Ready For Anything Achievement

  • Ready For Anything



    Acquire the vast majority of Intel available in the game.


    This achievement is very confusing, as this does NOT pertain to obtaining dossier information. Instead, this achievement is for buying nearly all of the Intel in the game through the Clearinghouse. From the very beginning of the game, make sure that you always buy all of the Intel right away whenever you get a new mission.

    Certain decisions in the game lead to more Intel being available depending on how you handled certain situations, or depending on the order in which you go through the game. Certain things, like arresting Nasiri, befriending Steven Heck before fighting Brayko, befriending SIE or Albatross before the Embassy mission, gaining the respect of Steven Heck, Hong Shi, and Albatross during the Taipei missions, and even more will give you more intel per mission.

    You'll know you're getting close to this achievement if you unlock the perk "Be Prepared".

  • An achievement for wasting your money, yeah real nice
  • @#1 Dead Space: Ignition?
  • Just FYI: i followed the roadmap and guide for the first walktrhough and bought every intel, got the Be Prepared perk (very close to Endgame), but didn't get the achievement. I guess i was short only 1 or 2 intel. (this was on my Judge,Jury,Executioner run with No time for Romance)
  • This is best done on a play through where you are being nice to everyone, and sparing the lives of everyone you can. The more friends you have the more intel becomes available to purchase. Buying everything I could between each mission, after I completed Rome and Moscow I received the "Be Prepared" perk at the beginning of Taipei and unlocked this achievement right before the mission - Stop Omen Deng At Memorial Rally. I had tried this achievement on a run where I was more focused on Executing everyone and even buying every piece of intel available it was impossible to get.

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