- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 50 (1000)
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-75 hours.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2-3
- Number of missable achievements: 28 (450)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats.
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes.
- Glitchy achievements: Obscure achievement requirements, unknown if glitched.
- Unobtainable achievements: None.
- Extra equipment needed? None.

After four years of development, Alpha Protocol has finally been released, to mainly negative reviews. Alpha Protocol puts you into the shoes of secret agent Micheal Thorton, with the main point of gameplay being that you can emulate the style of the three famous JB's. In other words, James Bond, Jason Bourne, or Jack Bauer. Like Bioware games, the main point of the game is choice. Choice in how you wish to go about the game, how you interact with the various NPC's, and even the important plot-altering choices.

In order to properly emulate the three JB's, there are three ways to go about taking care of enemies, as you can use either stealth, gunplay, or gadgets to do your work. Given the three play styles, there are three default classes specializing in each field, with a fourth option allowing you to choose your own skills. The gameplay itself is fairly similar to the first Mass Effect, with some key differences. This game is not half shooter, half RPG. This game is an RPG through and through, with shooter elements. Being a good shot isn't enough here, as you must invest "advancement points" that you gain after each level into the proper skill trees.

As well as that, this would not be an RPG if there weren't a large cast of characters with which you can interact with. The game uses a fairly similar conversation system to Mass Effect, with one very big difference. Instead of waiting for your turn to talk and deciding on what to say, conversations never stop. Instead, when it's almost time for your turn to talk, a wheel will pop up with the various face buttons, with which you choose how to respond. Also emulating the three JB's here, you can choose between being Suave like James Bond(), Professional like Jason Bourne(), or Aggressive like Jack Bauer(). On top of that, you will sometimes be given the option of either performing in action mid-conversation, or responding based upon your pre-service background with the . Commenting using your history is exclusive only to the Recruit and Veteran backgrounds.

Just as a warning to anyone who has not played or finished this game, this guide will contain SPOILERS. When possible, the instructions for each achievement will not contain spoilers. However, for certain achievements, in order to properly explain them, spoilers must be given.

Getting Started:
Achievement wise, this game at no point presents any serious challenge. However, seeing as how most of the game's achievements come with plot choices, you will not be able to unlock all of the story achievements in one playthrough. While you can save before a major choice and reload the other for both achievements, it's not worth doing, as you will need to make both choices again for the whole game for several achievements. Some of the requirements for certain achievements (Ask Questions First, Shoot Later, Judge, Jury, and Executioner, and Thorton Inc.) are very vague. No one knows the exact requirements, or even some of the more important choices, like who can live or die, is not 100% confirmed. While Ask Questions First, Shoot Later and Thorton Inc. aren't too hard despite not knowing every requirement, the main problem comes with Judge, Jury, and Executioner. No one knows 100% for sure what to do, or even if they are glitched. There are many variations, and many people have reported playing the game with many different decisions, and still getting these achievements in some way. This guide will list the decisions most people reported to have worked.

Right off the bat, do not bother with the game's default classes, and instead opt for your own. There are only four skill trees worth investing into, and they are Stealth, Pistols, Technical Aptitude, and Toughness. Stealth and Pistols are the most important however, as having as many points as you can in both will make this game a cake-walk. Technical Aptitude will do a variety of things for you, anywhere between increasing all of the stats associated with your various weapons, to increasing your survivability. Toughness allows you to stay alive for longer, so it's always good to invest into.

Very few fights in the game are difficult, due mainly to a particular skill in the Pistol skill tree, called "Chain Shot". Chain Shot slows down time, allowing you to shoot multiple times instantaneously, with each hit being a critical hit. Investing more into the Pistol tree allows you to perform even more shots, which makes every boss fight in the game fairly easy. The best strategy to use in each boss fight is to first drop a boss's Endurance(the light blue bar above their health) with a shot or two, and once you can damage their health, shoot every shot you have with Chain Shot. With this strategy, if you've heavily invested into the tree, every mini-boss will be killed instantly, and the last boss in an area with two Chain Shots, even on Hard.

Step #1: First Playthrough
Considering you'll have to make multiple runs through the game, on your first playthrough, don't worry about playing on Hard. Instead, play on an easier difficulty, like Easy or Medium, but it's up to you. You'll also want to be sure that you start with the Recruit background for Evolution of an Action Hero.

First things first, you'll want to decide whether you want everyone to live or die on this playthrough, for Ask Questions First, Shoot Later and Thorton Inc., and Judge, Jury, and Executioner respectively. It doesn't matter which you decide to go for first, but for the sake of the guide, it will be written under the assumption you are going for Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

For this playthrough, you will want to go for the following achievements.

Desert Spear
Judge, Jury, and Executioner
No Time For Love
All Weapon Achievements
(Pistol Mastery, SMG Havoc, Shotgun Crowd Control Assault Rifle Marksmenship)
One With the Shadows
All Gadget Achievements
(Technophile, Building a Deadlier Mouse Trap)
Hard Choices
Riot Control

Crime Buster
Price For Lying
One Less Gangster
Youth Trumps Experience

Never Trust a Sociopath

You'll want to go for every achievement that means killing any semi-important character in the game, so focus on alienating nearly everyone you meet, save for Steven Heck. Also, make sure all your romance options do not like you(aside from SIE). Make sure you also send any emails you get that has info on Halbech to them for blackmail, as you will make the most money there.

Since you do need to alienate Heck for Never Trust a Sociopath, make a seperate save, going only for this achievement. Follow the achievement description for more details, and once it unlocks, reload your saves before, and get him to like you.

Since this will be your first playthrough, it's best to knock out all the weapon and gadget achievements right away, so that you don't bother trying to go for them on Hard. Focus on using only one weapon at a time, and then moving onto the next one, and then eventually onto the gadgets. If you die while going for any of these achievements, your progress will not be saved, so you will have to start again from your last checkpoint.

You'll want to make multiple saves throughout the game, especially towards the end of the game, mainly because of Judge, Jury, and Executioner and No Time For Love. For Judge, Jury, and Executioner, most users reported skipping certain meeting missions in the game was needed for the achievement, however some of the scenes must be seen for No Time For Love. On top of that, you are recommended to bring different handlers for both achievements. You'll need Steven Heck for Judge, Jury, and Executioner, and SIE for No Time For Love. So make multiple saves before, and focus on getting No Time For Love. Once you have the achievement, load before, choose Steven Heck in order to nab Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Just be thorough, and explore as much as you can so you don't miss anything.

Step #2: Second Playthrough
Now that you've knocked out all of the violent achievements, it's time to play a little nicer for this playthrough, so you'll want to focus on the other achievements you couldn't get before. The ones you'll want to go for is as follows.

Ask Questions First, Shoot Later
Thorton Inc.
Ladies' Man
Friends Before Strangers
Secret Service
Stay of Execution
No Compromise, No Mercy

Rising Star
Russian Alliance
A Price on Mercy
Respected Enemies

Now that you've finished the game on Recruit, you finally have access to the Veteran background, which will make playing through the game much easier. The biggest thing this time around is to do the exact opposite of what you did your last playthrough, sparing everyone you possibly can for Ask Questions First, Shoot Later. you'll also need to make sure you don't get any enemies to dislike you for Thorton Inc.. They don't need to love you, but they do need to stay neutral with you at least. That means even Leland.

One thing you'll have to keep in mind towards the end of the game, is to be sure you make multiple saves before the final mission. Since you spared Shaheed, you will be able to meet up with him one more time, and he will give you a choice. Make sure you agree with him for No Compromise, No Mercy.

In other words, you'll have to replay the final mission two times. Once in which you side with Halbech for Ask Questions First, Shoot Later, Thorton Inc., and Rising Star. Another time agreeing to betray America with Shaheed for No Compromise, No Mercy.

Step #3: Mop-Up
Well, if you've followed the guides the whole way through, you should hopefully have all the major achievements. In the case that you're missing anything else, start up another new game, focusing solely on it. In the case you need of the confusing achievements or ending achievements, you'll have to do yet another playthrough.

At no point will Alpha Protocol frustrate you with a beyond difficult part of the game, but it will take a lot of planning. This is a game you will either love or hate, as it's many problems hinder the game overall, but also make maxing it out much easier. Plan very carefully though, as one wrong decision, and you'll potentially have to play through the game yet again.

[x360a would like to thank Asian47 for this Road Map]

Alpha Protocol Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete Operation True Heirs.

    These achievements will unlock upon finishing all of the missions in a single location, which will happen as you naturally progress through the game. This achievement will unlock upon finish all of the missions in Taipei, which ends with a boss fight against Omen Deng.

    Omen Deng is a very fast boss, as he will always to rush at you, leaving you with very little room to breathe. His attack pattern is very simple, as he will start off moving cautiously until he sees you. Once he does, he will sprint towards you, and try to damage you with his shotgun. His aim is marked by the laser on his gun, so try your best to avoid it. After he takes a few shots, he will then sprint towards you yet again, this time, closing the distance so that he can try to attack you with CQC. Not only his Deng's attacks fast, they also pack a lot of power, so if he starts to combo you, do whatever you can to run away. After he's done attacking, he will run away, only to cloak himself, usually going back to the other side of the area before reappearing.

    After inflicting a certain amount of damage to him, several CSP agents will come up from the nearby elevators to join fray. By themselves, they aren't hard, but with Deng rushing you, a lot of damage can be done to you very quickly. Ignore damaging Deng until you take care of his reinforcements, otherwise you won't stand a chance. Also, on each side of the hallway, close to each elevator doors are areas with infinite ammo for whatever weapon you have. Whenever you're running low on ammo, do not neglect to grab ammo from these spots.

    Following the usual Chain Shot strategy here will work wonders against Deng, just be very careful. It doesn't take much for him to do a lot damage to you.

  • Complete the Training Mission.

    This is one of the very first achievements you will unlock at the start of the game. The game will start off with you trying to escape from the medical facility and find out who your captors are. There is a lot of confusion regarding this achievement, as many people think that once they finish this part of the game, the achievement should unlock. This however, is not the case.

    After "officially" being accepted into Alpha Protocol, you will be given your possible options by a man named Yancy Westridge. He will first tell you where to go so that you can personally customize Mike, after which he will tell you you can meet back with him to continue the story, or go and do the training exercises. For this achievement, you must go and do each of the three training exercises, and then report back to Westridge. Just beyond the lockers were you can customize your look, towards the end of the room you're in, will be three doors, leading to each exercise. The extra missions given by each trainer are not required for this achievement, only a run through whatever course they're overseeing is.

    WARNING: This achievement is missable. When given the choice between going back to Westridge right away, or doing the training exercises, don't go back! If you do not finish each obstacle course at least once, this achievement will not unlock.

  • Complete Operation Desert Spear.

    See Operation True Heirs for more info.

    This achievement will come from finishing all the missions in Saudi Arabia. The final mission in Saudi Arabia is "Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missles". This mission culminates with two different boss fights. Once you get to the checkpoint in order to make the jump on the convoy, you will have to fight Shaheed's second-in-command. This is a fairly straight-forward fight, in which you will have to deal with the rushing soldiers along with the leader. Start off by picking off the soldiers, as they will be rushing towards you in order to get you out of cover. Once taken care of, you should only have to deal with the mini boss. He will be using an Assault Rifle, that while it can deal some decent damage to you, is not too accurate, considering that he's on the bridge with a bit distance between you both. Chain Shot is your best option here, but using an Assault Rifle during the cool down period is a good idea as well. Stay very close to cover, and wait it out. The boss will always attempt to attack you, but he will always stay on the bridge, so don't worry about being rushed.

    Once you've finished him off, you will need to take care of the Stryker Assault vehicle, which is even easier than the last fight. Again, pick off all the nearby enemies that will try to rush you. Once you do, drop down from the bridge via the nearby ladder, and begin to close the distance from the Stryker. Along the way, you will see several RPG's lying around. Very quickly, sprint to each one, and use them against the Stryker to damage it. Take your time though, and be sure that your Endurance is fully restored before exposing yourself again.

  • Complete Operation Blood Feud.

    See Operation True Heirs for more info.

    This achievement will come from finishing all of the missions in Moscow, with the final mission being "Assault Brayko's Mansion".

    For a strategy on how to defeat Konstantin Brayko, see A Price For Mercy.

  • Complete Operation Deus Vult.

    See Operation True Heirs for more info.

    This achievement will come from finishing all of the missions in Rome. The final mission is "Intercept Marburg at Museum of Art". No matter your choice, this mission will conclude with a fight against Marburg. You will start off on one side, Marburg on the other, and several of his men coming down the staircase in-between. Try to damage Marburg as much as you can, but when his men start getting close to you, take them out. Whenever you take out his men, Marburg will rush towards you, attacking you with CQC. Either run away or keep shooting, Marburg won't attack you for long, but it can be damaging. Once he's done, he will run away, with more of his men coming down to greet you.

  • Complete Alpha Protocol.


    See Operation True Heirs for more info.

    No matter what you do, or what choices you make, this achievement will always unlock upon finishing the final mission "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol". One thing your choices will decide however, is who you fight against for the final boss fight. One boss will man a nearby mini-gun, while another will use an infinite amount of RPG's to take you down.

    For the boss with the mini-gun, do not move! Wait for other enemies to come for you, and take them out first. Once you do, just wait for a pause in his shooting, and then follow up with Chain Shot. If you've put a lot of points into the Pistol tree, you should be able to pull off a critical hit off while blind-firing behind cover. If so, use a critical shot or two to drop his endurance, and follow-up with a Chain Shot.

    For the rocket touting boss, you'll have a lot more opportunities to damage him, but at a cost. He has the ability to destroy cover with his rockets, so you'll always need to be on the move. That means you'll need to drop his henchmen first before you start on him. Of course the usual Chain Shot strategy works beautifully here, so stick with it, and you'll drop him no problem.

  • Complete Alpha Protocol on Hard difficulty setting.

    See Full Circle for more info.

    Hard difficulty is the standard gaming fare, enemies take and deal more damage, and the different mini-games are harder to pull off. Considering you'll have to make multiple playthroughs to max out the game, save a Hard playthrough for your second or third run of the game, as you'll be able to make it even easier using the Veteran background.

  • Complete the Alpha Protocol using the Recruit background.

    When you start a new game, after choosing which difficulty to play on, you will be given an option to choose your background. For this achievement, you must finish the game with the Recruit background. Using the Recruit background gives a slight disadvantage compared to the other backgrounds, as you will not have any skill points automatically invested like other backgrounds. That means you will end the game with less skill points compared to other backgrounds.

    For your first playthrough, it is highly recommend starting off with the Recruit background, for efficiency. Finish the game with the Recruit background unlocks the Veteran background for future playthroughs.

  • Assassinate Sheikh Shaheed.

    Upon finishing off the Stryker boss in Saudi Arabia, you will be able to finally talk with Shaheed. No matter what you say to him, towards the end of the conversation, you will be given the choice between executing him, or setting him free. For this achievement, you must execute Shaheed when you are given the chance.

    In the case that you spare him before, you'll have another chance to execute him at the end of the game. Before the final mission, if you spared Shaheed earlier on, you will gain the mission "Contact Sheikh Ali Shaheed". Throughout the conversation, you will be given several opportunities to execute him. Either way, the achievement will unlock after his death.

  • Refrain from killing in cold blood.

    This achievement is the exact opposite of Judge, Jury, and Executioner. For this achievement, whenever you're given the chance to kill someone, you cannot. It's not a complex achievement to get, but you can screw yourself over very easily.

    The characters in the game you have the option of killing, but must spare is as follows. Also, which responses work best with each person in order for them to like you for Thorton Inc..

    Saudi Arabia:

    Omar Nasiri: Extort works best. Unknown if Arrest will void achievement.
    Favored Stance: None. Nothing will change his disposition of you much, just be sure keep him alive.

    Ali Shaheed: Must be spared, never execute him when given the chance.
    Favored Stance: Professional. You need to convince him that you are not in league with Halbech for his trust.


    Grigori: Can't be killed. Try to get liked for Thorton Inc.
    Favored Stance: Suave. Also, sending him the weapon shipments during "Investigate Weapon Shipments" will earn a like point with him.

    Sis: Must be spared during the mission "Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data".
    Favored Stance: None. None of what you say really matters to her, as very rarely will she care. Should you get the mission "Contact Albatross", you will be able to use the "Locket" response. It isn't necessary in any way, but increases your rep with Sis, but lowers Albatross' rep by one.

    Albatross: Depends on who you choose as your handler for the mission "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy. Must choose them over the data in the following mission, "Assault Brayko's Mansion".
    Favored Stance: Professional and Veteran, when available. Albatross doesn't like being threatened or having his time wasted, so stay Professional with him to get on his good side. Also, sparing Sis on the "Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data" mission will earn a lot of like points with him.

    SIE: Depends on who you choose as your handler for the mission "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy. Must choose them over the data in the following mission, "Assault Brayko's Mansion".
    Favored Stance: Aggressive. See Savage Love for more info.

    Konstantin Brayko: Must be spared.
    Favored Stance: None. He doesn't care about Suave or Aggressive responses. Doesn't like several Professional responses.

    Surkov: Must fulfill the requirements listed in Price For Lying. Then, you will have the chance to spare him by making a deal.


    Jibril Al-Bara: When given the choice to kill or spare, spare him and abandon the mission. Unknown if killing him voids achievement.

    Gelato Shopkeeper: Unknown if necessary for achievement, should spare to be safe. To be sure you don't kill him, follow the mission guide HERE.

    Conrad Marburg: Stay Professional with him the whole way through. See Respected Enemies for more info. It is unknown if you need to turn him at the end of the game. To do so, you need around to get around 83% dossier info on him. When you meet him during the final mission, choose the "Dossier" response.


    Hong Shi: Can't be killed. Try to get liked for Thorton Inc..
    Favored Stance: Professional. If you collect all of the extra data during "Assault Triad Headquarters in Slums", do not blackmail him. Simply keep your end of the bargain.

    Steven Heck: Can't be killed. Try to get liked for Thorton Inc..
    Favored Stance: Suave. Going Suave, you make him like you very quickly. Also, deleting his data during the mission "Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel" is a huge factor in gaining his trust.

    Ronald Sung: Does not matter if you choose over Riot data or not.
    Favored Stance: Professional.

    Omen Deng: Must spare after boss fight.
    Favored Stance: Professional


    Alan Parker: Unknown if turning him is necessary for achievement. To do so, choose to talk to him during final mission. Once there, use Professional responses and when given the chance, use the "Analysis Flawed" response. Response only available if you've done at least one of the requirements(spare Shaheed, deal with Surkov, reveal Marburg's attempt on Madison, spare Omen Deng).
    Favored Stance: Professional. Certain Aggressive answers in which you are blunt with him will also net approval.

    Scarlet Lake: Possible to kill and still get achievement. To be safe, don't. See Exclusive Interview.
    Favored Stance: Professional. Occasionally, Suave.

    Mina Tang: Possible to kill and still get achievement. To be safe, don't. See Office Romance.
    Favored Stance: Favored Stance: Professional to start, Suave after a while.

    Yancy Westridge: Encountered in every ending other than Crime Buster. If fought, spare him afterwords.
    Favored Stance: Professional, Aggressive.

    Henry Leland: Encountered in all endings. Be sure to spare, no matter what.
    Favored Stance: Professional, Suave(only when you can "Bluff" him, otherwise he'll dislike)

    If you have spared everyone, the achievement will unlock upon finishing the game.

  • Let your gun do the talking.

    This is a very complex achievement, and there doesn't seem to be a set of goals that you have to accomplish confirmed as of yet. However, one of the biggest things you have to do is make sure that you execute every semi-important character you can in the game. While it is unknown who needs to be killed for the achievement, here is a list of everyone who can be killed. Killing everyone is one way of guaranteeing this achievement.

    Some people also say you can't meet up with Scarlet before the final mission if you want the achievement. To be safe, don't visit her.

    Saudi Arabia:

    Omar Nasiri

    Ali Shaheed: Can also be done right before the end of the game, assuming you don't kill him here.



    Albatross/SIE: Depends on who you choose as your handler for the mission "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy. Must choose them over the data in the following mission, "Assault Brayko's Mansion". When you finally meet them, you can then kill him/her.

    Konstantin Brayko

    Championchik: Will encounter if you choose to kill Surkov in the mission "Prevent Surkov's Escape".

    Surkov: See Price For Lying for more info.


    Jibril Al-Bara: When given the choice between killing or spare him, use your sniper rifle to take him out.

    Gelato Shopkeeper: As soon as you start talking, just execute right away.

    Conrad Marburg: You must use Suave responses with him the whole way through Rome, see Youth Trumps Experience for more info.


    Omen Deng


    Alan Parker

    Mina Tang: Make sure she does NOT like you. If she hates you, she will refuse your help at the end of the game. Stick with Professional responses, and when you're finally given the option, leave her behind.

    Yancy Westridge: Encountered in every ending other than Crime Buster. After being fought, execute him.

    Scarlet Lake: Make sure she does NOT like you. The more she hates you the better. Don't kill Leland off right away after defeating him or Westridge, and she will come by. Steven Heck MUST be your handler for this mission in order to kill her. When you are finally given the chance, give Heck the cue to kill her. If she really doesn't like you, Heck will kill her automatically.

    Henry Leland: After Scarlet is killed, execute Leland.

    Some users have posted their methods for getting this achievement, which can be found HERE, and HERE. Be warned, both links contain extensive spoilers from the game.

  • Turn all your enemies into allies in one single career.

    See Ask Questions First, Shoot Later for more info.

    This achievement goes hand in hand with sparing everyone you can, so you will probably unlock this around the same time as Ask Questions First, Shoot Later. Unlike this achievement, you need everyone to either like you, or at the very least be neutral with you. Everyone also includes Leland, so you do need to get him to like you enough to offer you a position within Halbech, and you have to accept.

    After finishing off the final boss, you will be given the choice between betraying or staying loyal to Leland. Choose to betray him, otherwise you won't get this achievement. If you're following the road map, punch him for Ask Questions First, Shoot Later.

  • Romance all the ladies in Alpha Protocol in a single career.

    Throughout the course of the story, you will meet many characters, some who can be romanced. The ladies you need to get with are

    Mina Tang
    Scarlet Lake
    Madison Saint James

    Each of the different women have different personalities, and must be approached differently. For more information regarding each woman, read Office Romance for Mina Tang, Exclusive Interview for Scarlet Lake, Rome-ance for Madison Saint James, and Savage Love for SIE. If you've done everything correctly, you will unlock this achievement when you regain control of Micheal after the scene with SIE.

  • Complete the game without being seduced.

    The exact opposite of Ladies' Man, you need to make sure that you do not romance any of the ladies in the game, or even make sure they like you. Safest bet, like Judge, Jury, and Executioner, is to make sure that they all simply just don't like you, or at the very least stay neutral with you. For the sake of this achievement however, you must view each of the scenes where you would get the romance achievement if the ladies don't like you. That means you also have to make sure you don't piss SIE off too much, as she must be your handler for the final mission. For how to handle each lady for this achievement, read on.

    Mina Tang: Make sure she doesn't like you. That means being Suave with her in the beginning, and just being a jerk in general by responding to her with Aggressive answers and killing or beating the various civilians you encounter. Also, in missions that contain CIA, marines, local law enforcement, or civilians, make sure you kill them. Each kill will make you lose one like point with Mina, so that's huge.

    If Mina talks to you via the TV instead of at the safehouse before the final mission, then you're good.

    Scarlet Lake: Either Neutral or Dislike is good here. Do not send her anything incriminating towards Hallbech, and just use Suave and Aggressive responses with her.

    You'll know you're good if instead of meeting Scarlet in her hotel room, you meet her in a restaurant. She also will not appear in the interrogation room during the final mission if done correctly.

    Madison: Dislike is best thing to do, so aggressive answers are key here. Just do whatever you can to piss her off, and show that you don't care. Keep insinuating that she's in league with Marburg, and that you're willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn't talk to anyone else.

    If she attacks you after finishing the two missions following "Investigate Marburg's Villa", then you're fine.

    SIE: SIE needs to be neutral, or even like you just a little, not up to Trusting. Contrary to the other women, go with Professional answers. She doesn't like by-the-book agents, so go with that. Also, do not choose her as your handler during "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy". Make sure that you do choose her as your handler during the final mission. Try not to get her above +4 like, if possible.

    When SIE comes to you while you're in the Medical Bay, and frees you without coming onto you, then the achievement should unlock, provided you've seen the other scenes with the ladies shortly after being released.

  • Use each stance at least 25% across 90 dialogue stance choices.

    A fairly easy achievement to nab, especially if you are going for Thorton Inc., or Ladies' Man. Considering how everyone prefers different responses over others, it will come naturally trying to become friends with everyone.

    If you want to be absolutely sure on when you get this achievement, whenever you're in a conversation, keep count of every time you respond with either Suave, Aggressive, or Professional. Once you hit around thirty responses with each stance, the achievement should unlock.

  • Gain Liked reputation status of 3 people (who must all Like you at the same time).

    With every person you meet in the game, their opinion of you will change depending on what you say during your conversations. Every time you say something they like or respect, you will get usually get +1 like points with them. In order to reach Liked status with people, you must have at least +3 like points with them.

    If you plan on getting Ladies' Man, this achievement will come naturally, as the ladies have to at least like you in order to have a chance at romancing them.

    If you want to get it a little earlier, you can easily get it before you leave the agency for Saudi Arabia at the very beginning of the game. Make sure you do each training exercise, and say what appeals to each person the most. What to say to each of the four characters is as follows. Also, doing the extra mission each person gives you for scoring well during the training exercise will give you a +1 like point, so don't neglect doing them!

    Yancy Westridge: Professional and Aggressive responses is what he admires, as he prefers people straight to the point compared to those that are over-confident about themselves.

    Mina Tang: During your time at the Graybox, Professional answers will earn her respect. It's okay to crack a joke or two with her, but don't try to flirt with her. Making fun out of Sean will also make her respect you.

    Sean Darcy: Professional answers are key here at first, and an Suave answers after the Graybox work well.

    Alan Parker: Aggressive and Professional answers are key with Parker. While he may not always agree with you, he will respect that you are being honest with him.

  • Get 3 people to hate you (who must all hate you at the same time).

    See Social Butterfly for more info.

    This achievement is the exact opposite of Social Butterfly, so doing the exact opposite of what is said there will get you this achievement. This is a bit more difficult to nab before leaving for Saudi Arabia, however, you can easily get this if you plan on going for Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

    For more info on getting specific characters to not like you, see No Time For Love, and Youth Trumps Experience.

  • Acquire the vast majority of Intel available in the game.

    This achievement is very confusing, as this does NOT pertain to obtaining dossier information. Instead, this achievement is for buying nearly all of the Intel in the game through the Clearinghouse. From the very beginning of the game, make sure that you always buy all of the Intel right away whenever you get a new mission.

    Certain decisions in the game lead to more Intel being available depending on how you handled certain situations, or depending on the order in which you go through the game. Certain things, like arresting Nasiri, befriending Steven Heck before fighting Brayko, befriending SIE or Albatross before the Embassy mission, gaining the respect of Steven Heck, Hong Shi, and Albatross during the Taipei missions, and even more will give you more intel per mission.

    You'll know you're getting close to this achievement if you unlock the perk "Be Prepared".

  • Score 100 Critical Hits with the Pistol.

    For all the weapon achievements, you do not need any points invested into it's respective skill. The only thing that matters for these achievements is that your aim is right, and that you do exactly what you need to for each respective weapon. You don't even need to kill your enemies to fulfill the requirements for each achievement.

    In order to score critical hits with the pistol, whenever you have the aiming reticule on an enemy, it will slowly being to change from yellow to red. During this time, your crosshair's will begin to tighten up, allowing one precision shot. Make sure that you are zoomed in, which you can do by holding . Moving in any way will reset this entire process, so try not to if possible. Hitting anyone after your crosshairs are completely red will automatically deliver a critical hit. Having the Chain Shot skill from the Pistol tree is an automatic critical hit for every shot, so use it often.

    Also, if you die, any progress you have made towards these achievements will be lost. Your progress will not carry over, so be careful! Any progress towards this achievement will also not carry over into other playthroughs, so you need to get all the hits before you finish the game.

    You will unlock the perk "Pistol Proficiency" after scoring fifty critical hits with the pistol.

  • Achieve the maximum SMG Critical Hit Multiplier 7 times in your career.

    See Pistol Mastery for more info.

    SMG's are a very unique weapon. Instead of waiting for your crosshair's to turn red like the pistol or the shotgun, you must increase your damage multiplier as high as you can, which is 1.7 damage. Simply hitting the target is all it takes to increase your multiplier, however it can be reset in one of two ways. If too much time passes between your last hit, or you reload, your damage multiplier will automatically be reset. Any upgrades you can get that will increase how much ammo you have per clip will make this achievement much easier to go for, so try to get it if you can. Also, using the skill Bullet Storm in the SMG tree will give you infinite ammo for a small period of time, which can make this achievement much easier.

    It's hard at a range to try and pull this off unless you are invested into the SMG tree, so get as close as you possibly can to enemies, and slowly shoot quick bursts into them. Every time you hit them, you will notice a bar at the bottom of your crosshair's fill up, and your multiplier to the right of it. You may have to kill multiple enemies for it, but once you hit a 1.7 multiplier, you can just let it go.

    You will unlock the perk "SMG Fury" after maxing out your damage multiplier four times.

  • Score 100 Critical Hits with the Shotgun.

    See Pistol Mastery for more info.

    The shotgun handles critical hits almost exactly like the pistol. Whenever you're aim is zoomed in with , you will see two bars, at the top and bottom of the crosshair's respectively, begin to circle around the crosshair's. Once they've completely circled around, your shotgun will perform a critical hit with your next shot. You'll know you've done it right if the shot knocks down whoever it hits.

    If you have invested into the shotgun tree, the Room Sweeper ability will make this achievement much easier. For the duration of the skill, every shot will be a critical hit, so you can get this achievement very quickly with it.

    You will unlock the perk "Shotgun Rampage" after scoring fifty critical hits with the shotgun.

  • Score 100 head shots with the Assault Rifle.

    Different from the other weapon achievements, you need to get 100 head shots with the assault rifle. While it will make it much easier if you wait for your crosshair's to turn red, similar to the pistol or shotgun, it's not required. As long as you get a head shot, it will count towards this achievement, even if you don't wait for a critical hit. Make sure you focus on accuracy and accuracy increasing mods, so as to make this much easier to obtain.

    If you have invested into the assault rifle tree, using the Focus Aim skill will make this achievement much easier. It will automatically lock-on and track the closest enemy, so you need only to alter your aim to get a head shot.

    You will unlock the perk "Assault Rifle Precision" after scoring fifty headshot's.

  • Defeat 50 enemies with CQC.

    CQC are your melee attacks, which you can use by pressing the button.

    As well as CQC attacks, performing a take down also counts towards this achievement. To perform a take down, while in stealth near an enemy unaware of your presence, simply hit . If you plan on getting One With the Shadows, you will very easily acquire this achievement over the course of the game.

  • Evade or Takedown 75 enemies across your career.

    See One With the Shadows and Black Belt for more info.

  • Complete 3 missions with less than 5 kills and with no enemies alerted to your presence.

    This achievement is a complete pain, as not only are you limited to not being able to kill enemies, you must also finish the missions without an enemy being alerted to you. What makes it so bad is that out of all of the missions in the game, there are only five missions where it's possible to pull it off. Every other mission in the game at one point or another forces you into a firefight, which automatically alerts all enemies to your presence.

    The five possible missions in the game where it is possible to complete without alerting enemies at all are as follows.

    Saudi Arabia:
    Bug Al-Samad Airfield
    Intercept Nasiri the Weapons Dealer: This mission is very difficult to complete stealthily, especially the final room, due to the fact it's so early in the game. If you cannot pull it off, you can try to play the other missions and get the achievement through them.

    Prevent Surkov's Escape: Must make a deal with at the end of the mission with Surkov, or you will be forced to fight.

    Bug CIA Listening Post

    Investigate Warehouse District

    There are many things you need to keep in mind when focusing on stealth missions. Here are some tips to help make it easier on yourself.

    -If someone sees you, just load your last checkpoint. You do not need to reload the entire level, so don't worry about that.

    - If you plan on getting this achievement, you can make it much easier on yourself by putting 5 points into the Stealth skill right away for Master Awareness. Awareness is a very useful skill, as it will not only tell you where all the enemies are, but it will also tell you their status. Blue arrows above means they are normal, yellow means they are investigating, and red means they have been alerted to you. Many people believe that if the enemies status ever changes from normal, that they need to load the last checkpoint. This is not the case. As long as an enemies are not fully alerted(red arrow), you're fine.

    - Never, ever kill anyone. No matter if you knock someone out or kill them, they will be down for good, so there really is no point in actually killing. That means, there are only two ways you can properly take care of enemies. You can either use Tranquilizer Darts, or Take down's.

    - Pay very close attention to what armor you are wearing. While heavy armor increases your endurance and allows you to carry more items, it also makes you walk heavier. Whenever you do a mission solely for stealth, stick with armor that does not decrease your sound dampening. Endurance does not matter, as if you play the mission right, you don't need to be able to take more hits.

    - As well as heavily investing into Stealth, Pistols should be the very next important thing. Pistols are the only firearm that are capable of not killing, via Tranquilizer Darts. As such, it's the only way of knocking out guards without getting close for a take down. On top of that, using Chain Shot with tranquilizer rounds will allow you to take down multiple enemies all at the same time. At the beginning of the game, you are automatically given a silencer, make sure you put it on right away!

    - Using gadgets for a stealth mission not only costs you extra money, but is a huge mistake, save for the Sound Generator. Even still, the Sound Generator is very expensive, so it isn't something you should rely on. Every offensive gadget aside from the Shock Trap kills, so you cannot use them. Even the Shock Trap isn't good, as after it activates, it doesn't knock an enemy out right away. For a few seconds, they will be stunned, and during that time, they will automatically be alerted to you, even if they didn't see you, forcing you to have to reload.

    - If anyone ever sees a body lying around, they will automatically start investigating, which can be a pain to deal with. Unfortunately, you cannot move bodies around, so this can be a huge pain if you knock an enemy out too close to another ones pathway. There is, however, one way to avoid this for the most part. As soon as someone's been knocked down, make sure that you move the camera around so that you cannot see them, and start moving away from the body. Stay away for about ten seconds or so, and when you come back, the body will have disappeared, leaving no chance of someone finding their fallen comrade.

  • Complete 5 missions wherein 6 different gadgets are used.

    There are two ways you can go about this, and it all comes down to preference. When you start the game, by default, you cannot equip six different gadgets. The two options you have to increase how many gadgets you carry is by either going down the Technical Aptitude and getting each version of the Gadgeteer, or by wearing heavier armor. Most armor will give you an extra gadget slot, you'll have to buy a tactical vest if you want to get the 6 different gadget spots you need. If you do not invest at all into the Technical Aptitude skill tree, you will need to buy the Tactical Utility Armor for $50,000.

    Once that's done, just buy any gadget you can. Price doesn't matter as long as each gadget is different, so buy whatever you want. Offensive gadgets don't even need to hit their targets, so long as they are thrown. Also, Sound Generators can be used an infinite amount of times, as long as you have one.

    Make sure that you do not try to do this on any of the missions listed in One With the Shadows if you plan on getting that achievement, as you will alert nearby enemies.

  • Have 100 placed devices detonate.

    There are two ways to go about this achievement. There is the easy way, or there's the somewhat annoying way.

    The easy way can only be done at the very beginning of the game. After customizing Mike, you will be given the option by Westridge to either go and finish some training exercises, or meet back with him. During this time, you'll want to go through the Gadget Training with Sean Darcy, which you'll start by going to a nearby locker and grabbing some gadgets. You will be told by him to lob grenades at some targets, but don't do that right away. Instead, plant these grenades by either looking all the way down at the ground, or near a wall while holding . If close enough, a red silhouette will appear, and once you release , your grenade will be planted. Keep planting all your grenades in the same area until you get to your last one, which you'll want to throw into the group. If done correctly, all the grenades will blow up. From there, just go back to the locker for more grenades, and repeat until you get the achievement.

    If you're already past this point in the game, you'll have to follow the somewhat annoying way. After you finish a mission, always stock up on more Remote Mines via the Clearinghouse. They can be thrown, but will not detonate until you hit again. Just use them like you would a normal grenade against enemies, and eventually the achievement will unlock.

  • Pick 10 locks.

    Throughout the game, you will every so often run into a locked door or safe which you can lock-pick, triggering a mini-game. In the mini-game, there will be anywhere between three to five pins that you must set correctly in order to unlock the door. There is a line that goes through the very center of the lock picking screen, which you must correctly align the pins with. To that end, you must align each pin with sheer the line. To do that, control how much the pin is raised with the , and set it with the .

    If you thoroughly explore each area of the game, it's almost impossible not to find ten locks to pick. Be very careful though, especially on any stealth missions, as failing this mini-game will automatically raise the alarm. If you're about to fail, you can usually abort the mini-game and try again without raising an alarm. It doesn't always work, but more often than not, it will.

  • Bypass 20 electronic devices.

    Very similar to the achievement Breaking and Entering, you must enter into a mini-game in order to bypass electronic devices. The electronic devices that can be bypassed are either alarms, or keypads. There are also well more than twenty electronic devices, so this should not be a problem at all.

    For this mini-game, there are a few circuits, some containing a number. These lines are winding, and are meant to confuse you if you're not paying attention. You must go through each individual circuit, and cut them in the correct numerical order by pressing to complete the mini-game. Finish the mini-game twenty times for the achievement. If you're about to fail, you can usually abort the mini-game and try again without raising an alarm. It doesn't always work, but more often than not, it will.

  • Hack 10 computers.

    Similar to the achievement Breaking and Entering, hacking computers also entails a simple mini-game. For this, it will bring up a grid full of numbers and letters constantly changing. You are given two passwords, which you must successfully align with the matching password down below in the box. You can move the left code string around with the , and the right code string with the . When you finally align it up with the still passwords that are identical, you can lock the left password into place with the , and the right password with the .

    It can be tricky trying to find the codes that aren't moving amongst all the constantly changing letters and numbers, but there is a simple try you can use to try and get better. Focus on trying to find the still code on one side and look very carefully. If it's not there, slowly change your gaze towards the other side. If you're about to fail, you can usually abort the mini-game and try again without raising an alarm. It doesn't always work, but more often than not, it will.


Secret achievements

  • You saved Madison Saint James from certain death.

    During the final mission in Rome, "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art", you will be given a choice to make. For this achievement, when given the choice between having to go to the left wing of the museum or the right wing, you must choose to go to the left wing.

    For the achievement Hard Choices, you must go through the right wing. One of these achievements will unlock right before you fight Marburg.

  • The Roman History Museum is safe, thanks to your efforts.

    See Friends Before Strangers for more info.

  • You prevented a riot from killing hundreds in Taipei.

    After the mission "Intercept Assassination Plans" in Taipei, when you return to the safehouse, you are given a choice between choosing to find out more info on the riots, or the assassination. For this achievement, you must choose to find about the riots.

    For the achievement Secret Service, you must choose to find out more about the assassination. One of these achievements will unlock upon defeating Omen Deng.

  • You prevented the assassination of President Ronald Sung.

    See Keeping the Peace for more info.

  • You allowed Sheikh Shaheed to live.

    See Desert Spear for more info. At the end of the conversation with Shaheed, you are also given the ability to spare him. Do so, and this achievement is yours.

  • Choosing your own path, you put an end to Halbech and Alpha Protocol.

    You can very easily miss this ending if you aren't careful towards the beginning of the game. The only guaranteed way of getting this ending requires you to spare Shaheed at the beginning of the game. Continue through the game as you normally would, until you meet with Shaheed again right before the final mission. During this conversation, he will ask if you are willing to betray America. Say yes, and proceed as you normally would. Also, if Lelend offers a position within Hallbech, refuse.

    When you finish the game, the achievement should unlock.

  • You gained the affection of SIE and allowed her to consummate her lust.

    SIE is very different from the other romances in the game, as trying to be Professional or Suave with her will not work, as she prefers it when you play hard to get. That means all you have to do is choose mainly Aggressive answers with her. Romancing her also becomes much easier if you do Rome before Moscow, and choose her to help you out instead of Albatross in the mission "Intercept Surkov at US embassy" instead of Albatross. Make sure that you save her at the end of the mission "Assault Brayko's Mansion", or you will not be able to romance her.

    Right before the final mission, you will be able to choose your handler. As before, choose SIE to help you out. She will eventually come to release you, but not before she gets what she wants. Stick with Aggressive answers as always, and when she comes onto you, allow her to have her way. Once done, the achievement will unlock.

  • You and Scarlet Lake had a romantic trist.

    Another involved process, but not necessarily hard. After finishing Saudi Arabia, you will meet Scarlet Lake. Scarlet isn't a fan of men who only try to woo her, so the usual Professional responses work well here. She's doesn't mind flirting from time to time, so it's okay to be Suave every so often, just be sure that you don't try to mix it in with business. Whenever it comes to the mission at hand, be professional with her. Also, if you constantly explore each level, every so often you will find an email that will be damaging to Halbech's reputation. Whenever you get one, make sure to send it over to Scarlet right away. The money isn't as good as sending it to your other options, but you'll earn like points with her very quickly.

    Right before the final mission in the game, you will finally have the chance to meet up with Scarlet one more time. For this part, she will finally start asking what you've been up to the whole game. At this point, just choose nothing but Honest answers. Towards the end of this conversation, she will ask if you would like to spend the night. Say yes, and the achievement is yours.

  • You reconciled with Alpha Protocol and put Halbech out of business.

    There are several requirements you need to fulfill in order to pull off this ending, none of which are too difficult. The biggest things you need to keep in mind are as follows.

    - During the Moscow mission "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy", do not kill any of the embassy guards/marines stationed here. Killing even one will insure that you cannot reconcile with Alpha Protocol, voiding this achievement. Just bluff your way past them when given the chance.

    - If you spared Shaheed during Saudi Arabia, you will be given the option of meeting up with him at the end of the game. If you do, he will ask if you're willing to betray America, do not.

    - This is the game's default ending, so if you void the other two ending achievements, this will always come up.

    Upon completing the game, the achievement will unlock.

  • You joined Halbech and put an end to Alpha Protocol.

    This achievement will take a bit of planning, and is a somewhat of a pain to get.

    Throughout the game, the game will bring you back to the present time, during which you will be talking to Henry Leland about your actions. During these conversations, you need to get Leland to like you. Stick with mainly Professional responses, and when given the chance, try to Bluff him via the Suave stance. Stay away from sarcastic or mocking responses, as otherwise you will not be able to get this ending.

    When you finally come to the final mission itself, if Leland likes you enough, he will give you the option of joining Halbech. When you finish off the final boss, you will be talking to Leland near your boat. No matter if you stay loyal or betray him, the achievement will unlock by the end of your conversation with him.

  • You killed Surkov for lying to you.

    This and Russian Alliance are both missable achievements if you are not thorough in the game. Both achievements come depending on the choice you make at the end of the mission "Prevent Surkov's Escape". In order to even have a chance at playing this mission though, there are three requirements you must fulfill during the Moscow missions.

    The first thing you must do is during the mission "Intercept Surkov at US Embassy". During this mission, after you finally meet Surkov, you will be told you must go and disable the security systems in order to leave. Following the path, after you climb up the ladder, there should be an action you can commit in this room labeled "Hack Surkov's Computer". Do that, and continue on.

    Next, during you're next mission, "Contact Surkov at Moscow Office", simply talk with him. Make sure that no matter what you do, do not choose the PDA response at all during this conversation. Just keep talking to him, and about what he knows until the scene ends.

    The last requirement for this achievement is during the "final" mission in Moscow, "Assault Brayko's Mansion". If you've fulfilled the last two requirements, Brayko should go on about his relationship with Surkov, and give you some more information regarding everything. Just make sure that if you plan on executing him, that you do not do so until Brayko tries to bribe you in exchange for his life and vault.

    If you've done everything correctly, it'll all come down to the end of the mission. When you finally meet up Surkov, you will be given the choice between killing him, or making a deal with him. For this achievement, choose to kill him.

  • You forged a partnership with Sergei Surkov.

    See Price For Lying for more info.

    The exact opposite of Price For Lying, so instead of killing Surkov, make a deal with him. Make sure you decide to make a deal with Surkov as soon as you are given a chance, otherwise you will NOT get this achievement.

  • You spared Konstantin Brayko.

    At the end of the mission "Assault Brayko's Mansion", you will have to fight Konstantin. The fight itself is simple, but you have to be on your toes the whole time. When the fight starts, do as much damage as you can to him right away, as the more you do to him now, the less time it will take to finish him later. After he's taken enough damage, he will stop for a second. Once the scene is finished, he will begin running at you with his knife. Shooting while running back is one of the few options you have, and when he gets too close, sprint away. Eventually, he will fall to his knees, during which he will be vulnerable.

    If you don't kill him by this point, a bright light will flash, and he will have his SMG's again. Also, several of his men will come in, so take them out right away. At this point, the pattern will keep repeating itself until you finally take Brayko down, so keep at it.

    Once taken down, you'll finally get the chance to speak with him. Just make sure at the end of all it all, you spare him.

  • Konstantin Brayko is dead by your hand.

    See A Price On Mercy for more info.

    Just follow the same strategy as the last achievement, but just make sure that you execute him at the end.

    WARNING: If you plan on going for either Price For Lying or Russian Alliance, do not kill Brayko right away. Wait until he talks about his relationship with Surkov, and about his relation with Halbech. Once that's done, and he tries to bribe you, then it's okay to execute him.

  • By carefully pushing his buttons, you provoked Marburg into fighting to the death.

    During the mission "Contact Jibril-Al-Bara/Contact Halbech Informant" in Rome, you will finally meet with Marburg. Marburg absolutely hates Suave responses, so from the moment you meet him, always use them. Marburg will dislike you very quickly with Suave, which is needed if you want to provoke him.

    Finally, during the mission "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art", you will have your chance. Before the boss fight, you'll be able to talk yet again. Always Taunt him, and he will dislike you even more. Eventually, when you are about to kill him, he will talk to you yet again. Once more, do nothing but Taunt him. If done correctly, you will piss him off to the point where he will yet again try to kill you. Simply take him out one more time for the achievement.

  • You gained Marburg's respect and bested him in battle.

    See Youth Trumps Experience for more info.

    This achievement is the exact opposite of Youth Trumps Experience, so you have to take a much different approach. Marburg respects those that are loyal, and finish what they start. That means, use nothing but Professional responses with him.

    Eventually, when you get to the mission "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art", stick yet again with Professional answers before the boss fight. After you've damaged him enough, he will talk to you yet again. Simply stick with Professional answers again, and he will retreat. After that, the achievement will unlock.


    WARNING: If you plan on getting this achievement, make sure that you decide to disarm the bombs. Even if you get Marburg to like you, you won't get this achievement by saving Madison. As such, follow the Road Map strategy, and make sure you go for the bombs.

  • You successfully alienated "secret agent" Steven Heck.

    For this achievement, you must have Heck sell you out to Hellbach at the end of the Taipei missions. The way you go about this is by making sure he doesn't like you, which isn't too hard. One of the first missions you have in Taipei is to actually meet up with Heck, but make sure you don't do that right away. Instead, do another mission before finally meeting up with him, and right away you'll lose one like point with him. Afterwords, just stick with mainly professional responses. Due to Heck's colorful "personality", Suave responses pleases him to no end, and Aggressive will every so often please him.

    During the mission "Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel", Heck will ask you to delete some data on him. Don't do it, and just finish the mission. Also, at some point or another, he will email you about his conspiracy theory. After reading through all of it, just give him an Aggressive response, and you should lose quite a bit of like points for both actions. If you've done everything correctly, after defeating Omen Deng, the achievement should unlock shortly after.

    NOTE: Make sure that if you plan on going for this achievement, that you do NOT do Taipei first. Due to the way the game handles the final mission, doing Taipei as your first location ensures that no matter how much you piss off Heck, he will not betray you. Make sure you either do Moscow, Rome, or both before getting around to Taipei. Also, make sure that either Albatross and SIE like you enough to be your handler.

  • You discovered the identity of Sung's assassin.

    A fairly easy achievement, but can only be gotten at the end of the game. There are two ways you can go about getting this achievement, so it's hard to miss.

    The soonest you can possibly get this achievement is right after getting out of the Medical Bay in the final mission. Once you go through the elevator, you'll come to a hallway that forks. After taking care of the first few enemies, go into the room into the right, and go to the big screens. When you interact with it, you will be given the choice between downloading data, and contacting Alan Parker. Choose the former, and the achievement should unlock shortly after.

    NOTE: In order to even get the option to download the data, you MUST spare Omen Deng. Otherwise, it'll cut straight to you talking to Parker.

    The other way to go about this is when you get out of the Medical Bay, thoroughly look through every room you can until you come to the interrogation room. If you have romanced her, or have +6 like with her, you will find Scarlet here. Talk with her, and after a while, she will tell you the identity of Sung's assassin.

  • Your working relationship with Mina Tang turned into something more.

    Romancing Mina isn't too difficult to do, but it is a long process, as you won't get this achievement towards the end of the game. When you first meet Mina, stick with Professional responses in order to earn her respect, with the occasional joke or two. As you get her like up more and more, you can than start to use Suave responses more and more, and she will reciprocate.

    Make sure that during any missions that include either CIA agents, Marines, civilians, or local law enforcement, that you do not kill them. Knocking them out is okay, but if you kill any of the groups mentioned above, you will anger Mina, losing one like point per kill.

    Eventually, when you finally finish Moscow, Rome, and Taipei, Mina will meet up with you. Stick with Suave responses here, and when you're finally given the option, kiss her. From then on, watch the scene for the achievement.

  • You became more than friends with Madison Saint James.

    Probably the easiest romance in the game, Madison is a very easy girl to court. There aren't that many conversations with Madison, meaning romancing her is easy, but that also means screwing up is as well. When you first start talking to her, stick with professional answers. Eventually, when you get to the mission Investigate Marburg's Villa, you will be given the choice between choosing either Mina or Madison as your handler. For the sake of romancing Madison, choose her. You'll lose one like point with Mina, but that can very easily be made up during the course of the game.

    After finishing that mission, you will talk to Madison at your safe house. From here on, use nothing but Suave responses. After finishing the next two missions you receive from the Villa, you will be given the choice to either check on Madison, or leave her be. Check on her, and during the following conversation, use Suave answers as always. Once the scene ends, the achievement will unlock.

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