level 4- Gorman's Pistol
    Level 5- Hudson's Pulse Rifle
    Level 6- Vasquez's Smart Gun
    Level 9- Vasquez's Pistol
    Level 10- Frost's Flamethrower

  • Complete a Challenge


    See "Distinguished Service Medal" for more info.

  • Complete an entire Challenge category


    See "Distinguished Service Medal" for more info.

  • Complete all Challenges


    Challenges become available in sections that need to be completed in order to unlock more. Each category will have 1 active challenge, giving you 3 challenges that are available at a time. There are a total of 86 challenges that grant 500 XP for each one completed towards your marine's rank. Please note that Legendary Weapons may not count towards some challenges. For example, Hick's shotgun is a "pump shotgun", but as for the challenges that say "pump shotgun" (Boom Stick challenge) using Hick's weapon won't count. For anyone needing a better description on how to finish a specific challenge, check out THIS CHALLENGE GUIDE. Here's the list:

    Marine Challenges:

    1- Field Modified: Purchase a Marine weapon upgrade
    2- Spray N' Pray: Kill 5 enemies with hip fire
    3- Two For One: Kill two enemies with one shot from an Underslung Grenade Launcher
    4- Boom Stick: Kill 20 enemies using the Pump Shotguns primary fire
    5- Big Fucking Signal: Track 5 xenos at once on your Motion Tracker
    6- Heavily Armed: Kill 7 enemies using a primary weapons alternate fire
    7- Kill Or Be Killed: Kill 20 enemies with any rifles primary fire
    8- Straight Shooter: Get 1o headshots using the Service Pistol
    9- Airtime: Kill 20 enemies that are climbing on the walls or ceiling
    10- Pop Goes The Melon: Get 10 headshots on xenos with any rifle
    11- Short, Controlled Bursts: Do not miss an enemy with any bullets from a full rifle mag
    12- Sharp Shooter: Kill 20 enemies that are 15m away or farther, using the Battle Rifle
    13- Trapper: Kill 20 enemies with Battle Rifle Mines
    14- Second To None: Kill 15 enemies with any side arm
    15- Carry A Big Stick: Kill 3 enemies with a primary weapons alternate fire without dying
    16- Back On Your Feet: Revive 5 other players in Coop Campaign or Versus Matches
    17- Equal Opportunity: Kill 20 enemies using the Combat Pistol
    18- Set Em Up, Knock Em Down: Kill 10 enemies with Claymores, Mine Launcher Mines or Acid Traps
    19- Spread The Love: Kill 2 enemies within 10 seconds using the SMG
    20- Xenophobia: Kill 10 Soldier, 10 Lurker or 10 Spitter xenos
    21- Blown To Hell: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifles Grenade Launcher
    22- Make It Count: Shoot enemies with an entire clip using the Service Pistol without missing or reloading
    23- Down But Not Out: Kill an enemy while incapacitated
    24- Amateur Surgeon: Decapitate a xenomorph
    25- Flash Fire: Kill 2 enemies with fire damage within 10 seconds
    26- Judge, Jury And Executioner: Execute 20 enemies using the Pulse Rifles primary fire
    27- Shotty Workmanship: Kill 20 enemies using the Tactical Shotguns primary fire
    28- Keep Up The Fire: Kill 6 enemies in under 60 seconds using the SMG
    29- Reflex Action: Kill 5 xenomorphs that are inside a vent using the Pump Shotgun
    30- The Silent Killer: Kill 5 enemies using a suppressor on the Battle Rifle
    31- Amputation: Remove 20 limbs from xenos using the Tactical Shotgun
    32- Stand Your Ground: Make the killing shot on a crusher using the Service Pistol
    33- Combined Arms: Use the Combat Pistol to kill 10 enemies that were on fire
    34- Feel The Burn: Kill 20 enemies using firebombs
    35- Assault With Intent: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifles primary fire
    36- Light Em Up: Kill 20 enemies using the Assault Rifles Underslung Flamethrower
    37- Shock Trooper: Kill 20 enemies that were stunned using the Tactical Shotguns Arc Rounds

    Campaign Challenges:

    1- Solid Legs: Complete a campaign mission on any difficulty
    2- Splattered: Gib 5 enemies in a single campaign mission
    3- Better Than Harsh Language: Kill 5 enemies with melee in a single campaign mission
    4- Nice Groupings: Kill 2 enemies with a single shot from the Pump Shotgun
    5- Tactical Supremacy: Kill 6 enemies with Tactical weapons in a campaign mission
    6- Double Tap: Kill 2 enemies that are stunned in a campaign mission
    7- Bug Hunter: Kill 5 facehuggers
    8- Sawbones: Remove a total of 20 limbs from xenomorphs
    9- Iron Fist: Kill 10 enemies with melee in a single campaign mission without dying
    10- Superior Firepower: Kill 2 enemies with the Smart Gun, Flamethrower or RPG in a campaign mission
    11- Inside Out: Kill 5 enemies with explosives in a campaign mission
    12- Battle Hardened: Complete a campaign mission on Hardened or higher difficulty
    13- Ultimate Badass: Complete a campaign mission on Ultimate Badass

    Multiplayer Challenges:

    1- Mutation: Purchase a Xeno combat upgrade
    2- Eggstermination: Win an Extermination mode match
    3- Survivalist: Win a Survivor mode match
    4- Escape Artist: Win an Escape mode match
    5- Victorious: Kill 25 enemies in Team Death Match
    6- Raking Claws: As a Soldier Xeno, kill 10 enemies with Quick Strike
    7- Spit In Your Eye: As a Spitter Xeno, kill 10 enemies with Acid Spit
    8- Cat-Like Reflexes: As a Lurker Xeno, pounce on three enemies in less than 10 seconds
    9- Heads Up: As a Xeno, kill an enemy from the wall or ceiling
    10- Sentry Duty: Destroy 5 Sentry turrets
    11- Two Birds: Kill two enemies with one shotgun blast
    12- Scout: Track 50 Xenos on the Motion Tracker
    13- Blunt Force: As a Soldier Xeno, kill 10 enemies with Heavy Strike
    14- Hawked It All Up: As a Spitter Xeno, kill 2 enemies at once with a single fully charged Spit attack
    15- Ricochet: As a Spitter Xeno, kill 10 enemies with Acid Rebound
    16- Kill Em While They're Down: As a Lurker Xeno, kill an enemy after knocking them down with Speed Pounce
    17- Fire In The Hole: As a Marine, kill 25 Xenos using the Smart Gun, Flamethrower or RPG
    18- Berserker: As a Soldier Xeno, kill 10 enemies with Flurry
    19- Stepped In It: As a Spitter Xeno, kill 5 enemies with Acid Trap
    20- Shock And Awe: As a Lurker Xeno, kill 2 enemies with a single Shockwave Pounce attack
    21- Hard Boiled: As a Marine, kill 5 Xeno Boilers during a multiplayer match
    22- Extended Reach: As a Lurker Xeno, kill 5 enemies using Lunging Strike
    23- Liquefy: Kill 8 enemies with acid damage
    24- Mercy Killer: Use the Combat Pistol to kill 5 enemies that were covered in fire
    25- Left A Mark: As a Spitter Xeno, kill 10 enemies with Acid Strike
    26- Trap Sprung: As a Marine, kill 25 Xenos using Claymore mines
    27- Flurry Finish: As a Lurker Xeno, kill an enemy with Flurry after a Speed Pounce
    28- Sliced And Diced: As a Soldier Xeno, kill 2 enemies with a single Whirlwind attack
    29- Uncrushable: As a Marine, kill 5 Xeno Crushers during a multiplayer match
    30- Acid Bath: As a Spitter Xeno, kill 10 enemies with Rupture Mutation
    31- Free Hugs: As a Lurker Xeno, kill 20 enemies using the Pounce attack
    32- Easy Prey: As a Soldier Xeno, kill an enemy after stunning them with Bludgeon
    33- From The Shadows: As a Lurker Xeno, kill 5 enemies without taking any damage
    34- Alpha: As a Xenomorph, kill 5 Marines without dying
    35- Ace: As a Marine, kill 5 Xenos without dying
    36- Hard To Kill: Completed an Escape Match without being incapacitated

  • Have another player join your party


    If you're playing on XBL, you can invite someone to join you (even if you're on the game's menu). This achievement will pop as soon as they've joined your game. You can also do this with a second controller/profile. Just sign in with a second controller and press  when you're on the Main Menu and the achievement will pop.

  • Revive a teammate


    When a player is "downed" in co-op campaign, they will be sitting on the ground with a pistol and a red bar above their head. Approach them and hold  when you're prompted to and this will unlock once they're back on their feet.

  • Edit a Marine Loadout


    Those that have preorder weapons can unlock this immediately by selecting the weapon for your custom loadouts. Everyone else can unlock this at level 3 when the assault rifle is unlocked. To equip a weapon from the menu, go to "versus", "edit loadouts", "marine loadouts". Press  on primary and select the weapon you wish to equip for the achievement.

  • Edit a Xenomorph Loadout

    From the menu, go to "versus", "edit loadouts", "Xeno loadouts". At rank 2 you can spend a point on Enraged Pounce for the Lurker or Flurry for the Spitter for the achievement.

  • Upgrade every Loadout slot for a Xenomorph class

    You must purchase each upgrade in a class and equip it. From the menu, go to "versus", "edit loadouts", "Xeno loadouts". This can be earned by rank 7 for either the spitter or lurker.

    Lurker list:

    • Primary Attack (Heavy Strike - Rank 4)
    • Secondary Attack (Enraged Pounce - Rank 2)
    • Ability (Adrenaline Rush - Rank 5)
    • Carapace (Hollow Exoskeleton - Rank 7)
    • Trait (Hyper Metabolism - Rank 3)
    • Fatality (Breathless - Rank 6)

    Spitter list:

    • Primary Attack (Acid Trap- Rank 4)
    • Secondary Attack (Flurry- Rank 2)
    • Ability (Adrenaline Rush- Rank 5)
    • Carapace (Hollow Exoskeleton- Rank 7)
    • Trait (Quick Climbing- Rank 3)
    • Fatality (Heartburn- Rank 6)
  • Upgrade every slot for a weapon


    For this achievement, weapon skins DO count! While the pistols are still the fastest for the achievement, you must have some challenges completed to have at least one of the pistol skins. (I had the gold skin for service pistol.) For more info, see "I Can Handle Myself."

  • Upgrade every Appearance slot once for your Marine


    To edit your marine's appearance from the menu, go to "versus", "edit appearance", "marine appearance".  and  switches between the male and female appearances (excluding preorder bonuses). You must change the items on the list below for the male. The female list doesn't include helmet or helmet emblem. The items needed are unlocked from completing challenges.

    List of upgrades needed to earn achievement:

    • Cloth Pattern
    • Armor Pattern
    • Helmet & Helmet Emblem
    • L Chest & R Chest
    • Belt
    • L Leg
    • Face Paint
    • Chest Emblem
    • Shoulders
    • L Shoulder Emblem & R Shoulder Emblem
    • Left Arm Tattoo & Right Arm Tattoo
  • Upgrade every Appearance slot once for a Xenomorph class

    To change an aliens appearance from the menu, go to "versus", "edit appearance", "Xeno appearance". Press  to change your skin and head for the class you choose. (switch between classes using  and )
    You must unlock and equip a new head and skin for one of the following classes:
    A Soldier Head and 1st skin are available when you've completed "Blunt Force" challenge.
    A Lurker Head and 1st skin are available when you've completed "Cat-Like Reflexes" challenge.
    A Spitter Head and 1st skin are available when you've completed "Spit in Your Eye" challenge.

  • Purchase all Upgrades for a weapon


    The earliest you can unlock this achievement is when you reach level 18 for your marine. Upgrading the combat pistol is probably is the easiest weapon to get this with. It has 3 upgrades needed for the achievement (skins don't count) and all of them are unlocked before any other weapon. From your menu, press  on "versus" then, under the word "customization", highlight and press  on "edit loadouts", "marine loadouts". Press  to customize when you've highlighted the weapon bringing up your upgrade screen. You'll be able to select upgrades you've unlocked so far and spend points (located in your upper right hand screen) to purchase them. You need to purchase the attachment, sight, and fire mode for the combat pistol to unlock this.

  • Spend 30 Commendations


    Commendations are the points you receive to purchase upgrades with. These are earned each time you rank up as well as getting Shift codes (see Gearbox Software's website for more info). One way to spend these points is from the menu select "Arsenal Upgrades" and a weapon you have unlocked. Upgrades available for purchase are highlighted blue with a number letting you know how much the upgrade will cost. Normal progression will require Rank 31 to have 30 points to spend and you will have earned a high enough rank to purchase the upgrades needed for the achievement.

  • Collect all 12 Audio Logs


    For the video guides, use THIS THREAD.

    These look like small laptop computers and highlighted in a light blue color when you're close. Unlike dog tags and legendary weapons, any player who activates one of these during a co-op campaign will save it for everyone playing. Again, you can check progress the same as legendary weapons, except you press again to see the audio logs. There are 12 audio logs located in the following levels:
    Level 1- 1 total (Request for Re-assignment)
    Level 2- 2 total (RE: Request for Re-assignment & RE: RE: Request for Re-assignment)
    Level 4- 1 total (Please Mom...)
    Level 6- 3 total (Supply Requisition Order, Origin Construction Status Report, Evacuation Notice)
    Level 7- 3 total (Xenomorph Lifecycle Notes, Hale Autopsy Report, Security Concerns)
    Level 8- 2 total (Queen Progress Report, Origin Status Update)

  • Kill 10 Xenomorphs that are using vents


    "Vents" are a very broad definition apparently. Any opening that aliens are exiting from counts toward this achievement. I had this finished before completing mission 1 on recruit. If you're not a good shot, use the grenades and the grenade launcher (pressing  when using the pulse rifle) as soon as aliens appear in rooms along the floors and walls.

  • Kill 10 Xenomorphs in a game with the M56A2 Smart Gun


    The M56A2 Smart Gun can be found in Mission 4 (No Hope In Hadley's) during the sequence with the sentry turret (For "Need a Deck of Cards?" pickup and place this turret for the achievement. Can be done in co-op too.) Use the smart gun to get 10 kills (easier on solo campaign) and restart checkpoint if necessary. This unlocks after you've killed 10.

  • Set up a UA 571-C Remote Sentry


    See "Let's Rock" for info in campaign. In a private Survivor match on the map "Condemned" (as a marine) as soon as you spawn there will be a nearby computer to hack. This will give you the turret which will allow you to place it for the achievement.

  • Track 100 hostile targets with the Motion Tracker


    This will come along your 1st playthrough on recruit. Remember to press  whenever you hear the "pinging" noise or when you see the "radar" prompt at the bottom of the screen. I had this unlocked before finishing mission 2.

  • Kill 3 enemies with a single U4 Firebomb


    Once the firebomb is available (Rank 4), select the grenade by holding  and pressing left on your left analog stick to highlight it when you release . The firebomb grenade launcher doesn't work for this achievement and sometimes the soldiers count, but not every time like they should. I think "enemies" should've said "aliens" or "Xenos" to make this easier. In any case, there's multiple locations in the campaign where throwing the firebomb will net you the achievement. Personally I used mission 1 (Distress) when O'Neil needs to be defended while cutting open a door. Restart checkpoint gives you multiple attempts to make sure at least 3 catch fire from one grenade toss.

  • Kill a Xenomorph with a shotgun at very close range


    During your first encounter with a group of aliens on mission 1, they will try to melee you (or Keyes). You can either shoot it with your shotgun just before it swings with  or first press your right stick to melee it and when it is stunned, shoot it. You can even time the melee where you will go into an animation sequence that kills it with the shotgun automatically. All methods work well for this achievement.

  • Kill a Xenomorph climbing on the walls or ceiling


    You will likely unlock this while attempting the method for "Entry Prohibited." Once again, I had this finished before the end of mission one. Shoot any aliens on the walls or on the ceiling (more often on walls) to get this achievement.

  • Kill 5 Spitters without being damaged by acid


    If you're attempting this in multiplayer, it must be in one match. It's not cumulative. This is really easy in a private 1 vs. 1 Team Deathmatch. Have your friend spawn as a spitter and quickly find each other so that you can kill him/her 5 times without taking any damage. If attempting this in campaign, mission 6 has a cave where these are. Use long range scopes to take out five. If you take damage just restart checkpoint.

  • Melee a Lurker that is pouncing towards you


    Another achievement that is easily boosted in a private 1 vs. 1 Team Deathmatch. Have your friend spawn as a Lurker and meet at a open area (preferably a long hallway). This is about timing. The further away the Lurker is, the easier to react. Melee the lurker before it hits you with a pounce. The player controling the Lurker holds down  and will see a trajectory of where they will pounce. Aim this at the person trying for the achievement and release when they're ready. May take a couple of tries. There's a few campaign locations for these, but perhaps the best is mission 4, at the very end. Before the final door is unlocked, you must kill 3 lurkers that spawn one at a time. Restart checkpoint if you can't get the timing for this achievement down before the 3rd one is killed.

  • Kill 2179 Xenomorphs


    After completing the game on recruit, UBA and finishing challenges, load up mission 4 (No Hope in Hadley's). When you first get the SmartGun, start killing in the tunnels and restart checkpoint when it's cleared out. You can get about 20-30 kills every few minutes. This seems to be the fastest method so far.

  • Kill a Crusher without it damaging you


    A quick way to boost this in multiplayer is on 1 vs. 1 Team Deathmatch (map is Last Hope) and have the player using the alien become the Crusher. This is done by receiving a prompt to "press  unleash the crusher" when near a "hive" location. There are 2 along the path under the bridge in the middle of the map. To the alien, these will have a real bright yellow/green highlight to them (one located next to a forklift). Once transformed, the marine (who's trying to earn this achievement) must shoot the body (explosives speed this up to) to kill it. Remember the head is nearly invincible and your friend shouldn't damage you for this achievement.
    Towards the end of mission 9 (Hope in Hadley's) there is a fight with a crusher if you'd like to attempt this in campaign. Once it appears, find high ground (hill, slope, crate) to avoid damage from it. Kill using your explosives and shooting the body. You must get the kill for this to count. Use restart checkpoint to your advantage if you're damaged by it or don't get the kill. Remember the head is invulnerable. This is easier in co-op to have someone distract it. The AI can still steal your kill, so be aware.

    Be sure to listen to the explanation while watching the video from azGRIMES:

  • Survive a Close Encounter with a Facehugger


    When a facehugger (the tiny spider looking things) attempts to.. umm.. hug your face, you will be prompted to press  rapidly until you've freed yourself from its grasp. Once you've done this, feel free to shoot it because the achievement will pop. I unlocked this in mission 2 rather early on recruit.

  • Rescue a teammate from a Close Encounter


    This can be done in a co-op mission or in multiplayer. In co-op, you can easily have this by the middle of the second mission. The first mission, an alien can attack your partner and start a grab animation (where they're about to use their second mouth to bite them). Shoot the alien point blank with the shotgun for the achievement. In the 2nd mission, you can shoot a facehugger while your friend is pressing  from a close encounter for the cheevo as well. In multiplayer, when a teammate is pinned by a lurker, shoot or melee it before they're killed for the achievement.


Secret achievements

  • Find the Easter Egg


    Early in mission 2, keep an eye on the walls to find a keypad. After pressing  to enter a code, it will unlock a door you recently passed that was locked (it didn't even have a solid red light). Once you enter this room, the achievement will unlock.

    Video Guide by PowerPyx:

DLC: Statis Interrupted

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Complete Stasis Interrupted on any difficulty


    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Stasis Interrupted on Ultimate Badass


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    It’s not too different from the main game’s difficulty. It’s easier in co-op like the main campaign. The final section of the DLC is the hardest part. Make sure everyone stays together because it is very easy to get swarmed.

  • Find All Stasis Interrupted Audio Logs


    There are 10 audio logs spread through the DLC’s 4 levels.

    Level 1
    - After hiding in the locker, it’s in the vent you use to flank the turret
    - A while after the first audio log, It’s found on the counter in a lab before going into the room where you unlock “I Only Need To Know One Thing”

    Level 2
    -After Hicks uses a computer at the start of the level, a door opens on your right. The audio log is on a desk at the top of the stairs.
    -On the left in the locker room. Shortly after passing through the library.

    Level 3
    -After leaving the caves, you will end up running through a broken fence. You will will see a building in front of you with enemies running out of it.
    -After the last audio log, you will be on a path that forks. Take the right path that goes up and it's right in front of you on top of a box.

    Level 4
    -On the left side of the room at the start on the floor.
    -After going through the part of the cave that is lit up orange. It's on top of a box. Hard to miss.
    -In the first gas room. It's up the stairs on the counter.
    -In the second gas room. Also upstairs.

  • Find your family


    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Destroy the Legato


    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Sever the umbilical without missing a shot


    About 3/4 of the way through the 2nd level, you will take control of a gun and be told to shoot the umbilical holding the two ships together. Hold until the gun is charged and release it over the red X. Do this a total of 4 times without missing for the achievement. It's pretty hard to mess this up.

  • Kill all the Lurkers in Sulaco engineering


    At the end of the 2nd level, your objective will be to refuel the skiff. While doing this part, there will be between 3-5 lurkers that run in and out of the vents depending on the difficulty you are playing on. Just stay in the area and kill them until the achievement unlocks.

  • Escape the FTL ship


    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Survive the Queen escape


    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Destroy all samples in the labs of the Queen module


    The wording of this achievement can be confusing. This is done during the fourth level. You do not have to destroy any eggs or anything else in the first half of the level. The opportunity to unlock this achievement happens in the rooms full of gas. When you enter the rooms, look for test tubes holding eggs, chest busters, and face huggers. They will be on pillars standing level with your face and easy to spot, or will be hanging from the ceiling above operating tables. There are a few eggs in glass chambers that require you to hit a button to destroy them with fire as well. Just make sure to clear each room out before leaving it.

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