Very Tough Hombre Achievement

  • Very Tough Hombre



    Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying in a Ranked Match

    Either use the tactic as for Serial Killer or try to boost it. You need 2 parties consisting of 4 players and start to look for a Domination Match with 8 player limit at the same time. If you get in the same game, you have 60 minutes to finish everything you need.

  • lol
  • yes lol your just going to keep dieing unless we can boost this one our selfs
  • im up for boosting this one and the others ones that go with it...or at least until i trade it in. hit me up ppl.
  • anybody want helping getting this message me and then you can help ME lol
  • I still need this one along with six pack and the uninfected. Send me a friend invite with AvP in the subject if you want to boost.
  • I must be awsome I got this 3 months ago, the catch was the guys sucked really bad.
  • lol to tell u the truth this achievement isnt really that bad, i got it by mistake before i was big with getting achievements, but nowadays its pretty much impossible to play ranked... if anyones willing to play im up for it, we can even boost weapon achievements as well, thanks GT: CRZYSPZ
  • need help with achivements add me M4G1K K1LL3R
  • ive died 5 times in a row on a 9 killstreak!!
  • I'm down for boosting the multiplayer achievements. I haven't played this game since it came out, I need to go back and start playing it again. GT BoatsNHoZze1701
  • If you need a hand boosting, hit me up i need to start playing this.
  • add me as well if you want to boost: Ranger75th911
  • I'm down for boosting the multiplayer achievements GT: F4NTOM4S
  • Add me please.I am down for getting and helping.GT- Devious Darryl
  • Hey out there I am on all day today and night if any one wants to try and nail these let`s do it. Msg my tag direct as I will be on xbox live all the time today. Happy Hunting!
  • any 1 want to boost this send me frend requst Cyber Ghosts
  • would have got this if wouldnt have picked up the darn shotgun.
  • Anyone want to boost, need this and a few other MP achievements. Message me GT: Scobiwan31
  • also insanely hard!
  • Need help doing this, always get like 8 kills as an Alien, then a Marine guns me down grrr!
  • im looking 4 true achievement gamers who want to boost hit me up send a friend request and a message.
  • Im up for getting mp achiv so hit me up wenever, il be up playin this all day
  • Sorry for posting twice, GT: Mr Lazergun. Would also like to get serial killer too
  • Need help with this one gt iscariotorpheus
  • Add me to boost this and other multiplayer achievements I'm writing some recent gamertags down. Hurray
  • Have a session for this tonight around nine eastern please join
  • Im looking for gamers to boost multiplayer with. Im not looking for friends. I just boost achievements only. If you serious hit me up.
  • need a boosting partner please for this game. gamertag chris98956

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