Harsh Language Achievement

  • Harsh Language



    Discover all 67 Audio Diaries


    You can check the progress of your Diaries from the main menu and during the mission if you press . They are usually located on ground level or on tables or crates. Of course they will often be behind something so you have to explore all nooks and corners. Here is a collectible guide.

    - Mission 1 Colony:
    15 Diaries

    - Mission 2 Refinery:
    12 Diaries

    - Mission 3 Jungle
    14 Diaries

    - Mission 4 Ruins
    13 Diaries

    - Mission 5 Research Lab:
    9 Diaries

    - Mission 6 Pyramid:
    4 Diaries

    Here is a video guide for the Diaries.



  • anybody know where i can find all of these?
  • can you save and quit when you have them, or do you need to get to the next checkpoint / end of level?
  • nevermind, you can.
  • If anyone is needing help use this guide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3RKxchDEEA&list=SL&feature=sh_e_sl . Helped me alot
  • Thanks; nice guide; achivement done

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