- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 40 (720 )
- Online: 10 (280 )
- Approximate amount of time to 800 /1000 : 30h+/70h+
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 per Species
- Number of missable achievements: 6
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? None

Welcome to a great sequel in the Aliens vs Predator series. You can expect some good action, getting the full 1000 is going to be a piece of work.

Missable Achievements:
Four of the missable achievements are the collectibles covered in the guide. However, there are two story-related achievements that are missable if you don't pay attention. The first is helping van Zandt via killing him before the Alien Larva bursts through his chest and the second is killing all Marines in the 2nd Alien Mission - Refinery. Take note of those two achievements in the guide and make sure you don't miss them.

Step 1: Playthrough on Hard
I recommend starting on Hard if you have some skill in first-person shooters. This way you'll learn how to play the three species and get to know the different levels. You need this knowledge to survive Nightmare difficulty since there are NO checkpoints. You should collect the Diaries/Jelly Containers/Trophy Belts as well as the second collectible for the Alien: Civilians who must be harvested. Check the achievement guide for details on all of these collectibles.

Step 2: Playthrough on Nightmare
This will be quite challenging. If you make a mistake you have to restart the entire mission. Manual saving doesn't work, so this depends solely on your skill. As Predator and Alien take it as slow and safe as possible. Nothing is more frustrating as the last Marine in a level killing you after spending thirty or forty minutes on the level. You basically play a level setup on Hard without checkpoints, so be careful as dieing can happen quite fast. For general information about each campaign please check the guide.

Step 3: Survivor and Ranked Multiplayer
Play survivor with some friends to get several weapon achievements and the survivor related killing achievement. All that is left afterward is playing ranked MP to get enough experience for the achievements.

Step 4: Mop up
If you are still missing some achievements, check the guide again how to unlock them.

It will take some time and skill to get through the campaigns on Nightmare and boosting the exp may be difficult. Good luck.

x360a would like to thank cra for this Road Map

Aliens vs. Predator Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Get all the Aliens vs Predator achievements


    This achievement unlocks after all other achievements in the game have unlocked.

  • Complete all three Campaigns

    Once you've beaten all campaigns, no matter which difficulty, you unlock this.

  • Survive The 'Party' at The Club

    After the reunion with Tequila you have to go to the Club and help another squad. After everything inside is dead, the achievement unlocks.

  • Escape from C-Block

    You have to survive the Alien Horde. If you do survive, you receive this achievement.

  • Help Van Zandt

    This one is missable as you can proceed without shooting him. You find him in a cocoon like the colonists in the second Alien movie during the mission Refinery. Release him from his pain by shooting him in the head.

  • Defeat the Matriarch

    This is the boss of the second mission. Kill all facehuggers before using the lever, then shoot the glowing canisters while fighting off the aliens. Then you have to hold out for two or three minutes until the lever is ready again.

  • After killing the Predator proceed through the mini Hive and rescue her.

  • Get Tequila to surgery

    Fight your way through the Research Lab and put her into the cryo chamber.

  • Defeat the Praetorian

    This is the boss of the Research Lab. Kill the normal aliens first with the scope rifle and have a shotgun ready. As soon as the aliens are dead, the Praetorian will attack you with primarily charge attacks. Go in close and shoot two shots at once with to stun it and deal lots of damage. Aim for the body instead of the head. The pulse rifle is quite good too, but you need lots of ammo. The attacks can and should be blocked as two hits will kill you.

  • Recover Weyland's datapad

    After killing the newest version of Bishop, go up the stairs and take the data pad. Prepare to aim quickly for the head after the cutscene or you are dead.

  • Liberate the Matriarch

    Halfway through your escape you release the Matriach and this achievement unlocks right away.

  • Escape from the Research Lab

    After you and your brothers and sisters killed the marines and research personal, you can exit the lab and unlock this achievement.

  • Wipe out all of the Marines in the Colony

    This achievement is missable. You have to kill every single marine you see in the mission Colony or you have to restart the mission to get the achievement.

  • Solve the riddle of the Ruins

    You get this in Mission 5. You have to go down two vents in the middle of the area. You land on a pressure plate that opens the barriers right and left of you. Quickly run from one side to the other and hit the other two plates to proceed and unlock this.

  • Harvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign

    Some Civilians are tricky to harvest. I won't specify each ones location, only the total per level and the ones who pose a problem to harvest. Each harvest is worth 500 points in the statistic screen. For those who have problems with these description of the civilians you can find another guide for this here.

    Mission 1 Research Lab:
    Once you freed your brothers and sisters you enter some hallways with two floors. You'll notice a civilian on the top level in a closed room. This one CAN'T be harvested and doesn't count towards the achievement.

    Mission 2 Colony, 3 civilians:
    After climbing up the ventilation shaft and exiting the sewers, you will encounter one Marine with motion tracker and a civilian who escapes to the next room. If you force the door open he will shoot himself. Proceed through the hallway and enter the vent above the obstacles and slowly enter the room.

    Mission 3 Refinery, 8 civilians:
    After the first room with Marines, you pry open a door. One civilian will run away and trigger the elevator with two marines in it. There is also another who runs through the second corridor and sometimes kills himself if you are not fast enough.

    Mission 4 Jungle, 4 civilians:
    After you've been ambushed in a closed off room you have to open the gateway to the Hive. On the top level next to the switch is a civilian. If you go near him on ground level he will turn around and use a grenade before you reach him. So after you enter the room, cling to the wall or ceiling, ambush him, and quickly press to harvest him.

    Mission 5, 7 civilians:
    A quick overview to where they are:
    - The first is straight ahead and one level down next to an android.
    - The second is on top of the middle pyramid next to an android, but the civilian might kill himself by falling off the the edge.
    - The third is next to a pressure plate guarded by an android. Kill the android by suprise and DON'T walk on the pressure plate or you might burn the civilian.
    - The fourth is on the opposite site of the first one but alone.
    - The fifth is walking around starting behind the wall of the fourth.
    - The sixth and seventh are inside the closed off pyramid.

  • Create a new species

    In the Arena you have to kill two newbie Predators and then an Elite. After depleting his health with heavy attacks and pouncing, you can harvest him and get this achievement.

  • Find a way through Gateway

    After you open the gateway via leeching the console you get this achievement.

  • Find the Youngbloods in the Jungle

    You will find two Youngbloods during the mission and after initiating the self destruction sequence this is unlocked.

  • Discover the Elite Predator's fate

    Near the end of the mission you will stumble upon his corpse and receive the Disc along with this achievement.

  • Retrieve the ancient mask

    In the Ruins you will find this nice artifact to finally receive the Alien vision.

  • Survive trial by combat

    You have to kill the Praetorian and the Alien minions. The Praetorian can't climb and only two Aliens are summoned at the time. Use the disc and stay out of melee range. If you need to regain some health, jump to the top of the towers and inject a health shard, but don't take too long on it as you might receive an acid shower.

  • Find a way into the Research Lab

    After killing all synthetics, disabling the power to the monorail and decapitating the officer, you get entry to the Research Lab and an achievement.

  • Retrieve the second artifact

    Near the end of the mission you will find the stolen Wrist Bracer after battling several Aliens.

  • Destroy the Abomination

    You have to fight the Predalien and on top of that in a arena that falls apart in midst a pool of lava. Don't attempt fighting it melee. The heavy attack knocks you to the ground and really hurts. Use the thumbstick and aim carefully. In case you need to replenish some health, hop around the platforms to gain some distance and inject yourself. After losing 1/3 and 2/3 health it will break down more and more of the platforms so be cautious where you fight.

  • Complete Marine Campaign on Hard difficulty setting

    Beat all missions on Hard. This unlocks after the final cutscene once you are back in the main menu.

  • Complete Alien Campaign on Hard difficulty setting

    Beat all missions on Hard. This unlocks after the final cutscene once you are back in the main menu.

  • Complete Predator Campaign on Hard difficulty setting


    Beat all missions on Hard. This unlocks after the final cutscene once you are back in the main menu.

  • Complete Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

    General Information for Nightmare as Marine/Prey
    Welcome to hell private. This campaign is by far the hardest to beat on nightmare. Aliens are more durable as on Hard and the final mission is suicide. You have to fight: 30-50 Aliens, 2 Praetorians, 8 Androids with cloaking device and shotguns, which can kill you with a single hit if you are at least 5m away and the infamous new Bishop with a shotgun. He takes 16 Shotgun hits if you are up close on Hard, so I presume he takes as much on nightmare and finally the cutscene where you have to aim fast to kill him.

    Some tips I can give for survival are: Choose your weapons wisely. Scoped Rifle can kill an alien with 1-3 well placed shots, shotgun can knock them back if they are too close. Flamethrower is working awkward and Pulse Rifle is to weak against several aliens at once. Another big problem which will be really frustrating: An unintended head shot to aliens if they are right in front of you is instant death.

    Once you encounter Androids be careful. They kill you quite fast and take 5 shots from the Scoped Rifle. So try to destroy a leg with two hits to immobilize them. A headshot helps as it weakens their accuracy. If you stand still they can't target you with the Motion Tracker.

    To kill the Praetorian in the Research Lab use the Frag Grenades from the Pulse Rifle and the alternate fire from the Shotgun to bring it down.

    A good to perfect knowledge of the level is necessary as well as some real good skill.

  • Complete Alien Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

    General Information for Nightmare as Alien
    If you haven't watched any Alien movie yet, do it quickly. Marines react to sound your claws make on metal surfaces. That's one reason why Aliens move very, very slowly until they are spotted. Target only marines who are separated from their squad mates, so that you have enough time to execute the Stealth kill because even if it is called stealth kill, the sound of the screams attract attention.
    Use the rooms to your advantage, find dark corners to lure Marines with and dispatch them. Escape after a kill, preferably by climbing walls and/or ceiling. Remember that you can jump to any surface if your crosshair becomes highlighted. Pouncing Marines after they are aware of you will often be blocked on Nightmare and Marines may even spot you more often if you walk on the ceilings in the light. To trick marines who have motion trackers, just stand still. Even turning around is dangerous. After a while the marine will follow his routine again, just be patient.

    Level 2 Colony:
    The only challenge here is the last room with 5-6 Marines. Stay on the ceiling and destroy the lights in the middle and the proceed forward and position yourself above the walkway which is in the dark with one light. Destroy it and kill the marine. If you are lucky someone will investigate the mate's death and he could join him. Try to lure them there or separate them any way you see fit.

    Level 3 Refinery:
    You enter a large room. You have one walkway with 2 Marines on it. Next to the one near you on the lower level is a civilian and a marine. Kill the one on the walkway fast, since the part is dark already then jump back to the ceiling. Now kill the one on the lower level or wait until the second on the walkway has finished his investigation. Once the one on the lower level is dead, another one should check his disappearance and becomes the next prey. Now there should only one marine left near the exit. Jump behind him from the ceiling, which makes only little noise at all and kill him.

    Mission 4 Jungle:
    Once you are trapped, destroy the lights. Behind the crates on the right is a gas canister. Hit it and after it explodes you have a new exit in form of a vent. Now get out and kill the marines from behind instead of fighting head on.

    Mission 5 Ruins:
    Killing the synthetics should not pose much of a problem, just be careful to give them some extra hits when they are down on the floor as a immediate grab could be prevented. To kill the Predators, take your time. Never attack any of them if you have taken a bit damage. A successful counter and a grab from them can kill you.

    Once they jump down either pounce them or give them a heavy hit. If you have the chance to perform a grab do it! Of course you can't kill them with it, but they take a good chunk of damage. If you want to pounce them NEVER do it from the front only from behind or you have a high chance of being countered. Good luck with it.

  • Complete Predator Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting

    General Information for Nightmare as Predator

    To be frank, the first two missions are horrible. You don't have Alien Vision, no disc and no Spear and fighting Aliens in close combat can be difficult. Once you get your gear back it will be easier. To fight them in a effective way try to use the jump attack to weaken them. After a successful block you can land two light attacks.

    Preying Marines makes less fun than as Alien, since you are not so quick. To make your life easier look for a good place to retreat to and make use of the plasma caster or lay proximity mines and distract marines to them.

    Don't forget to activate stealth with as it doesn't cost energy. If you are unsure wait awaits you in the mission, replay it on Hard and try to remember as much as possible. Good luck huntin'.

    How to beat the Predalien:

    Check at 3:40+ min how to kill it quite fast without much effort.

  • Discover all 67 Audio Diaries

    You can check the progress of your Diaries from the main menu and during the mission if you press . They are usually located on ground level or on tables or crates. Of course they will often be behind something so you have to explore all nooks and corners. Here is a collectible guide.

    - Mission 1 Colony:
    15 Diaries

    - Mission 2 Refinery:
    12 Diaries

    - Mission 3 Jungle
    14 Diaries

    - Mission 4 Ruins
    13 Diaries

    - Mission 5 Research Lab:
    9 Diaries

    - Mission 6 Pyramid:
    4 Diaries

    Here is a video guide for the Diaries.



  • Destroy all 50 Royal Jelly Containers

    There are 10 Containers per Level. If you are close to one it has a marker around like the ventilation shafts. They can be on ground level or crates as well in vents and higher places in some dark corners. Here is a collectible guide.

  • Find all 45 Predator trophy belts

    These collectibles are easy to find as you can see their locations. The location of the belts are indicated by a red skull like the achievement picture. Once you collect any collectible it is saved automatically. Here is a collectible guide.

    - Tutorial:
    no Collectibles

    - Mission 1 Jungle:
    10 Collectibles

    - Mission 2 Refinery:
    10 Collectibles

    - Mission 3 Ruins:
    10 Collectibles

    - Mission 4 Research Lab:
    10 Collectibles

    - Mission 5 Pyramid:
    5 Collectibles

    The last one is atop the structure where you set off the bracer to destroy the Pyramid. To avoid the cutscene and to get a chance to collect the Trophy Belt, go left next to the stairs and jump from there to the structure's base and then atop the structure. The achievement unlocks right away.

  • As a team, kill 20 enemies in under 60 seconds in a Survivor match.

    Set up a Survivor game with three friends and it should be quite easy to kill 20 Aliens in C Block the beginning of the round.

  • Kill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun


    You will encounter the Alien Matriarch with lots of Facehugger. Kill two of them and you are done with this task.

  • Kill two enemies with one throw of the Battle Disc

    Equip the Battle Disc . Once you throw the disc, it will follow your laser so that you can steer into multiple enemies. Aliens take 1-2 hits until they die, so it's a matter of luck if you can kill two of them with one throw.

  • Kill 5 enemies with one burst from the smartgun


    Once you receive the smart gun, just go straight forward up the stairs and wait until the first aliens climb over the wall. Now pull the trigger and don't release until the clip is empty or the achievement pops.

  • Kill 10 enemies with head shots from the scoped rifle


    Dismember Aliens by shooting them in the legs to make them crawl and finish them with a headshot.

  • Kill 20 enemies with the Combi Stick

    Equip the Combi Stick and throw it at enemies. Synthetics and Marines are the best prey as they stop moving. Hitting Aliens might be quite difficult.

  • Kill 30 enemies with the pistol


    Since you have a pistol right from the start and infinite ammo on the lower difficulties, farm the kills against single aliens.

  • Play and complete your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode

    Just play a Deathmatch game. It has to be free for all and not any Team Deathmatch.

  • Win your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode

    Win a Deathmatch free for all and not a Team Deathmatch.

  • Win 10 Ranked Matches in any Deathmatch mode

    Just win 10 Ranked matches. You can choose between DM, species TDM and mixed species TDM. The easiest tactic is playing with a party consisting of 4 players. Three should play as Alien or Predator and the last one as the other species. If the 3 are good the single player can sneak some kills as most players tend to play with a team of 3 Predators and/or 1-2 Aliens and the Predators usually only hunt the species with the most members.

  • Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying in a Ranked Match

    Either use the tactic as for Serial Killer or try to boost it. You need 2 parties consisting of 4 players and start to look for a Domination Match with 8 player limit at the same time. If you get in the same game, you have 60 minutes to finish everything you need.

  • Achieve Persecutor status more than once in any Ranked Match

    To become a Persecutor you have to kill one player 5 times in a row without being killed. To boost it use the same tactic as for Very Tough Hombre.

  • Play with six friends in a Ranked Match

    Look here for someone willing to do this, if you don't have enough friends. Start a lobby and invite your party and find a game. You need 7 people in the lobby (You + 6 friends).

  • Heal or regenerate 30 blocks of health in Survivor


    Do this in the level Mausoleum as the Aliens come one after another and it is not as crowded as in C Block. You can let the last Alien of the first wave live and hurt you, use a Stim and pick up another until the Achievement unlocks.

  • Finish a Ranked Infestation match as the only remaining prey

    One player is an Alien and once it kills a Marine, the player becomes an Alien, too. So use your weapons wisely and be cautious. The best tactic is looking for a remote place and hoping that the aliens go straight for the pack. If you manage to stay hidden there, until you are the last man standing your chances are getting quite high to survive. Many people quit after they've become the alien.

  • Get 6000 XP in Ranked Matches

    See Real Nasty Habit for more information. Unlocks with Rank 27.

  • Get 18060 XP in Ranked Matches

    You have to play ranked games and reach Rank 43. There is currently no decent strategy how to accumulate XP in a short time.

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