I Like to Keep This Handy Achievement

  • I Like to Keep This Handy



    Kill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun


    You will encounter the Alien Matriarch with lots of Facehugger. Kill two of them and you are done with this task.

  • i did it by makeing one alien crawl then hitting another one so it fell on the crawling one then shot both of them
  • Does it have to be the single shell fire or can you use the double barrel alt fire?
  • Is there a particular level that's best to get this on?
  • IMO The Refinery level when you first encounter alien eggs. Two usually hatch at any one time, one facehugger usually approaches you slowly while the other lays back. if you manage to move around abit t get them together, take them both out with a double shotgun blast. Worked for me. (And yes Double shotgun blast does count as one shot).
  • Its way easier killing 2 facehuggers for this achievement

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