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    Let your gun do the talking.

    This is a very complex achievement, and there doesn't seem to be a set of goals that you have to accomplish confirmed as of yet. However, one of the biggest things you have to do is make sure that you execute every semi-important character you can in the game. While it is unknown who needs to be killed for the achievement, here is a list of everyone who can be killed. Killing everyone is one way of guaranteeing this achievement.

    Some people also say you can't meet up with Scarlet before the final mission if you want the achievement. To be safe, don't visit her.

    Saudi Arabia:

    Omar Nasiri

    Ali Shaheed: Can also be done right before the end of the game, assuming you don't kill him here.



    Albatross/SIE: Depends on who you choose as your handler for the mission "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy. Must choose them over the data in the following mission, "Assault Brayko's Mansion". When you finally meet them, you can then kill him/her.

    Konstantin Brayko

    Championchik: Will encounter if you choose to kill Surkov in the mission "Prevent Surkov's Escape".

    Surkov: See Price For Lying for more info.


    Jibril Al-Bara: When given the choice between killing or spare him, use your sniper rifle to take him out.

    Gelato Shopkeeper: As soon as you start talking, just execute right away.

    Conrad Marburg: You must use Suave responses with him the whole way through Rome, see Youth Trumps Experience for more info.


    Omen Deng


    Alan Parker

    Mina Tang: Make sure she does NOT like you. If she hates you, she will refuse your help at the end of the game. Stick with Professional responses, and when you're finally given the option, leave her behind.

    Yancy Westridge: Encountered in every ending other than Crime Buster. After being fought, execute him.

    Scarlet Lake: Make sure she does NOT like you. The more she hates you the better. Don't kill Leland off right away after defeating him or Westridge, and she will come by. Steven Heck MUST be your handler for this mission in order to kill her. When you are finally given the chance, give Heck the cue to kill her. If she really doesn't like you, Heck will kill her automatically.

    Henry Leland: After Scarlet is killed, execute Leland.

    Some users have posted their methods for getting this achievement, which can be found HERE, and HERE. Be warned, both links contain extensive spoilers from the game.

  • Note on Conrad Marburg: Using just suave responses is NOT ENOUGH to be able to kill him at the end of the museum. I had him at animosity and no matter what I did during the fight with him, he always took off rather than sticking around for me to kill him. Apparently, from what I've read elsewhere, you need to have a certain amount of intel about him (dossier) I think in the 80% area. I only had about 50%, so while going through the missions in Rome be really thorough with collecting data. Don't forget that not all items that can be interacted with have one of those little icons over them. Also, I read that you can apparently get another chance to kill him at the end of the game. Haven't been able to confirm this myself.
  • It's true. You have to get Madison to reveal that Alan Parker is her father, then reveal it to Parker when you contact him that Marburg killed or tried Madison. Then after Marburg kills Parker, then you fight him. The JJ & E achievement will not unlock if you kill him here. I was able to do it once
  • Finally got this achievement following following my own path, putting an end to Alpha Alpha Protocol and Halbech w/high reps from Mina and Scarlet. I just saved Shaheed for last and killed him after I betrayed my country. Sung died and I killed Marburg in the Museum. I've done this with 66% and 83% dossier.
  • [Many people have found different ways to get this but this is what worked for me] THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS and I recommend that you do not go for this achievement on your first run. I would suggest knowing the story and doing this as a "veteran" because the extra points will help with the extra fighting you have to do. I've played through the game 6 times now, and tried to get this on 3 of those runs. I will tell you what works (for me) and then what will NOT work. So what works: An important note before starting is that you need to make Mina AND Scarlet hate you as much as possible. You can even romance Madison and have a great reputation with SIE if you'd like, but Mina needs to be into "hatred" or possibly just "animosity" and Scarlet very deep in "dislike." On the other ha
  • On the other hand you must get Steven Heck to like you as much as possible and choose him as your handler for the last mission. Saudi Arabia // Execute Nasiri and Shaheed. Rome // (Note: I did Rome next to focus on Conrad Marburg because you MUST kill him at the museum of art [I also suggest making an extra save before you encounter Marburg to resort to if you miss a dossier]) Kill Al-Bara with the sniper rifle. Execute the Gelato shop-keep. Since the moment you sit down with Marburg ALWAYS use the suave (X button) response and continue with this every time you speak with him. You must have purchased/collected a good amount of info on him before the final battle with him as well. There is information to be purchased on the black market as well as hidden in his villa and in the museum.
  • When you are in the museum choose the East wing (the one with the bombs) and toward the end of your fight with Marburg you will have a conversation with him. If you continue to taunt him and he stays to fight then kill him. If he flees then you have made a mistake and need to revert to an earlier save to try again. Moscow // Execute Sis after you fight her. Choose Albatross as the handler for the Surkov mission then kill him when you find him in the Brayko mission. Kill Brayko AFTER questioning him about his contact, and he tells you about Surkov. When you catch up to Surkov refuse his offer and you will fight Championchik. Kill Championchik and when you finish the level execute Surkov. Taipei // Just kill Omen Deng, and choose the riots over the assassination data so that the pres
  • Taipei // Just kill Omen Deng, and choose the riots over the assassination data so that the president Ronald Sung dies. Graybox // Choose Steven Heck as your handler. When the conversation with Leland starts immediately choose the option to punch him (This just saves you from long conversations). As you progress through the level you will be informed that Mina is captured. You must take the door to the left and find her. Once you do there is an option to leave her. You should choose to leave her, and her captors will kill her. Eventually you will find Parker. He is very easy to beat and often dies with one good shotgun blast. You are forced into a fight with Darcy, in which I suggest using the sniper rifle in the tower to the left to take him out quickly. Finally you'll face Leland. O
  • Finally you'll face Leland. Once you defeat him you will have a conversation with him and have the option to execute him. DO NOT EXECUTE HIM. You will continue to talk until Scarlet shows up. Steven will show up to kill her and you will again be given the option to execute Leland. With Scarlet dead you are ready to execute him and your achievement should pop just as quickly as Lelands face does.
  • What does NOT work: // Letting Conrad Marburg escape at the Museum ruins this completely (Caused by not taunting or having enough dossier information collected, OR by choosing to try and save Madison instead of choosing the bombs). Even if you get Marburg and Parker to battle it out and Marburg dies in the final stage you will not get this. // If you choose to accept Leland and join Halbech you are given the choice to execute Mina instead of leaving her AND you get to fight Yancy Westridge before you are given the chance to execute Leland. This WILL NOT get you the achievement even though you are killing the same number of people. // You can substitute SIE for Albatross in the mission to rescue Surkov if you'd like to, but once you kill Sis Albatross doesn't like you very much; On the c
  • On the contrary if you did Rome before Moscow and killed Marburg SIE will really like you, so I suggest choosing Albatross so you can kill him. (All this is in chunks because I can't seem to post in the forums and I wish I had this information when I was trying to get this achievement, so I hope this benefits someone!)
  • I get it WITHOUT killing Marburg, he escaped at the museum people for the achievement are Nasri Shaheed Brayko Sis Surkov SIE bzw. Albatross Mina Scarlet Ronald Sung Omen Deng Henry Leland bzw. Westridge Parker
  • Also confirmed- meeting with Scarlet will make her not show up for the final scene.

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