Respected Enemies Achievement

  • Respected Enemies



    You gained Marburg's respect and bested him in battle.

    See Youth Trumps Experience for more info.

    This achievement is the exact opposite of Youth Trumps Experience, so you have to take a much different approach. Marburg respects those that are loyal, and finish what they start. That means, use nothing but Professional responses with him.

    Eventually, when you get to the mission "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art", stick yet again with Professional answers before the boss fight. After you've damaged him enough, he will talk to you yet again. Simply stick with Professional answers again, and he will retreat. After that, the achievement will unlock.


    WARNING: If you plan on getting this achievement, make sure that you decide to disarm the bombs. Even if you get Marburg to like you, you won't get this achievement by saving Madison. As such, follow the Road Map strategy, and make sure you go for the bombs.

  • IM CONFUSED. You said this: "you won't get this achievement by saving Madison" But in your road map you've said to do the opposite: That you have to do 'friends before strangers' AND 'respected enemies' in 1 play-through....??? what is the ACTUAL way round dude....?? please reply!
  • MikiTea - if you wanna get this achiv. you must go for the bombs and disarm them. Then face in battle Marburgs, and when his health drop to 1/3. He will start taking, then choose options with "B" button and let him go. when he run, this achiv. will pop up. But NO, you cant save Madison and have this achiv. You must play second time.
  • Three important things to get this achievement: 1. Go professional on all dialogues with Marburg. (Bad rep on SIE is an insurance) 2. Find all the Dossier about him 100%. 3. Pick the East Wing just in case.
  • There's no need for the dossier. I had 66% when I did this achievement. You have to be on good terms with Marburg, and you can't pick the west wing. For following the roadmap, you need to save the game when you have to make the choice. Take the Madison route, then reload when you get the achievement.
  • hmmm this glitched for me, had a rep of 8 with marburg, did east wing, chose the proffessional response during the fight, he scarpered but i didn't get the achievement, how lame
  • OK, so in addition to the roadmap, one thing I've learned from experience is that you can NOT kill cops or the gelato guy (or anything else that would cause Marburg to think less of you "making noise" in Rome). If I've got this right, the step-by-step is: 1. Reply to Marburg's secret email w/ Prof response 2. Meet with him; Prof responses all the way 3. Choose the bombs. @#3, what's this about a bad rep w/ SIE as insurance?

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