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  • I LOVE the Corps!



    Complete Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

    General Information for Nightmare as Marine/Prey
    Welcome to hell private. This campaign is by far the hardest to beat on nightmare. Aliens are more durable as on Hard and the final mission is suicide. You have to fight: 30-50 Aliens, 2 Praetorians, 8 Androids with cloaking device and shotguns, which can kill you with a single hit if you are at least 5m away and the infamous new Bishop with a shotgun. He takes 16 Shotgun hits if you are up close on Hard, so I presume he takes as much on nightmare and finally the cutscene where you have to aim fast to kill him.

    Some tips I can give for survival are: Choose your weapons wisely. Scoped Rifle can kill an alien with 1-3 well placed shots, shotgun can knock them back if they are too close. Flamethrower is working awkward and Pulse Rifle is to weak against several aliens at once. Another big problem which will be really frustrating: An unintended head shot to aliens if they are right in front of you is instant death.

    Once you encounter Androids be careful. They kill you quite fast and take 5 shots from the Scoped Rifle. So try to destroy a leg with two hits to immobilize them. A headshot helps as it weakens their accuracy. If you stand still they can't target you with the Motion Tracker.

    To kill the Praetorian in the Research Lab use the Frag Grenades from the Pulse Rifle and the alternate fire from the Shotgun to bring it down.

    A good to perfect knowledge of the level is necessary as well as some real good skill.

  • This is soo hard!!
  • I know iv tried multiple times and failed
  • ive had this game for so long and i keep coming back to attempt marine on nightmare and fail everytime...idek if im willing to devote that much time for 30gs -___- ahah
  • haha this was the most difficult of the three campaigns by far predator was so easy though. last one i got for the 1k, was stuck on the praetorian boss for a while, last level was simpler -.-
  • I'm not even going to attempt this massacre. Hard was difficult enough for me
  • I've beaten this campaign!! It took me a while especially the LAST BATTLE and the chieve didn't UNLOCK!!
  • Ive done Nightmare difficulty on both Aliens & Predator mode but on Marine Campaign it's just insanely beyond hard. The second level (Refinery) is just far too long, aliens everwhere, very little decent weapon ammo, no health stims anywhere and killing aliens up-close usualy means certain death on yourself because of their acid blood.
  • This has to be the hardest achievement ive ever tried to get, not even gonna bother with this
  • anyone else find this game extremely difficult?!?!
  • I actually didn't have as much trouble with this as I thought, but I played through on hard twice to practice. A litle less then half the times I died were because of alien acid damage.
  • Just gonna skip this one I guess...
  • This was one of the hardest achievement's I've ever got, yet most rewarding. It does require a mixture of patience, trial and error, skill and to some extent luck. Pyramid is by far the worst level...
  • Yes This Achievement Is So Hard
  • Ya, No. Too many games to play to waste time on nonsense like this.

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