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    Defeat the Praetorian

    This is the boss of the Research Lab. Kill the normal aliens first with the scope rifle and have a shotgun ready. As soon as the aliens are dead, the Praetorian will attack you with primarily charge attacks. Go in close and shoot two shots at once with to stun it and deal lots of damage. Aim for the body instead of the head. The pulse rifle is quite good too, but you need lots of ammo. The attacks can and should be blocked as two hits will kill you.

  • For anyone who has as much trouble as me doing this one on Nightmare, read this :). When the cut-scene ends with the praetorian bursting through the window, get fairly close to it with the pulse rifle equipped and blow a grenade at its feet. It will fall to the floor. While the ptaetorian is on the floor, run past it and across the path to where the elevator is (The elevator you use for the next level), If you have a spare second quickly grab the grenades next to it. Ignore all the other aliens while running to the elevator. When your on it, the aliens will IGNORE you. The praetorian wont, it will stay in the area where you downed it with a grenade and continuously spit acid at you so watch out. You can take it out from there with the Pulse rifle anr/or sniper if you have it. When it's
  • @#1: Yea, that trick works every time :P. Btw, you didn't finish your last sentance. P.S. High-five if you still play this game by June 2012 XD
  • I basically followed the same strategy to the first poster mentioned, but after the cutscene I turned around quickly and jumped onto the ledge directly to the right of the you stairs you walked down. You can get to the elevator before having to fire a shot (well, no shots after the cutscene)
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