Grunt Hunt Achievement

  • Grunt Hunt



    Wipe out all of the Marines in the Colony

    This achievement is missable. You have to kill every single marine you see in the mission Colony or you have to restart the mission to get the achievement.

  • On the second level of the Alien Campaign, Colony, there will be a bunch of Marines that will try and kill you. You have to make sure this doesn't happen. Instead, you will have to kill them all. This achievement can be unlocked on any difficulty, so doing this on Easy will still get unlock it. The marines aren't too difficult if you know how to deal with them. Use your pheromones to your advantage. Watch groups of marines and be sure to see when they separate from each other. You will have to attack them one-by-one to ensure your survival. Also, be sure to press Y to hiss. This will lure Marines to your direction. This is a great way to separate one person from a group. (hybridpk -
  • Great guide but you confused me on the Alien missable achievement because it stated REFINERY instead of COLONY

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