Crime Buster Achievement

  • Crime Buster



    You reconciled with Alpha Protocol and put Halbech out of business.

    There are several requirements you need to fulfill in order to pull off this ending, none of which are too difficult. The biggest things you need to keep in mind are as follows.

    - During the Moscow mission "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy", do not kill any of the embassy guards/marines stationed here. Killing even one will insure that you cannot reconcile with Alpha Protocol, voiding this achievement. Just bluff your way past them when given the chance.

    - If you spared Shaheed during Saudi Arabia, you will be given the option of meeting up with him at the end of the game. If you do, he will ask if you're willing to betray America, do not.

    - This is the game's default ending, so if you void the other two ending achievements, this will always come up.

    Upon completing the game, the achievement will unlock.


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