Fortune and Glory Achievement

  • Fortune and Glory



    Find all 45 Predator trophy belts


    These collectibles are easy to find as you can see their locations. The location of the belts are indicated by a red skull like the achievement picture. Once you collect any collectible it is saved automatically. Here is a collectible guide.

    - Tutorial:
    no Collectibles

    - Mission 1 Jungle:
    10 Collectibles

    - Mission 2 Refinery:
    10 Collectibles

    - Mission 3 Ruins:
    10 Collectibles

    - Mission 4 Research Lab:
    10 Collectibles

    - Mission 5 Pyramid:
    5 Collectibles

    The last one is atop the structure where you set off the bracer to destroy the Pyramid. To avoid the cutscene and to get a chance to collect the Trophy Belt, go left next to the stairs and jump from there to the structure's base and then atop the structure. The achievement unlocks right away.

  • The link for the guide is broken and doesn't lead anywhere (which is weird because it was working just fine a couple of weeks ago...), so does anyone else have a decent guide to follow?
  • I have missed a few. How do you check how many belts you found on each level?
  • are there no guides for this..pretty tough
  • if u miss some, can you replay levels to get them
  • I got all 45 and no achievement....
  • Found a guide. Hope you like to read.

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