Welcome to The Party Achievement

  • Welcome to The Party



    Get 6000 XP in Ranked Matches

    See Real Nasty Habit for more information. Unlocks with Rank 27.

  • i got this during the story, i dont know how but it unlock during the second to last level of the human story.
  • Anybody wanna boost with me hit me up GT: H Scarface H sry but no kids because you kids shouldnt be playin this game.
  • hey i am up for boosting gt keithofse3
  • I unlocked this on campaign too, I was playing through the marine campaign on hard and this popped :S not sure if its a glitch or if its supposed to be there :)
  • Anyone still play this ?
  • i need help boosting the multiplayer achievements im usually online mon thru thurs 9ish EST weekends are sporadic willing to grind for the xp one too add me gamertag: XtremeTIZZY
  • need a boosting partner please for this game. gamertag chris98956
  • im still in need of at least 2 other people to boost 6000xp and the 18000xp achievement.i only have around 900xp so i still have a ways to go. gamertag- chris98956

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