Operation True Heirs Achievement

  • Operation True Heirs



    Complete Operation True Heirs.

    These achievements will unlock upon finishing all of the missions in a single location, which will happen as you naturally progress through the game. This achievement will unlock upon finish all of the missions in Taipei, which ends with a boss fight against Omen Deng.

    Omen Deng is a very fast boss, as he will always to rush at you, leaving you with very little room to breathe. His attack pattern is very simple, as he will start off moving cautiously until he sees you. Once he does, he will sprint towards you, and try to damage you with his shotgun. His aim is marked by the laser on his gun, so try your best to avoid it. After he takes a few shots, he will then sprint towards you yet again, this time, closing the distance so that he can try to attack you with CQC. Not only his Deng's attacks fast, they also pack a lot of power, so if he starts to combo you, do whatever you can to run away. After he's done attacking, he will run away, only to cloak himself, usually going back to the other side of the area before reappearing.

    After inflicting a certain amount of damage to him, several CSP agents will come up from the nearby elevators to join fray. By themselves, they aren't hard, but with Deng rushing you, a lot of damage can be done to you very quickly. Ignore damaging Deng until you take care of his reinforcements, otherwise you won't stand a chance. Also, on each side of the hallway, close to each elevator doors are areas with infinite ammo for whatever weapon you have. Whenever you're running low on ammo, do not neglect to grab ammo from these spots.

    Following the usual Chain Shot strategy here will work wonders against Deng, just be very careful. It doesn't take much for him to do a lot damage to you.

  • poopy pants
  • Is This game any good?
  • its an rpg
  • The game is good, you just need to adjust for some stupid programming in the AI. For example, if you alert the guards, they know where you are exactly. However, there are ways around this, making it an enjoyable game.
  • It is a good game, lots of talking though. It is definately similar in ways to the superior Mass Effect. Pick it up for £10-£15. No more.
  • This fight is actually VERY hard. I did it on the lowest difficulty and I died twice. I was a soldier on top of that.
  • I like the game. It's fun to be able to choose whether you're good or evil.
  • I agree with conroyjm
  • I like it its a new twist on a fps style games
  • a little hard
  • good game 4 its time just a lot of bugs but still a good game with high replay vaule but i am not some1 who plays a game twice through
  • It's fairly simple on easy difficulty

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