- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 49 (1000 )
- Online: None
- Estimated time for 1000 : 10-12 hours
- Missable Achievements: 4 Fisherman's Foe, Handyman Carnby, Blazing Roots, If you do not replay the end of the game, and you will miss one of the two possible ending achievements.

- Glitched Achievements: None
- Do Cheats Disable Achievements?: No Cheats

First of all go to this website.  This is a complete guide to the game that will make it a breeze.  Now I will layout what achievements you should get in each chapter of the game.

Chapter 1
You should receive 2 achievements in this chapter.  The Blind Man, do not blink during opening sequence and Blackout, complete the Chapter.

Chapter 2
Here you should receive a majority of your inventory combination achievements, shooting an explosive etc. After finding Sara in the elevator you will encounter these Ratz (they look like spider type things). Just unequip everything, switch to First Person, and press when they get close. Once you kick these 10 times achievement unlocked.  The very first humanz you encounter you will need to shoot its fissure on its body. These are the lines that glow. This will take out two achievements. You may knock out a few more inventory achievements for combining items before you get to the next section, but if you are playing through the whole game it should not be a problem.

Once you get into the parking garage, Theophile, you and Sarah will have a chat. Once the cut scene ends you will have a few achievements to knock out. Immediately take out your gun and shoot the car window in front of you and unlock the car door. Bam! achievement unlocked. Next look in the car's visor. I am 99% sure the keys will be there (if they are not then once the floor falls through there will be a car on that level and the keys in the sun visor should be there). Now try to hot wire the car, you will most likely be thrown out of the car by the Humanz, but that it is what you want. Take out your gun and an explosive bottle. Now wait until the 3 Humanz in this area are lined next to each other throw the bottle and shoot it. Bam, two more achievements one for shooting an explosive bottle and one for killing 3 Humanz at once.

Later in the level you will burn a fissure. If you are following the guide just pull out flame bullets at the right time and shoot before it gets you.
Now it is time to go down 59th street only in Cockpit View.  Just make sure when you die you press the button before .

Chapter 3
You will start off the chapter getting your PDA, immediately call everyone on it, this will still count towards your achievement even if they are unavailable.  Now follow the guide until you encounter the Vampirz; burn one to get an achievement. Then in another 2-3 minutes you should get the lighter and spray combination for burning a Humanz as well as long as you follow the guide.
Once you get to the portion with the cocoon, look for the Goldfish in the water shoot it for ten points (and yes it is an annoying little bugger!)  Now burn the cocoon for another 20 points.  Later in the chapter burn the Ratz nest for your final achievement in the chapter.

Chapter 4
Here you should get the following achievements in order if you were following the guide:
The 10 Mile Race, Purification By Fire, and Stuntman

Chapter 5
In this Chapter will get the following if you're following the guide:
Revive and Biggest of Them All.

Chapter 6
In this Chapter you will get the following achievement: Meet Again

Chapter 7
Here is where the fun begins, Burning Roots and Handyman Carnby. Both locations for Handyman Carnby contain roots. The first one in the center of the map near the lake is located lower than the area around it in a parking lot type area. Here is where you will get most of your combinations done as the items are more easily located than the others. Their will be 4 Humanz here, after you blow the door open to get inside, run into the room on the right and take Explosive Plastic bottles, but make sure to save one as you will need it. Go find the glass bottles on the right side of the building and burn the roots, then head over to the left and kill the other two Humanz. Once this is done you will get all but the Blood Pack combination and combining water with empty bottles, and those are both located in the second area in the lower left hand corner of your map.
It is kind of a mansion type building and you will have to also blow open a door to get in. The only enemy you face here is a fissure once you take the elevator up, but he cannot get you while you are in the elevator on the second floor, so make some fire bullets and shoot it. Also in the basement of this area is a knife take it once you get there and use it to fill up an empty bottle with gas once back outside the mansion.

Chapter 8
At the beginning you will discover the secret of Central Park.  Here is where you finish burning all the roots. Also if for some reason you have not killed 100 Humanz go back to Carnby Handyman location #1 and kill those four, exit the door and kill them again, repeat until you are 50 points richer as enemies should respawn once you go from location to location even if you just killed them.
Now complete the game and either shoot Sara or not, then just load up the end of Chapter 8 and done the opposite of what you just did. Congratulations on 1000 !

x360a would like to thank frank9080 for this Road Map

Alone in the Dark Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
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There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.

    Alone in the Dark is set up like a movie. When you press the button, you’ll have the ability to fast-forward or rewind through whatever episode you’re in. To get these achievements, you simply have to play through the episode without using the fast-forward feature to skip ahead to another segment. You can save in the middle of an episode, quit, and reload later without effecting the achievement as long as you don’t fast-forward.

    If you get stuck at any point, you can consult the walkthrough found HERE.
  • Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.

    See Blackout
  • Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.

    See Blackout
  • Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.

    See Blackout
  • Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.

    See Blackout
  • Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.

    See Blackout
  • Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.

    See Blackout
  • Finish the episode without skipping any sequence.

    See Blackout
  • Complete the game.

    All you have to do is play through all eight episodes that make up the game. The achievement will unlock during the final cutscene.
  • Burn half of the roots of evil.

    See Blazing Roots
  • Burn all roots of evil.


    After you get to Central Park at the beginning of Episode 3, you’ll obtain Theophile’s PDA, which includes a GPS function. When you look at the GPS, the Roots of Evil will cause circular areas of the map to look like static. When you get inside the boundaries of the circle, your on-screen radar will begin to jam. When you get really close to a root, the air around you will shimmer and warp like you’re looking through a heat wave. The roots look like twisted tree trunks with red tips. All you have to do is burn them with the spray bottle and lighter combination or by shooting an explosive bottle near them. The roots only appear in Episodes 3, 4, 7, and 8:

    Chapter 3 (3 Roots, 1 Location)
    3-1. Near the end of the chapter, you have to drive a car over a jump to get the ambulance. If you check your GPS, you’ll see the static circle down a path to the right of the road. When you get to it, you’ll find a large house with a burning car outside. Go down the steps by the car to get into the basement. In the basement, you’ll find a Ratz nest and the first Root of Evil.
    3-2. Behind Root 3-1, you find a power box that you can activate to restore power to the elevator. Use the elevator to go up to the top floor. In the first room that you enter, a Fissure will attack you, so be prepared. Go through the door to your right to find the second Root.
    3-3. Leave the room with Root 3-2, go through the room with the elevator, and into the next room to find the third and final root in this chapter.

    Chapter 4 (4 Roots, 3 Locations)
    4-1. After the fight with the Vampirz nest, take a car and drive east towards the flashing waypoint on the GPS. To the left of the road, you’ll see a Lakehouse. Enter it through the front gate and kill the three or four Humanz that you find in the first room. There will be a root directly to the left of the door you came in through.
    4-2. In the same room, further around to the left from the entrance, as root 4-1.
    4-3. Follow the main road back west until it bears right and then left before crossing a bridge. On your left will be an outdoor pavilion. Enter it and go into the large room on your left. The root is sitting in the middle of the room, apparently unguarded.
    4-4. Return to the main road and follow it to the next static circle nearby. There are a bunch of Ratz here, so your best bet is to just run into the rotunda and flame the one root you find there as quickly as possible before dashing back to the car to continue the main mission.

    Chapter 7 (8 Roots, 7 Locations)
    When you climb out of the flying monster and are back in Central Park proper, check your GPS and you’ll see seven different root locations scattered around the eastern half of the park and the Old Castle marked by a waypoint due south of your location. We’ll work our way around the peripheral roots before coming back to the ones closest to the castle.

    7-1. Get in the nearest car and take the main road to the east for the closest root. When you get to the location, you’ll see the root high on a ledge on the left side of the road. There’s a cable hanging down from it with several Ratz climbing up and down. Simply combine an explosive bottle with some double-sided tape to make a sticky bomb and throw it onto one of the Ratz. Quickly equip your gun and shoot the bottle when the Ratz gets to the top of the cable. The explosion will ignite the root.
    7-2. Travel eastward on the main road until you get to the second root. When you get there, it will be on another ledge off to the right of the road. You’ll see a ruined piece of road between the road and the ledge with a burning car on it. When you’re facing the root, there’s a ramp of rock off to the right. Go back down the road to pick up some speed and jump your car off the ramp. If you do it correctly, the car will land on the ruined piece of road and fling the burning car up onto the root.
    7-3. Drive around to the root on the southeast edge of the lake. This one is guarded by several demons, including one of the ones that throw knives. All you have to do is approach it from the east and blow up an exploding glass bottle next to it before hopping back in the car and speeding away. If you’ve been following this guide exactly, you’ll be at 30 Spectral Vision at this point and receiving a message to return to the castle to solve the riddle. Before you do that though, we need to hit four more locations.
    7-4. Drive around the southern side of the lake to get the root location on the southwest corner. The root is in a small building that is guarded by three demons. Defeat them and then use an explosive bottle to blow the door open. Collect some glowsticks from the desk and then climb down the ladder to the next level. Before you climb all the way to the bottom, drop a glowstick or two down the hole to drive away the goo and then climb the rest of the way down. Use your flashlight to move the goo, so you can move down the hall and leap into the next room. The root is on the opposite side of the room, protected by a cage. First, use the control panel to get the long metal tubes moving around and then stop it when one of the tubes is on the far left side of the track. Assemble a sticky Molotov cocktail and throw it onto the tube. Quickly start up the track again, so the tube moves into the cage and then stop it again. The Molotov cocktail should be sitting right above the root when it explodes.
    7-5. Drive north along the road that’s slight recessed into the ground until you get to a parking lot on the left. Near the end of the lot, you’ll find a locked door that you need to blow open with an explosive bottle. Once you’re inside, there will be two doorways in front of you – go through the one on the right. This will spawn two demons. Defeat them and the root will be in the next room, sticking out of the wall on the right.
    7-6. Continue through the room where the demons spawned and you’ll find the next root in a cell on your left.
    7-7. Return to the first room you entered and this time go through the door on the left. Two more demons will spawn. Once you’ve killed them, the root is in the room just past them along with some medical supplies.
    7-8. Return to the main road and then immediately leave to drive north to the root that was just to the west of the ones you just destroyed. You’ll see it out in the open in the middle of a basketball court, surrounded by five or six demons. Just toss a bottle at it, blow it up, and then run away.
    7-9. Finally, the last one in Episode 7 is the one due west of the castle. Its sitting out in the open in the middle of an amphitheater. Just run up, burn it, and run away.

    Chapter 8 (18 Roots, 20 Locations)
    8-1. From the castle, walk due north and you’ll find the first root alone and unguarded in the middle of the walkway.
    8-2. Drive all the way to the northwest corner of the park and you’ll see this root at the top of column. Vampirz guard it, but you can throw an explosive bottle as high as you can and shoot it at the apex of its arc. If you’ve been following this guide, you’ve now destroyed half of all the Roots of Evil.
    8-3. Drive due south to find the next root at the top of small hill, surrounded by a wooden framework. There are several demons guarding it, but you can run up and burn quickly before running back to your car.
    8-4. Drive east along a primary road until you get to the next root that’s close to the road. Ratz guard it, but you can run up the slope and burn it in front of the gazebo without any trouble at all.
    8-5. Follow the primary road until you can take a right and follow that road around a curve until you get to a root on the left side of the road. It is out in the open and unguarded, so burn it however you like.
    8-6. Keeping following the curved road back west and then work your way north until you get to the last Root of Evil in this area. It is unguarded, but out on a platform separated from the rest of the landscape. If you get as close to the chasm edge as possible, you can just get an exploding bottle to the base.
    8-7. Work your way back north to find another root on an elevated island in the middle of an open plain. You need to jump a car off of the earth ramp with the two fires at its base. This will launch you over the gap and onto the elevated island. Once there, you can burn the root however you like.
    8-8. Work your way back to the east to get to the last root west of the second-largest lake. It is at the edge of a parking lot guarded by a knife-throwing demon. Burn it quickly and run away.
    8-9. At the southern edge of the map, due west of the museum, you’ll find this root in the middle of a large pool. Approach from the south and only get as close as necessary to avoid alerting the knife-throwing demon guarding it.
    8-10. Drive east along the main road until you get to the root due north of the museum. It is small and hidden behind some bushes at the base of a large obelisk.
    8-11. Keep going due north of the museum until you get to the root that’s at the northern edge of the large circular pathway on your GPS. It is out in the open, but guarded by several demons, so burn it quickly and get away.
    8-12. Drive further north to get to the root at the very northern edge of the map. It is in the middle of a playground and completely unguarded, so burn it at your leisure.
    8-13. Now drive back west along the main road. You’re looking for a small footpath over the water on your left. When you see it, get out of the car and cross over to a large elevated plateau that dominated the center of the map, west of the Old Castle. Once on it, head left and you’ll find the first root guarded by a couple of demons. Burn it quickly and run away.
    8-14. Run southwest of the last root and you’ll soon find another one, under a small bridge. It appears to be unguarded, but there are demons wandering around, so don’t waste your time.
    8-15. Go west and slightly north to find the third one on this plateau. It is guarded by a single demon.
    8-16. Run northwest to find the next one. There were several demons in between these roots, so be careful.
    8-17. Finally, run to the last one at the western edge of the plateau. It is sitting at the beginning of a ruined bridge. It seemed to be unguarded.
    8-18. Go to the southwestern corner of the largest lake and walk out along the narrow bridge behind the building to get to the root in the middle of the lake. There were four or five demons along the walkway, so be prepared and bring plenty of fire.
    8-19. Follow the main road along the southern edge of the map. On the left side of the road will be a small root hidden in the bushes. There are a few Vampirz flying around, so don’t be too long.
    8-20. Finally, head to the last root due east of the biggest lake. There’s a wall next to the road and the root is tucked between the wall and the side of the chasm.

  • Tape up a bottle.

    The majority of the weapons that you will use throughout the game will be assembled from components that you find strewn about. If you have space in your jacket, you can carry these components until you use them. To access your jacket contents, press and then or to highlight specific items. To combine items, simply press when an item is highlighted, scroll to the item with which you wish to combine it, and press again.

    This combination requires a roll of tape and any bottle that you can find. You’ll be able to find both of these components by Episode 2.
  • Nuke



    Kill 3 Humanz at once.

    There are a number of spots throughout the game where you confront groups of Humanz. I found that the easiest thing to do was find a group in Central Park and run backwards to get them clustered together coming after me and then hit all three with a single explosive bottle shot in midair. Make sure you have some bandages with you because you might have to let them get close enough that you get caught in the blast as well.

    I found the easiest place to get a cluster of Humanz together to be the Lakehouse where you find the first Root of Evil in Episode 4 (See Burning Roots).
  • Kill any Humanz with the 'spray + lighter' combination.

    Once you’ve found a flammable spray – bug spray, medical spray, rust cleaner, etc. – simply equip it by highlighting it and pressing . Equip your lighter at the same time and go into first-person view by pressing . You’ll now be holding the lighter in front of the spray bottle. When you get close to a Humanz, just pull the to fire a spray of flame at them, lighting them on fire and unlocking the achievement.

    You will not receive the lighter until the end of Episode 2, when you get out of the first car in the parking garage and have to blow it up to open a new path.
  • Insert a wick into a bottle with flammable content.

    A Molotov cocktail can be made with any kind of flammable liquid – gasoline and alcohol are the two most common. Once you’ve acquired a bottle, you can use things like bandages or handkerchiefs as wicks. Combine the two and the achievement will unlock.
  • Cocoon



    Burn a cocoon.

    At the end of the second segment of Episode 3, you’ll enter a small cavern in the chasm wall that you’re climbing filled with a shallow pool of water. The cocoon is the fleshy sack hanging from the ceiling directly in front of you. You have to destroy it before you can proceed with the level because it is blocking the exit. You can use the combination of a spray bottle and lighter to set it on fire or throw a bottle of flammable liquid at it and then shoot the bottle in mid-air. If you need supplies, there are a large number of bottles and containers floating in the water below the cocoon.
  • Throw a bottle filled with flammable liquid and shoot it mid-air.

    Simply equip any bottle of flammable liquid along with your gun. Aim your throw by holding down the and then throw the bottle by pulling . As soon you as you throw the bottle, time slows down and your gun automatically tracks it. Just pull again to fire your gun, blowing up the bottle and unlocking the achievement.

    You’ll be required to do this in the second stage of Episode 3 to get out of the public restroom in the park.
  • Take a bottle filled with flammable content or a spray and combine it with an adhesive.

    Take any flammable bottle and wrap it with double-sided tape. These components are very common throughout the game.
  • Make a fire bullet by pouring flammable liquid on it.

    When you obtain your gun and a bottle of flammable liquid, simply combine the two to create fire bullets – very helpful in fighting the monsters throughout the game.
  • Combine a taped bottle filled with flammable content or a spray with a glowstick.

    Just follow the directions in the description to unlock the achievement. The first place that I found glowsticks was in the third segment of Episode 3. Just before the first hallway filled with black goo, you’ll find a low shelf on the right side with several glowsticks.
  • Combine an empty taped bottle with a wick and an emergency flare.

    Combine all of the components to unlock the achievement. I found a flare on the floor of the room with the cocoon, but they seem to appear randomly throughout the game. After you make the useless item, you can separate all of the components, so they don’t go to waste.
  • Make all possible combinations in the inventory.

    I recommend waiting to do this achievement until Episode 7. By that point, you'll basically have free run of the entire park and be able to move around to find the components that you need.

    Here are all the combinations.

    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Flare
    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Glowstick
    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Bullets

    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Flare
    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Glowstick
    Explosive Plastic Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Bullets

    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Flare
    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Glowstick
    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Handkerchief + Bullets

    Spray Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Flare
    Spray Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Glowstick
    Spray Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bullets

    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Flare
    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Glowstick
    Explosive Glass Bottle + Double Sided Tape + Bandages + Bullets

    Bloodpack + Double Sided Tape

    Glowstick + Double Sided Tape

    Flare + Double Sided Tape

    Combine two bottles of liquid together.

    By Episode 7, you'll have a pretty good idea of where to find different things, but three reliable locations are the pump room near the lake in the middle of the map where you encounter the goo in the basement, the large two-story house where you find your first Root of Evil in Episode 4, and the courtyard near the obelisk in the northeast corner of the park. The last location is especially useful for finding blood packets.
  • Finish off a Humanz by shooting fire bullets at it's fissure.

    First, make sure that your gun is loaded with fire bullets (See Fire Bullets for more information). When a Humanz attacks you, you’ll see glowing orange lines in its skin. You need to shoot it directly in one of these lines. Usually there’s one that’s significantly larger and wider than any of the others. You might get lucky and just hit one, but there are a few things you can do to increase your odds.

    You can try knocking them down with a melee object, so they’re not a moving target, before running up with the gun for a closer shot. You can also wait until you’ve burned several Roots of Evil. Burning the roots will give you Spectral Vision. Once you have this, you can close your eyes and see the fissures glowing white, which makes them much easier to hit.
  • Build the most destructive weapon.

    Combine a flammable spray, double-sided tape, and a full box of ammunition.
  • Burn a fissure.

    The fissures are the “living” cracks that will chase you in different parts of the story. The first one that you actually encounter in the game will be in Episode 2. When you get the lighter, you have to blow up the car you just crashed, then go down to the end and light some wood on fire that is blocking your way. When you do that, the fissure comes after you. Run into the corner to the left of the wood you set on fire, and the fissure will chase you, run into the fire in that corner, and die.

    The next one that you can burn is in Episode 3. Near the end of the episode, you have to drive a car over a jump to get the ambulance. If you check your GPS, you’ll see the static circle down a path to the right of the road. When you get to it, you’ll find a large house with a burning car outside. Go down the steps by the car to get into the basement. In the basement, you’ll find a Ratz nest and the first Root of Evil.

    Once you burn the root, look behind it to find a power box that you can activate to restore power to the elevator. Use the elevator to go up to the top floor. In the first room that you enter, a Fissure will attack you, so have your gun equipped and loaded with fire bullets. Just shoot the Fissure and it will ignite, killing it and unlocking the achievement.
  • Beat the Museum Monster.

    This is the half-spider, half-man creature that you have to fight in Episode 5. When the fight starts, get behind a pillar and make some fire bullets while he throws daggers at the pillar. When he’s done with the daggers, step out and shoot the flaming red spots on either shoulder and in the middle of his chest with fire bullets. Once you’ve hit all three, quickly look for the glowing white lines behind the pillar and make sure that you’re standing between them because he’s about to fling out a massive energy burst. He’ll then rip the pillar out of the ground, so you need to run to another one.

    To finish the fight, you simply need get four direct hits with exploding bottles. Hide behind a pillar while he throws daggers and then throw the bottle during a pause in the barrage. Shoot the bottle when its right on top of him and you’ll need to duck between the white lines again. Repeat this four total times and you’ll finish him. If you need more ammunition or exploding bottles, there are stashes scattered around the room, primarily in the corners. The achievement will unlock during the cutscene after the fight.
  • Goal!



    Kick 10 Ratz.

    Right after you get out of the elevator and enter the building lobby in Episode 2, you’ll face off against three Ratz. These are the small, gray monsters that look a little bit like spiders. Make sure that your hands are empty and then switch to first-person view by pressing . Then, just run up to the Ratz and pull to kick them. Kicking doesn’t hurt them, so you can keep kicking the three in the lobby until the achievement unlocks. If you miss your chance here, don't worry -- there are dozens of opportunities to get this achievement throughout the rest of the game.
  • Burn a Ratz nest.

    In Episode 3, not long after you burn the cocoon, you’ll trigger a cutscene. Shortly thereafter, you’ll come across a room in the sewers with a Ratz nest on a platform. Ignore the Ratz, they spawn continuously until the nest is destroyed, and use an exploding bottle or lighter/spray combination to ignite the nest before finishing off the remaining Ratz in the room.
  • Burn one of the Vampirz.

    In Episode 4, you’ll have to drive a car while being attacked by small flying monsters called Vampirz. You can get this achievement by burning one in whatever manner you want. I personally drove the car through a fire on the road while several Vampirz were attached to it. Once of them caught fire and the achievement unlocked.
  • Shoot a goldfish.

    In Episode 3, you’ll have to climb up the trench wall from the public restroom to the sewers. At the entrance of the sewer, you’ll see a cocoon suspended above a shallow pool of water. Look in the pool and you’ll see the goldfish swimming back and forth. Simply shoot it to unlock the achievement.
  • Call all contacts in your address book.

    At the start of Episode 3, you get a PDA. Go to the contacts list and call all four people on it. You may get a message for each one saying that the call could not be completed. When you’ve called all of them, the achievement should unlock.
  • Wired



    Hotwire a car.

    Near the end of Episode 2, you’ll enter the parking garage and have to steal a car. Break the window of the only working car in the area and look to the right of the car to initiate the hotwiring mini-game. If the key happens to be in the sun visor, you can just reload the segment and break into the car again. Eventually, it won’t be there and you’ll have to hotwire. During the mini-game, use the thumbsticks to move the wires close together. Once the current starts, pull the when the cursor is in the green zone and the car will start.
  • Unlock a car door after breaking the window.

    Near the end of Episode 2, you’ll enter the parking garage and have to steal a car. Break the window of the only working car in the area and start the car by taking the key out of the sun visor or hotwiring the car.
  • Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel.

    There are cars scattered throughout Central Park and you’ll find empty bottles in a number of trashcans. All you need is a bottle that isn’t full, a knife or screwdriver, and a car. I found my knife in the kitchen area in the Museum. With the knife or screwdriver equipped, walk to the back, left side of the car and you’ll have the option to stab the fuel tank by pressing . Do so, and gasoline will begin flowing out. Equip the bottle and you’ll have another action available by pressing that will allow you to fill the bottle with gas.
  • Find a car key in the sun visor.

    Near the end of Episode 2, you’ll enter the parking garage and have to steal a car. Break the window of the only working car in the area and look up to see if the key is in the visor. If it isn’t, reload the segment and look again.
  • Drive at least 10 miles with a vehicle.

    There is actually quite a bit of driving in this game, so you don’t need to go out of your way to work on this achievement. I had to do the first driving section (59th Street) several times before I beat it and I unlocked the achievement there. If you somehow manage to get to the end of the game without unlocking this achievement, just take a car and drive laps around Central Park until you get it. Just make sure you do it before the end of the first segment of Episode 8. After that point, you won’t have another opportunity to drive.
  • Kill 100 Humanz.

    You will likely unlock this achievement in the course of playing the game, especially if you burn all the Roots of Evil. If you finish the game without unlocking it, you can simply load up any Episode that you want – I used Episode 8 – and drive around burning Humanz until you get it.
  • Bandage 5 deep bleeding wounds.

    When you take catastrophic amounts of damage, a countdown will pop up at the bottom of your screen along with an animation that looks like a heartbeat monitor. If you don’t bandage the wound before the countdown reaches zero, you will die.

    To bandage a wound, you need to have bandages in your inventory. Just push or and your view will immediately go to the wound and bandages, if available, will automatically be equipped. Just pull the to bandage the wound. Repeat five times for this achievement.

Secret achievements

  • Drive all the way down 59th street in Cockpit view.

    The 59th Street sequence begins after you exit the parking garage in Episode 2. Switch to Cockpit view by pressing and then complete the level. You will likely die several times as you memorize the route, so after the section reloads just make sure to switch your view back to first-person before you start driving again.

    The part where most people seem to have trouble is the final jump over the chasm into Central Park. The trick is to turn right at the top of the stairs you drive up before taking the jump. You don't want to drive straight out the window at the top of the stairs. If you get confused about how to pass a particular area, check out the video below.

    YouTube - Alone in the Dark - Episode 2 Chapter 5...
  • Finish the wake up sequence without blinking.

    In the very first segment of the game, you’ll wake up in a strange room and your vision will be blurry. The game will instruct you to clear your vision by clicking the . Ignore these instructions and proceed through the segment. It is very short and you’re given exact instructions when you do have to walk. The sequence will end with a cutscene, your vision will clear on its own, and the achievement will unlock.
  • Meet Theophile in room 943.

    At the start of Episode 6, you and Sarah will enter room 943. After looking around for a minute, the room will go crazy and all the lights will go out. You need to close your eyes to see the ghost pointing at a piece of paper on the wall. Look at the paper with your flashlight and then close your eyes again to see the ghost pointing at something else. Continue this pattern to spell out a message from Theophile. This triggers another cutscene where you speak to Theophile’s ghost, unlocking the achievement.
  • Revive



    Revive Sarah.

    At the very beginning of Episode 5, you’ll find Sarah encased in a strange cocoon-like fleshy mass. Grab the axe in front of you and swing it at the bottom of the fleshy mass to free her. You’ll need to revive her by performing CPR. First you’ll see a heart monitor on the bottom of the screen and you’ll have to press both and when the pulse is in the middle of the line. Do this eight consecutive times and then you’ll have to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by pulling . Repeat this sequence of CPR and mouth-to-mouth one more time and she’ll regain consciousness.
  • Jump across the gap using the tow truck.

    At the end of Episode 4, you’ll need to jump a chasm to get to the Museum. Do this by driving the nearby tow truck to the edge of the gap and then get out. Press the switch on the driver’s side of the truck bed to raise the ramp and then shoot the two locks off the back of the truck to lower the last section. This triggers a cutscene showing a swarm of Vampirz coming to attack. Run back to your car, ignoring Sarah’s cries for help. This will trigger another cutscene showing her being taken away and Edward promising to come find her.

    Get in your car, get up some decent speed, and then use the tow truck bed as a jumping ramp to fly across the chasm. The achievement will unlock when you land on the other side. If you don’t make the jump, don’t worry. Your game reloads after the last cutscene, so you can climb back in the car and try again.
  • Destroy the Vampirz' nest.

    In Episode 4, your car will be picked up by a swarm of Vampirz and dropped in courtyard in front of a giant fleshy nest. All you have to do to destroy it is hit it with four explosive bottles. There are lots of bottles of flammable liquid scattered around the courtyard, so just grab them, throw them at the body of the nest, and shoot them with the gun when they get close. Move quickly to avoid the swarming Vampirz. After four direct hits, the nest will be destroyed and the achievement will unlock.
  • Stop your wound from bleeding.

    See Bloody Mary
  • Burn a root of evil.

    See Blazing Roots
  • Kill Sarah.

    Once you and Hermes combine the two pieces of the stone, the portal will begin glowing and Hermes will yell at you to take up the stone. Grab it and then Sarah will snatch the stone away from you. Hermes will yell at you for a moment and then you have a second or two to shoot Sarah with your gun. When you shoot her, you’ll trigger the final cutscene and unlock the achievement.
  • Don't Kill Sarah.

    After you’ve unlocked the Path of Darkness achievement, reload the final sequence of the game and replay it. This time when Sarah grabs the stone, stand aside, don’t kill her, and let the final cutscene happen.
  • Discover the secret of Central Park.

    This achievement is story-related and happens in the first sequence of Episode 8. You’ll have to destroy enough Roots of Evil to get fifty Spectral Vision. Once you’ve done that, head towards the waypoint at the eastern end of the map. There’s a force field around the building that you can only see when your eyes are closed. To bring down the force field, you have to throw a Molotov cocktail over it to burn down the huge tree that powers the barrier. There are handkerchiefs and several bottles of flammable liquid down the path, so you have some items to use.

    Once the tree is burned, go through the door that it was blocking and look for the symbol on the right. Light it up to open up a hole in the floor. Shoot the ring at the top of the pole in the middle of the room to get a rope that you can use to climb down the hole. At the end of the rope, jump to the ledge on the left and shimmy around it to drop down on another ledge. Grab this rope, climb to the bottom, walk to the end of the hallway and you’ll trigger a cutscene and unlock the achievement.

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