Not Bad for A Human Achievement

  • Not Bad for A Human



    Get all the Aliens vs Predator achievements


    This achievement unlocks after all other achievements in the game have unlocked.

  • hmmmmmmm?????
  • how ???
  • ok i dont understand this one. do u have to get every achievement before this one unlocks? or unlock all offline achievements for it to unlock. they didnt really explain this one too well...:/
  • This is just the same as a platinum trophy for the PS3. You have to get every other achievement in the game to be awarded this one. It's just lazy and stupid because they did not want to make two different lists for the the two console versions. More and more game do that and it just sucks!
  • Is this game any good?. Was wondering whether to buy it or not
  • this game fu4king sux helium
  • this game really was a major letdown!my little brother purchased it and i was hoping it would be good, turned out to be fucking rubbish!!
  • If anyone still plays this, I'm willing to help with the online achievements. GT: Falloutkid22
  • I'd be happy for the help, I really do like this game but i'm quite useless at online multiplayer achievements XD hah. GT: RayfeLosstarot
  • anyone need help, msg me
  • I haven't started this yet but i plan to try and 100% it so i am down for boosting any time, add me, gamertag is pseudoidol
  • whoever says this game sucks evidently has no taste in games or just sucks at it. It's one of the few games that actuallt took skill online. I guess you have to appreciate the films to enjoy online?
  • @12 actually this game doesn't require muxh skill. If i remember correctly in the MP demo for this game when you are a marine all you need to do is spray and pray and you could win that way. But the game is fun
  • this is so crap i hate this god damme archievement lol
  • yup
  • Trying so hard to get
  • if you want some help for online to i will help i need them aswell im decent at the game just message me on xbox Gamertag: Boomshark750
  • an achievement for getting achievements? hmm....
  • The achievements suck but your experience on the game depends on the campaign in my opinion. I hated the predator campaign, the marine one was okay but I really enjoyed the alien one.
  • Logic takes a bit of a slide with this achievement.
  • Crazy hard.
  • how?
  • HOW!!!?
  • HOW!!!?
  • rrrrrrrright
  • uummm ok
  • alien campaign was the best one!!!
  • I know this thread is dying down a bit, but if there is anybody out their that still wants to play this game for fun or for achievements. Let me know. I'll be more than happy to help. My gamertag is as my name, DevilDogCotaM79.
  • hey down for all online ones: kraftkenny
  • I like this game
  • This game just became backwards compatible, need XP for the last achievement. Add me if you wanna play this together.

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