Youth Trumps Experience Achievement

  • Youth Trumps Experience



    By carefully pushing his buttons, you provoked Marburg into fighting to the death.

    During the mission "Contact Jibril-Al-Bara/Contact Halbech Informant" in Rome, you will finally meet with Marburg. Marburg absolutely hates Suave responses, so from the moment you meet him, always use them. Marburg will dislike you very quickly with Suave, which is needed if you want to provoke him.

    Finally, during the mission "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art", you will have your chance. Before the boss fight, you'll be able to talk yet again. Always Taunt him, and he will dislike you even more. Eventually, when you are about to kill him, he will talk to you yet again. Once more, do nothing but Taunt him. If done correctly, you will piss him off to the point where he will yet again try to kill you. Simply take him out one more time for the achievement.

  • This achievement is annoying.
  • You MUST use suave responses throughout the majority of the game, get Marburg to hate you as much as possible, unlock most of his dossier and romance Madison.
  • This achievement is so irritating. I've tried and failed it about 6 times now. Time to try again. This time I'll be following the guide posted at trueachievements to a T for this. I can confirm that the below is NOT enough: - having the intial 'suave' perk - having all the intel on him 100% dossier - Executing Gelato Shop Guy - Shooting the Jibral guy with the sniper - Killing CIA during the BUG listening post mission - having a -7 rep with him (Animosity) - having a good rep with Madison or Bad doesn't seem to make a difference - Choosing madison over the bombs also doesn't seem to make a difference - I don't think it matters whether you have met Sie yet or not either since all that really does is give you another -1 point with him during your intial convo. What I had NOT
  • ... got cut off... I did not hear him say that phrase of "you prefer actions to talking" or something along those lines. I think this may be the key and I have a theory on how you get that. I've noticed that the first thing Marburg says to you seems to reflect the answer you gave Yancy Westridge at the beginning of the game when he asks you why you joined/interested in Alpha Protocol. On my first playthrough I was suave with Yancy, and Thorton refers to being in it for the action and women. When I met Marburg in this playthrough he DID repeat this info to me. I didn't get the chance to kill him though and I think that was because I didn't do a lot of the other stuff (like have his dossier info). My 2nd playthrough I was PRO with Yancy and when I met Marburg he repeated what my
  • .. cut off again .. ... he repeated what my answer was to Yancy about being "loyal and a patriot". So I'm not sure you really need to be suave to everyone up to meeting Marburg and more related to that initial question. Just a theory. I'll be trying for this achievement AGAIN soon. Frig. These types of achievements are so retarded, I'm bored to tears of doing the same fricking thing over and over again.
  • I got it using above theory and mixing it with another from TA. I think he will fight you when "Suave" answers will be the most option you were picking durring whole all dialogues durring game till this mission, not only Rome & Marburg missions. In my first playthrough I was going for all 'bad' chieevos and JJ & E and it worked.

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