Data Theft Achievement

  • Data Theft



    Hack 10 computers.

    Similar to the achievement Breaking and Entering, hacking computers also entails a simple mini-game. For this, it will bring up a grid full of numbers and letters constantly changing. You are given two passwords, which you must successfully align with the matching password down below in the box. You can move the left code string around with the , and the right code string with the . When you finally align it up with the still passwords that are identical, you can lock the left password into place with the , and the right password with the .

    It can be tricky trying to find the codes that aren't moving amongst all the constantly changing letters and numbers, but there is a simple try you can use to try and get better. Focus on trying to find the still code on one side and look very carefully. If it's not there, slowly change your gaze towards the other side. If you're about to fail, you can usually abort the mini-game and try again without raising an alarm. It doesn't always work, but more often than not, it will.


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