Persecution Complex Achievement

  • Persecution Complex



    Achieve Persecutor status more than once in any Ranked Match

    To become a Persecutor you have to kill one player 5 times in a row without being killed. To boost it use the same tactic as for Very Tough Hombre.

  • Does anyone actually know how Persucutor status works? Do you... - Have to 'suprise kill' enemies? - Have 'x' number of kills streak? - Have to use Grab repeatidly in one streak? As far as I know its just random and happens to me once in a blue moon when I kill an enemy in a stylistic manor.
  • I really need help on this achievement I have been trying since the game came out and have not been able to get it if anyone can help with it I will help with theirs if you have not gotten it my gamertag is THEDARKLOCUST just send me a message
  • kill the same person 5 times then let them kill you and repeat
  • need a boosting partner please for this game. gamertag chris98956

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