Gunslinger Achievement

  • Gunslinger



    Kill 30 enemies with the pistol


    Since you have a pistol right from the start and infinite ammo on the lower difficulties, farm the kills against single aliens.

  • could it be it has to be in one story mode playthrough? 'cause i started reloading the last level as a marine (with all the aliens on the bridge) played it 3 times without dying and without switching to another weapon as my handgun and i still didn't got it..
  • Go for headshots. All through the campaign keep using your pistol when your not fighting hordes of aliens. Or the Predator. Best trying to get this achievement on easy. One shot kills near enough.
  • Legs first, make them crawl, then headshots.
  • If you play on single player survivor you can get this achievement a hell of alot easier than cumulatively killing them in the campaign. Play the C-Block level, they approach you on the ceiling and they usually go down after a few pistol shots as they're more vulnerable. :)

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