Elite Sniper Achievement

  • Elite Sniper



    Kill 10 enemies with head shots from the scoped rifle


    Dismember Aliens by shooting them in the legs to make them crawl and finish them with a headshot.

  • I believe it's the pyramid where tons of aliens come across a long bridge towards you. the bridge is so long and there's so many aliens approaching that you can easily get all 10 headshots right then and there.
  • i totally got more then 10 head shots...but still havent got it...the "possesed soldiers" dont die after you shot there head off...i zoomed in and got over 10...does zoom in not count?...or do they have to be alien headshots?
  • as far as i can tell its alien only, as i too have head shot the droid guys 10 times in a row + but this didnt pop...so am guessing its aliens only.
  • Get used to the way the aliens move there head when they spit acid at you from a distance, since they stand still and only there head moves slightly it was the easiest shots for me.
  • The droids actually DO count towards this achievement it popped for me after I killed one with a headshot but for it to count I shot them twice in the chest (on easy) then the headshot would end up killing them instead of them still walking around with no head

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