Anodyne Supremacy Achievement

  • Anodyne Supremacy



    Score a word that is worth at least 100 points.

    This achievement requires that you score 100 points by placing a single word. This will require the use of bonus tiles and impeccable placement and planning. There are two routes you can take to get more than 100 points.

    1. This is IMO the easier of the two paths. Place a high value letter (preferably Z or Q, but maybe X or J) on a Triple Letter Bonus Tile and orient the word to also pass over a Triple Word Bonus Tile. This is possible on the edges of the board where these two bonus tiles are only separated by three spaces. Words like QUEEN and QUAIL will work for this. The benefit of this technique is that the word doesnt have to be that long.
    2. Use all 7 of your letters to create the word, and make use of the Triple Word Bonus Tile. Using all of your tiles in a single turn will earn you a bonus of 40 points. That means you really only need to earn 60 points in your 7 letter word, an easy task when you place it over some bonus tiles (especially a Triple Word Bonus Tile). Use the solver to come up with a full-rack word from your given letters. Also consider the fact that you will need to link this word with the ones already in play. In most cases this will mean you actually will be making an 8-letter word (7 of your letters attaching to one letter on the board). Still you will more often than not need to have a high-value letter in the word, but the exact placement will not be as important.

    With both of these techniques, especially the second one, you will need to coordinate with the other player and get all of the tiles onto your rack that you will need, as well as build the board in the correct way to be able to link your high-scoring word. It is best to come up with the word you want to place and where you want to place it as soon as possible. Then you can work towards making it happen. Some tips:

    • More often than not, swapped tiles will remain at the top of the pile. So if the other player has a tile you need, force them to swap it. Then when it is your turn, swap some of your tiles to get the tile/tiles that were just dropped by the other player. This is a good way to switch tiles directly between players.
    • You will need to keep playing words in a different section of the board with the other player to continue moving though the letters that are left in the virtual bag, in order to get to the ones that you may need. Just be sure not to use any letters that your main player requires.
  • It seems that this achievement must be done on a real game. In a local game, it doesn't work for me.
  • I played a local game and did what was required for a few achievements, but didn't end up getting any of them.
  • anyone wanna to play message me cause its like no plays this game Gt: Reneato

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