Wordsmithery Persistency Achievement

  • Wordsmithery Persistency



    Win 10 games.

    These achievements require you to win a total of 10 games. This is easy considering that you get a win when the other player resigns. Just quickly invite your main account to ten games with your secondary one. Then, with the secondary profile, click Resign (X in bottom right corner) before even placing a letter. Now, with your main profile, go into your Played Games screen and the achievement will pop. This method will also pop the "Not Bamboozled" achievement for winning 5 games in a row, as long as you didnt lose any games in-between.

  • Apparently after a week when you can force the other player to resign does not count for this or the five in a row. I just closed eight games and nothing. And my stats didn't change either.
  • got it

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